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Savage Star Wars

Savage Star Wars


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Published by Lord Lance
Version 1.1 - A free, fan-made, conversion by John “Sheriff288” Brown
Version 1.1 - A free, fan-made, conversion by John “Sheriff288” Brown

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Published by: Lord Lance on Mar 08, 2010
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The Duros blazed some of the oldest
trade routes and hyperspace lanes in
the galaxy as they ventured into the
unknown, millennia ago. This
species achieved star travel before
the founding of the Republic, and
have almost entirely abandoned the
soil of their homeworld to travel
among the stars. They rank
alongside the Corellians as the most
seasoned space travelers in the
galaxy. One of the Duros' earliest
colonization efforts was on
Neimoidia, and over the millennia,
the Neimoidians became a
genetically distinct offshoot of the


Duros race. The Duros homeworld of
Duro has weathered millennia of
neglect. As the Duros took to the
stars, much of their planet became
increasingly polluted. As Duros
political power was transferred from
ancient royal rulers to a wealthy
coalition of interstellar shipping firms,
all connection to ancestral roots
were severed. The Duros people
embarked on a bold era of
expansion, choosing to live in orbital
cities or far-flung colony worlds.

Duros Bonuses: Agility d8, Smarts
d6, Piloting d6, Spaceborn

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