LIBIN PALLUPPETTAYIL JOSE. RNDIV 1 8, Doveton Crescent, Ballarat, VIC 3350 Mobile : 0423238522 Email : libinpjose@y7mail.

com; Date: 27 / 02 / 2010 To, John Rogan , Melissa Bowkett-Hall, Madeline Cronin , Kerry Skinner , Fiona Hull Nurse Unit Manager Austin Health.

Dear Nurse Unit Manager, Please accept my application for the full-time position of Registered Nurse Division 1 for Austin Health Service. I am an overseas qualified and experienced nurse, and currently doing my Pre Registration Program for Overseas Qualified Nurses in University of Ballarat. I will be graduated on 01/04/2010 and I can gain my registration under Nurses Board of Victoria. I have 1 year clinical experience in Emergency Department in India. My experience in the Emergency Unit has given me the exceptional capacity to multitask and manage competing priorities easily while also delivering superior patient care. During my clinical training from the University of Ballarat, I was selected to work in Ballarat Base Hospital, which is a tertiary care centre. I had clinical experience in rehabilitation ward, and currently am in 2 North. This gave me experience across a broad range of disciplines including rehabilitation unit, orthopedic, medical assessment and planning unit. It gave me strong time management skills and working in a multidisciplinary team. I have knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety issues, as we were required to do regular training on this throughout the program. I have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills when dealing with patients, families and other team members, and great accuracy in patient history, charting and other documentation. I am competent enough to work with any computers for my work. I am committed for ongoing educations and career development. My practices are evidence and research based to the maximum.

LIBIN PALLUPPETTAYIL JOSE. RNDIV 1 8, Doveton Crescent, Ballarat, VIC 3350 Mobile : 0423238522 Email :; I am committed to the care and treatment of patients of all different ages and medical histories, and I think I would be the perfect candidate for this role. I look forward to discussing my suitability for the position with you further. Yours sincerely Libin Palluppettayil Jose.

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