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BON Workshop

BON Workshop

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Published by: DublinChamber on Mar 08, 2010
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Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Business Owners Network
12th March 2010 Simon McKeever

Whole hour – 7.45 Sit down Groups of 6 – 5 & 1 Facilitator 2 Part Workshop
Value Pipeline Each person gets 5 mins on Value & 5 mins on pipeline Each person gets the full attention of all “6” to help them Facilitator also gets to “participate”

Purpose of Workshop
Value: to define exactly what it is that your business does right now that adds value to potential clients Pipeline: To get a commitment from a member of the group to make a contact or an intro for you that is relevant

Why concentrate on Value?
1. When we understand what value we provide it:
Helps us to be clear and focused and to identify opportunities ourselves Helps us to communicate our “value” clearly to others Helps others to identify opportunities for us 1. If we’re not adding value maybe we need to adapt 2. What people are buying right now

What do you need to do now?
Put some thought into it! Arrive prepared - you’ll only have 5 mins on each topic Have at least 3 value “suggestions” ready Keep it simple – this is not an elevator pitch – the idea is that you’re going to tell the group in plain English how you add value and they are going to help you refine this. Think of examples of what has worked for you recently

Preparation - Value? – Ask yourself:
1. What problem can you solve right now for (potential) clients? 2. What is it that you can do that will make a real difference to your (potential) client at the moment? 3. What is it you do that connects with and adds to the value creating part of your client’s companies? 4. What & why would people buy from you right now? 5. What is it that will get you in the door? Remember “So What”? I do X,Y,Z, but what does this actually mean to your (potential) client

Preparation – Pipeline:
What introduction are you looking for right now? Think in terms of:
Type of business Company Name Role Person’s name

The more precise you are about what you are looking for the more likely you are to get it. See hierarchy of referral on next slide

Strength of referral
Referrer Business Type Person Co. Name Role Person

Referral Requester


Co. Name Business Type

Role of Facilitators - Value
Keep time – remember your turn is at the end Open up each participants value suggestion to the group Tease & draw out with questions & suggestions Use questions on slide 6 if you like – don’t forget “so-what” Get the participant to describe the value they offer in another way if the group doesn’t get it Get agreement within group on what each participants real “value maker” is

Role of Facilitators - Pipeline
Keep time – remember your turn is at the end Ask the participant what introductions they are looking for How does their “value maker” fit with their introduction request Tease out the highest level commitment of introduction/phone call from the group to the participant. Get a commitment as per slide 8 i.e. if you can’t get them the named person in say O2 could somebody give an intro into the head of the same department in say Vodafone …etc?

Alec Drew Christy O’Driscoll Helen Tonetti Howard Kent Irial O’Farrell Jackie Prendergast Martin Crotty Mary O’Shaughnesssy Shiera O’Brien Tony O’ Reilly

Dublin Chamber of Commerce
Business Owners Network
12th March 2010 Simon McKeever

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