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Original French Words by English Words by Paul Anka Gilles Thibault Music by Jacques Revaux and Claude Francois Moderately slow tf And now the end is near, and so 1 face the fin- al (Re-) _grets, Te had a few, but then a - gain, too few to ay? Fae v om? s My friend, TH say it clear, Tl state my Tr did what Thad 10 do, and saw it f 7, fa of which I'm cer -tain, Ive lived a life that's full, I. traveled with-out ex-emp- tion, T planned each chart-ered course, each care-ful F Copyright© 1967 Société des nouvelles editions Eddie Barley, Paris, France 88 Copyright fo U.S.A. and Canada © 1969 Managomont Agoncy & Music Publishing. Ino. (BM) Taternatonal Copyright Secured Al Rights Reserved F Fm ge ae - —— © = a a eee 4 = gt 4 A] each and ev-'ry high-way, And more, much more than this, © 1 @id it step ‘a~long the by- way, And more, much more than this, © Tid it = — =s. = 5 4 == IHS =| z z z z z Fr f * Fee fF lek F = oe S z = == # SSS SS = = Se = Ea Yes, there were j3— * times, I'm sure you knew, when I bit off more than I could chew, But thru it when there was doubt, Tate it up, and spit it out, 1 faced it 89 and did it My loved, T've Laughed and cried, T've had my fill, my share of as tears sub-side, PF te e, : Fm ae eo HE I did all that, and may I say, “Not in a shy way." Sree pier poet pet did it My For what is a 3 = === Sy SS oS what has he got, if not him-self, then he has not to say the = = 7 ¥ 5 a oH he tru-ly feels, I took the blows, coy Bt And not the words and did it My 4“ of one who kneels, The rec-ord 91