You cannot recover the SuperUser password of an IPS, but you can reset it to a new value or create a new login with SuperUser privileges. Note: This procedure requires a reboot operation which will disrupt traffic! 1. Connect to the Console serial port of the IPS using a null modem cable. The terminal emulator software must be set to 115200bps, 8 Data Bits, No Parity, Stop Bits 1. (115200,8,0,1) (For cable specifications see the Connector and Pinout Specifications section of the IPS Hardware Installation and Safety Guide found at 2. Reboot the IPS. 3. As the IPS is booting, watch for the TippingPoint ASCII graphic. The word "Loading" will appear after the ASCII graphic is displayed.

4. Immediately type the word: mkey (You must type the word mkey within 3 seconds of the word "Loading" appearing on the screen.) 5. If successful you will be prompted to select a security level for your password complexity.

6. After you select your security level you will prompted for a Username. Type the account name you would like to reset or type a new account name and press enter. 7. You will then be prompted for a password. Enter your new password and press enter. 8. Re-type the password to verify and press enter again. Upon completion of the boot process you should now be able to login to the IPS with your new credentials.

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