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3NM Teaching Team

Ms Nicola Millward

Ms Marie Martinez
Teaching Assistant

Brian Garrigan
Grade 3 EAL Teacher

All students that may need additional English language support are assessed
by the EAL team at the start of the year. Once their proficiency level is
determined, students will receive EAL support during their homeroom Literacy
block and/or in an additional pull-out session during Arabic.

The EAL team will be available for questions in the open area by the
elementary principals office from 7:30- 8:30.

A Few Bits n
School Times
Drop off and pick up
Please label everything sweaters, hats,
water bottles
Dress in PE gear on PE and swimming
days (2, 4,6)
Pickup & Drop-of
Pick up from classroom until weather cools
Food and parties
Sleep very important to be prepared


Behaviour Management
Positive Reinforcement
Class- working together as a team towards a
common goal, supporting one another,
building a reputation, understanding that we
make sure we dont let the team down
Group- recognition of roles within groups and
the responsibility that holds, supporting group
Self- building intrinsic motivation, reflection
and self-talk

Behaviour Management
Classroom Procedures
GREEN LIGHT- reminder to switch
on to our essential agreement
YELLOW LIGHT- warning and
opportunity provided to make
adjustments- teacher and/or
student led
RED LIGHT- Time out for selfreflection

The 3NM Timetable

* Every Thursday School Finishes at 1.30

GWA Approach to

Focus on learning outcomes

feedback, feed forward
Inquiry based Leading my
Challenged according to what
students are ready to learn
next (developmental approach)
Differentiation, activity based,
small group and individualized

How We Know What

Students Have
Prior knowledge to drive
Assessment (formative,
projects, not always paper and
pencil, self-assessment,
summative etc.)
Process oriented more often
than product (reflection of

Learning to Read
vs.Reading to
Reading to, with, and
At home
At least 20
Choose a
consistent time
and place
Be a part of it

Writing to, with and
6+1 Traits of Writing
Word Choice
Sentence Fluency


Levelled- differentiation within

the class: just right for the
Words assigned Sunday, quiz on
Groupings assessed throughout
the year.
Weekly spelling practice
activities in Homework Book

Our math program will

Learning outcomes
Place value and review of addition and subtraction with
Comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers
Looking at money and decimal points
Understanding time and elapsed time
Multiplication concepts and facts
Division concepts and facts

focus on these areas:

Collecting, organizing, analyzing and graphing data
Units of measurement, including temperature
Geometric figures
Perimeter, area, and volume

Our math program will also focus on

strategy, how we do things using the

PYP Units of Inquiry

Travellers' Tales
Migration changes people and the places they move

Urban Communities
Effective cities require planning

Ecosystems at Risk
Ecosystems are affected by development

Childrens Rights
When people have rights, they also have

Air has properties that can be observed and used

Thoughts, ideas, and emotions can be communicated
creatively through poetry

Supporting Learning at Home

A number of GWA-Dubai Elementary teachers have been involved in professional discussions and inquiry
into homework in elementary schools. Based on resources such as The Homework Myth by Alfie Kohn
(2006) and a recent study released by the Center for Longitudinal Studies (UK), we found the following:

There is no positive correlation between homework and achievement for students before middle school.

Consistent reading for pleasure is directly linked to higher test scores.

Children who read for pleasure are likely to perform better in school than their peers.

As a consequence of the research and discussions into what is good for students, each grade level team
from KG2 Grade 5 has collaboratively developed a set of essential agreements for how homework will
look across the grade level. The common threads among all grade-level agreements are that:

Homework will always emphasise the importance of reading daily.

Homework should not be completed at the expense of students leading a healthy, balanced

life which should include relaxation, exercise, time with family and PLAY.

Any additional homework should involve an element of student choice to allow children and their
families to manage their at-home time effectively.

Some level of feedback should be provided on all homework tasks as a way of helping each student
develop their skills.
Suggested Grade Level Time Allotment for Homework (this includes reading for pleasure.)

PreK Kg2 Learning extensions on occasion

Grade 1 10-20 minutes 3 days per week
Grade 2 10-20 minutes 4 days per week
Grade 3 20-30 minutes 4 days per week
Grade 4 30-40 minutes 4 days per week
Grade 5 40-60 minutes 4 days per week

Supporting Learning at Home

This is a brief we will be sending home on Sunday as part of the
first assigned week of homework.
Dear Parents:
In keeping with our philosophy of individualized, differentiated and inclusive
learning and along with the GWA Elementary Homework guidelines, the Grade
Three Teachers will be offering the following homework. Students will complete
tasks with an element of choice so that students and their families can manage
their at-home time effectively.
Homework assignments are consistent across the grade level but there will be
plenty of opportunity for students to choose their own activities and challenge
themselves each week.
The expectation in Grade 3 is 20-30 minutes 4 days per week.
We value a balanced life for our students and dont want students spending all
evening doing school work. Homework will be assigned on SUNDAYS and
collected on THURSDAYS, allowing families the flexibility to choose how to
schedule homework time over the week. Please help your child develop a
homework routine and support them in their home learning, which best suits
your family each week.
For the most part, activities will be ones that the students are able to complete
independently. We dont want students (and parents!) frustrated by having
homework they do not understand. However, often the Inquiry / PYP Attitudes/
Arts homework will include experiences for students to have with you and other
family members.
There are a number of ACTIVITIES for students to choose from if they work
through the homework tasks quickly.

Supporting Learning
at Home
Homework expectations- consistent
Grade 3
How parents can help talk, encourage,
Give your child the space and
opportunity to show responsibility for
their learning at home.
Develop routines and rituals in your
to share and celebrate learning.
IXL subscriptions

Many ways to be in touch including
student diaries, email, and meeting
All grade wide information will be
provided on the Grade 3 Weebly
Class parent
Ask questions as they come up, no
need to wait for official interview

New Zealanders dont eat kiwisthey eat

Our Wonderings as
Please feel free to write
down a wondering, a
question or a comment on a
post-it as you leave.
Looking forward to a great
learning partnership this year
with you and your child!


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