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Ideas for My Magazine

Ideas for My Magazine

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Published by: api-26233557 on Mar 08, 2010
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Charlotte Currie

Sum up your magazine in one sentence… A sensational magazine that is sure to blow your mind with nothing but music! ell What is the s is the title hat W ? Lyrical line? NS.. ESSIO d of CONF a loa from at’s “th Liam – sh*t bull ls all! l rs’ te ‘Joke age 6 P

female and aged between 20 and 30. I came up with the idea of having an older target audience because the type of music e.g. rock/mainstream music is mostly aimed at that type of people. To appeal to my target audience the content of the magazine will have interviews with the artist they are interested, competitions to win tickets to concerts, freebies such as a C.D, news about what’s happening, upcoming events such as gigs etc. My magazine will meet the interests of the target audience by making sure my front cover includes features that are eye catching and interesting, putting exclusive interviews and articles that are worth reading these are the things that will attract the target

My target My target audience audience.. for my magazine are both male and

My design..
To get an idea on how I was going to design my front cover was by looking at existing products and analysing them, from this I took ideas of the layout and changed it to suit my magazine. Having a white background and fancy looped font with a medium close up shot and other features around it should work well and show a up to date new music magazine. The main image on my magazine is going to be a medium close up of a male student and across this image I will have a sell line advertising what this image is going to be about. In the top left corner is the title Lyrical with ‘NEW 2010’ in a star banner in the right corner. I will then other smaller images on the front cover and this will also include a free mix C.D. also to advertise the fact I am selling a C.D with the magazine I will have ‘FREE C.D’ on the front

More Information…
£3.95 – I have chosen this price because I have set the age range 20-30 and you find a lot of people have now got their own place, families, jobs and bills to pay therefore this price is a easy affordable one for them to be able to get each monthly magazine for their enjoyment. The reason I’ve made the magazine a monthly issue is because people have jobs so they won’t be able to always buy the magazine so the monthly issue will suit their personal needs when they have free time to sit down and read it, also it will be coming out at the end of each month – which is ‘pay day’ Size of my magazine will be A4

Why would my target reader want to buy my magazine..
My target reader will want to by my magazine because I will include articles such as exclusive interviews that are in depth and ask questions that no other magazine would dare to ask, this is getting juicy gossip out for the readers to read and find out information they never knew about there favourite artists or band. Also freebies will be attached to the magazine on special occasions - this could be a mix C.D of all the bands they like, competitions to win tickets to gigs and concerts that are expensive. I’ll try and include basically everything the target audience look for in a magazine but this magazine will offer more!

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