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''Nurofen'' Text

This text example is an advertisement for pain relief medication ''Nurofen'' .

It's intended audience is very broad, but it is mainly targeted at middle-aged
adults and older people, with the purpose being for them to consider this
medicine as the fastest way to get relief from pain. The text is multimodal,
and includes a written mode, as well as a visual mode, consisting of images.
The large type below the picture reads ''NEW Nurofen Advance. Fast route to
pain relief.'' This relates to the purpose by stating that the action of the
product is very fast and effective. The phrase uses a literal denotation of the
meaning ''fast route'', and ''pain relief'', being extremely clear in its meaning.
The short paragraph below the main type is clearly meant to be secondary,
given the smaller font size used. The piece begins with an obvious synthetic
personalization: ''When you haven't got time for pain...''. This addresses you
as an individual, and also suggests that pain is an inferior problem that you
shouldn't have to deal with, making the audience feel better about the
problem, appealing to the psychological comfort of the reader.
Furthermore, it refers to its unspecified ''unique ingredient''. Even though it is
not specified it appeals to the attraction to novelty of the audience. It then
once more alludes to its fast effect, saying it was ''developed to be rapidly
absorbed and get to the site of the pain. Fast.'' The word fast is written
separately to emphasize it. It is clear that the emphasis of the message is its
speed of action. The larger type at the bottom of the advert again alludes to
that: ''Nurofen Advance, Fast Relief for Pain''.
The imagery is very interesting in that it relates the message with the
concept of road travel. The ''fast route'' analogy is represented graphically by
the alternate route road sign. This simple visual analogy interestingly, is not
self-sufficient in that it cannot be understood unless the text is also read. The
only other picture present is the product itself, which serves the purpose of
consumers being able to identify the product.
The layout of the ad is simple, with the image large at the top, being the
point of focus, along with the large text directly below it, both of which are
intrinsic to one another. Below them. comes the main ''body'' of the advert,
with the extended explanation and the picture of the product. At the bottom,
the ''fast route''