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8 March 20lO

S nce Godon BrcM's sess on last Fnday (5 l,larch 2010) l@ Iomer Chiels
of lhe Deience Slail (Adm ral Lord Boyce and Genera Lord Guihr e) and a
Iomer Chiel ol lhe General Staff (General Sn Richard Darnatt), all highly
respecled men of g.eai integnty, have made publc statemerts @mpletely
onlrary to, and dlrecty chalenging whai Go.don BroM said during his
session reAarding resourcing and equpping ourArmed Forces.

There is a stono case for you 1o recall Gordon Brown lor luriher leslimony in
tronl oi you. inquiry after the up@m ng General Eleclion

I fLlly undersbnd why you do nol wanl yolr nquiry lo be invoved wth party
polilics blt I do thirk rhat ir is mponart to qet lhe trulh n ihis matler even iJ
ih s €nnol haoDen unlilafter the eleclion.

shadow secretary ol stare fot Defence