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•Back in 1900 , when the company was started
the logo was a realistic and simple shell
which lies flat on the ground , but today
the company has a logo which is bold ,
colorful and much more simplistic .

•The evolution of the logo began after 1915 ,
when the people were aware of the company
and recognize its identity easily .

•This is visible in the 1930 logo for the company .
When the company started a project in California ,
it added the red and yellow colors to the symbol .
The colors help Shell to stand out . Additionally ,
these are the colors of Spain , where many
Californian settlers were born , which helped the
company to create an emotional bond with the
people .
•With the advent of internet and fax machines over
the later years , it became necessary for the
company to simplify their logo , which would
prevent it from being distorted in small images .
The 1971 logo designed by Raymond Loewy is very
simple as compared to the earlier logos .
•This has helped the company as this logo is more
memorable and recognizable . The 1971 logo is still
used by the company but with minor changes , but it
has become so recognizable that it often appears
without the company name now .