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POLITICS, SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL THEORY Encounters with Classical and Contemporary Social Thought Anthony Giddens Stanford University Press Stanford, California 1995) Stentor Unies Pres 3 razmlemeas seer aeonenrat a Fee ent ettep Contents Preface Iniroduction Poltcs and Sociology in the Thought of Max Weber Marx, Weber and the Development of Capitalism Durkheim's Political Sociology Durkheim and the Question of individualism Comte, Popper and Positivism Power in the Writings of Taleot Parsons ‘The Improbable Guru: Re-eading Marcuse Garfinkel, Ethnomethodology and Hermeneutics Habermas on Labour and Interaction Foucault, Niewsche and Manx Noves Index 15 7 78 116 136 19 216 2 246 259 2s Preface “The articles which compose this book have been drawn from several sources, The fist article in the collection, ‘Politics and Sociology in the Thought of Max Weber was orginally published asa separate booklet. The remainder ofthe selections come from two further sources: Studies in Social and Polital Theory, oig- {nally published by Hutchinson, and Profiles and Critiques in So- cial Theory, published fist of ll by Macmillan. In choosing papers from these two books, Ihave been guided mainly by the eitetion| ‘of contemporary relevance, [hope that the reader might agree that the articles reprinted here retain their intrest today. Uhave ‘made minor alterations tosome ofthe articles included herein and have cut down on surplus notes, However, most of the substance ofthe articles remains unchanged. Tam grateful to various people who have helped me in pre- paring this book for publication, Thanks in particular to Katy Giddens, Don Hubert and Nicola Ross