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HRM Project Slides on wateen by usman pirzada

HRM Project Slides on wateen by usman pirzada

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Published by: Usman on Mar 07, 2010
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Presentation Topic

Different HRM Policies
Presented By: Presented To: S.M Usman pirzada Ali Nasir M Usman Nasir

Miss Ainee Afzal

Different HRM Policies of
Wateen Telecom Private Ltd.


Introduction 1- Job Analysis • Job description • Job specification 2- Compensation • Salary structure • Benefits/ incentives • Holidays / vacations, paid leaves 3- Job adds 4- Employee training and development

Company Introduction
• Wateen Telecom, Pakistan's largest communication company in the private sector. • Wateen offers a complete range of carrier class telecom and multimedia services like fixed wireless and line telephony, always-on broadband for data, internet and TV/multimedia along with a host of other value-added services and applications to set the standards for a new era of communications and entertainment in Pakistan.


Vision Statement
To launch Pakistan into the 21st century digital revolution by providing complete communication solutions to Telecom Operators, Corporate, Consumers and to be the leading “Carriers’ Carrier” by creating a world-class cutting-edge network to deliver a broad range of reliable, affordable and quality customer-centric services.


Mission Statement
"To provide affordable communication services that meets and exceeds customers' requirements".

"To deliver high-quality, flexible and innovative solutions that is cost effective and conducive". "To provide complete customer satisfaction on time, every time".

General Hierarchy of Wateen Telecom


Departmental Hierarchy of Wateen Telecom


Job Analysis
Job Analysis: Wateen Telecom do job analysis in case of: • Starts new projects • On job leaving • According to the nature of employee Job description: A list of a job’s duties. Job specification: A list of a job’s “Human requirements”.

Job description and specifications in Wateen
Department: Customer Service Job Title: Assistant Manager Quality Assurance Job description • Leading a team of executives responsible for the quality of the contact center operations. • Evaluating team’s performance on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis. • Ensuring that proper procedures of feedback are being followed.


Job description and specifications in Wateen
Job Specification: • He is Masters Degree holder. • 2 years experience in Contact Center Operations. • He has excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skill. • Multi-task, maintain a high standard of service & quality. • He has ability to stress, time management and team

Job description and specifications in Wateen
Department: CEO Office Job Title: CEO Office Manager
Job Description: • Supervise CEO Office staff in their tasks. • Direct & Coordinate operations of the CEO Office. • Direct & encourage team members to achieve their goals. Job Specification: • He is Bachelor degree in marketing • He has ability to maintains organizational culture (Telco environment) • He has industry knowledge • He has ability for team building & Leadership

“Compensation is the process of giving the reward to the labors against getting services from them”

Competitive Pay:
Wateen’s pay and benefits programs reflect how many the employees and their families are valued.

Salary Structure
• Job Position:

Net Salary: • Job Position: Net Salary: • Job Position: Minimum Salary:

Top Level (Exceptional Cases) Up to Rupees. 800,000/- Per Month& Normally Rupees (450,000-500,000) Per Month Middle Level Normally Rupees (30,000-100,000) Per Month. First Line Level Rupees. 18,000/-Per Month


Benefits / Incentives
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Pick and drop services Mobile allowance Medical facility 10% of gross salary Car facility 1 extra salary Bonuses Gifts Cinema tickets Swimming pool facility Mess at Freddie's Gloria Jeans Cake and flowers Provide mess and refreshment


Holidays, Vacations, Paid Leaves
In Wateen Telecom the procedures of holidays, vacations & paid leaves are the following: • 20 Annual Paid Leaves • 10 Medical Laves • 10 Casual Leaves


Job Advertisements
Wateen telecom do not give job advertisement except on the internet.

These are the some job which are found on the internet.
• Department: Job Title: • Department: Job Title: Marketing Manager Brand Activation Solutions Product Manager Applications


Employee Training & Developments
Employees training:
How Wateen telecom is giving training, skills new and existing employees they need to perform their jobs.


Training types
Wateen Telecom is providing five types of training to their employees to enhance their performance.

These are: a- Job Orientation b- Positive attitude c- Soft skills d- Technical training (daily basis) e- Technical training (work related)

Methods of Training
There are many methods for giving the training are adopted by the Wateen Telecom. These are explained under following.
a- On the job training b- Job Rotation c- Computer Based Training d- Audio visuals based training e- Internet base training f- Management games


Management Games


After Training Certificates


Developments for Staff
• Promotions & Transfers • Environment and Culture

New Developments in Wateen Telecom for its employees:
• ATM machine • Free internet (4 MB link) • Free gamming at Silver Star

Suggestions/ Recommendations
For compete the competitors company should launch. New packages Cheap rates Facility for Islamic Activities Wateen telecom should increase the advertisement of its products to enhance its business.

• • • •

Having discussed about Wateen Telecom private Limited Company, we realized that it is a wellestablished company in Pakistan with having the lot of financial and business resources. It has also well reputed HR department but also some week points, which can overcome by using some sensible approaches. It can grow rapidly by keeping in view above-mentioned suggestions.


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