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Keyes) 53 WGA | OR aN eae 7s 2M, (ea), ARAB INSTITUTE FOR ACCOUNTANTS Z LEGAL HAM le Tart Be) (eT etree) ee ener ery HIGH AUTHORITY COUNCIL FOR ARAB MANAGERS. HAM Hospital Assets Manager COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will discuss about operational savings and cost avoidance through optimization of assets. It will help you manage your assets so that you have the right assets, in the right place, at the right time. COURSE OUTLINE <. = Introduction eS = Asset management COURSE MATERIAL = Ensuring assets are safe and ready to use = Hospital management = Lifecycle management = Applying efficinecy with assets at hospital = How assets affect hospital managers = Replacing assets at the optimum time for cost and performance al a PARKING TOLL FREE: 800 24 25 63 Al AL ME Tel: +971 429 44 001 (20LINES) Fax: +971 4 29 44 002 Mob: +971 501087171 — Email: Lol: ae) Prem MO ee Sees Web: Ibis Hotel Bldg. Al Rigga Rd Deira Dubai UAE