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Human Resource Managment

Assignment # 1
Hrm Functions Of Unilever

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All the praise is for Allah, the most merciful and beneficent, who blessed me with the knowledge, gave me the courage and allowed me to accomplish this task. I am especially indebted to my teachers for instilling in me enough knowledge to be able to carry myself efficiently during my studies.

I dedicate this report to my parents and friends especially Shamra teacher in recognition of their worth and to my teachers who are the guiding force for me and it is their effort and hard work that showed me the path of success and prosperity which would be there for me for the rest of my life.

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to

achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”-

Organizational Chart of Unilever

Human Resource Management at Unilever:
On the entry level the HR Department is mostly taking MBA graduates. According to Unilever their belief is that "Their people are their greatest asset”. The HR team takes great pride in acknowledging the contribution of each employee. Unilever focuses a lot on HR Development and for that the HR team ensures: • Staff of Unilever consists of world class Professionals and ensures that the right systems are in place to encourage people to develop to their full potential Collaborative and mutually supportive work environment is created that encourages people to grow. Team of professionals is built which delivers expertise by participating in business decisions. Performance Management and Reward Systems are developed which underlies the Business strategy of Unilever. A clearly defined Recruitment & Selection policy is defined. The need for Training & Development of employees is assessed. Compensation & Benefit plan is developed which ensures that employees are motivated.

• • • •

Unilever is basically equal employment opportunity organization. Almost 70% of its employees are male and 30% are female. The job description of each and every employee is predefined. Performance appraisal is done on annual basis. Average age of Unilever employee is 32 years. This shows that they prefer young and energetic people for their middle and lower level management. High profile well experienced persons are considered for toplevel management. Average Salary is 12000 for an employee.

In Unilever the hierarchy is very lean, in general the whole setup is centralized, all the matters are to be reported to the head office and all the policies and targets are approved at the higher level. But at the branch level the structure is decentralized.

All of the employees serving at Unilever are very devoted as they are given a wonderful learning environment to work, pay offered to them is also very attractive and ample chance of progress motivates them to work more. The

job analysis is done on targets assigned and daily routines. The employees are indeed very satisfied and motivated.

Recruitment & Selection:
Recruitment is the process of gathering a pool of candidates for an organizational vacancy. Selection is the process of short listing only the qualified candidates who are fit for the job. In terms of recruitment and selection it is important to consider carrying out a thorough job analysis to determine the level of skills/technical abilities, competencies, flexibility of the employee required etc. And HR at Unilever follows these criteria. Unilever policy of recruitment is very simple, if at any time there is a vacancy, due to retirement, resignation, if employees opted for the golden handshake or the death of an employee, the management of the branch will inform the head office about the vacancy. The head office will place an advertisement in all major newspaper with the all necessary information required to be furnished by the applicant. Unilever has this policy of not mentioning the name of the company in a job advertisement. Usually hiring takes place through outsourcing with a help of a third party. Final selection takes place after the candidate has been interviewed by the Manager of the department who requires the new employee and then the HR Manager. On the joining day, the employee has to submit the following documents to the HR Department: • • • • Joining Report Copies of educational and professional degrees/certificates Reference Letter Three copies of recent passport size photographs

Training & Development:
Training & Development involves improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of the individuals. A continuous training is conducted inside the organization to improve the performance of the employee. There are two types of trainings conducted at Unilever: • • In-house Training External Training

In-house training is customized training which is only for Unilever employees.

External training is carried out through trainers in training institutes. Employees at Unilever are usually trained through Rameez Allahwalla (in Karachi), Possibilities and Intec (two well-known training institutes). Before training “Training Need Analysis” (TNA) is conducted by the manager of the department. And after the training feedback from the employee is taken.

Compensation & Benefits:
A very effective way to retain an employee is to give him compensation and benefits. At Unilever following benefits are given: • • • Medical Facility to employee and his/her parents Paid Vacations Accommodation Facility to energetic employees.

A newly hired employee is oriented so that he can get an idea about the organizational setup so that he may feel at home. At Unilever orientation plan covers the following points: • • Visits to different department of the company Company’s Policies, Rules and Regulations

Human Resource Information System (HRIS):
At Unilever profiles of all the employees containing data relating their payroll, leaves, benefits etc is saved in a database known as HRIS. Unilever uses a locally procured HRIS which is to be upgraded using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Human Resource Planning:
Planning provides a guideline to accomplish an activity. At Unilever the HR team plans everything so that the outcomes and results can be perceived before the plan is actually implemented. This makes the planning more accurate and efficient; it also saves time and money.

Means of Internal Communication:
Purchase Request (PR):

Whenever an employee requires something from the admin, his request was put forward by filling a simple form which includes name of the entity, its quantity, signature of the department etc. This is known as Purchase Request. Travel Request (TR): If an employee needs to travel on an official job, he has to give a Travel Request by filling a form. The form includes purpose of travel, destination, time and distance. Visiting Card Request (VCR): In order to print visiting cards an employee needs to send a Visiting Card Request to admin department after being authorized by the HR department. Medical Reimbursement Form (MRF): When an employee desires to get his medical benefit from the company, he needs to fill in a Medical Reimbursement Form so that his request can be put forward. Joining Report (JR): When a new employee joins the organization, he has to deliver a Joining Report to the HR Department.

Means of External Communication:
• • • • •

Through Mail. Through letters. Through Post & other related services. Through filling the survey forms from the public. By conducting the workshop & Seminars for the promotion of Unilever company. Through Societal marketing Practices.· etc etc.

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