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23 November 2009

23 November 2009

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PRESENT: Peter Auty, Judy Baker, Julie Bateman, John Burgess, Annie Robertson APOLOGIES: Ric Stubbings



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Letter to S86 Committee (tabled) and FRC response to the same (tabled). John Walsh has responded to FRC. Update for the week. John: Community house project well on track. Today’s meetings re Agencies – looking for ongoing partnerships more than assistance. List of needs for the community to be compiled and emailed to agencies, so that the agencies can help our community with genuine needs. Second meeting with Kildonan (Uniting Church) – documentary research on what went right and wrong in response to agencies actions to disaster relief. FRC has agreed to participate and focus on errors so they can be corrected. Third meeting with Julie Baxter (DHS), who flagged an extension to Hall for use by Service Providers thereby laying the way to removing all buildings on the site except the Hall and the Flowerdale IPO. A Safe Space. Pete tabled letter to VBRRA re Flowerdale as a Safer Space. The letter outlines a Scope of Works Committee agreed to send letter. Now a need for CFA to liaise with Charlie & Lyn Phelan to establish a relationship whereby part of their land be made available for emergency parking as part of a Safer Place for Flowerdale Plan. Judy Baker will open negotiations on behalf of the Fire Safe Work Engines and the FRC. John read email from MSC: 16th September 2008 MSC flagged the project to change Flowerdale/Hazeldene to one area with one postcode. Email outlined timelines etc for the project. DCPD have initiated funding for the “one Flowerdale” project. Community House Project: Build it Back Green project via Green Cross have expressed the desire to support the Community House Project and the FRC. Thursday @ Darley: The attendees were: Ben Hubbard, Betsy Harrington, Rob Croxford, Kinglake Marysville & Flowerdale and Natalie Welsh from Darley. What may happen in the next few weeks – by Christmastime? • Blackberry Bash: FRC hoping to make this an annual event. • Carols by Candlelight. • Australia Day in Flowerdale. • February 7th anniversary in Flowerdale. FRC would like to table this as an important agenda item for the last meeting of the year or for the first meeting in the New Year. • Final meeting Sunday 20th December afternoon meeting starting @ 1pm. Recess from 22nd December – 17th January. FRC will reconvene 18th. List of Wants to be presented to Agency meeting next. Wants need to be deliverable and reflect Communty needs. Eg: • Blackberry Bash - Chemicals $2500 PPE $500 and funding for celebration afterwards $500. Photography & recording. • Carols By Candlelight: Band with PA, Battery operated candles, food, volunteer cooks, serving, Volunteer workers eg. Parking Attendants, Gate Staff, Publication of Song Book, MC for the night, Marquee, Hire of Commercial BBQ, Photography & recording. • Australia Day: Food & Catering and Volunteer labourers, Hire of commercial BBQ, Children’s Entertainment. Approx 10 trophies, Sponsors for races held on Australia Day. Volunteers to set up marking of Oval for the field events. Sponsors for gifts for

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new Australians being Naturalized on Australia Day. 1 Marquee. $1000 extra funding for the day. Photography & recording. • Anniversary Day: Band & PA, Stage, Generator, Marquees x 2, Food & Food Staff, Bar & Bar Staff. Kids entertainment. Portable amenities x 4 mens and 4 ladies. Funding for Publicity and Administration. Photography and recording. Julie. Re donations for auction which was organized & now cancelled by volunteer do the goods specifically donated to Flowerdale now belong to community. Still to be followed up Annie to contact volunteer who organized original event. Vic Roads re speed limit changes. John reported that when all road works & trees beside the road are finished, the speed limits will be addressed. Transport: FRC is constantly seeking to improve and expand public transport through the Flowerdale Valley, via the Transport Working Group. Rejuvenation of Cricket Oval. FRC has asked Cricket Club to present a Scope of Works and costings for this project. FRC would like the Cricket Oval restored by the next cricket season starting in 2010. Max Ginn from VBRRA acknowledges that the restoration of the Cricket Oval is very important for Flowerdale. Pete: Is looking into setting up Registered Training Office through the new Community House. This project work engine is now in progress. Meeting Closed 10.50
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