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RE: Letter of Recommendation for Mrs Cynthia Thomas

It is a pleasure to be writing this recommendation letter for Mrs Cynthia Thomas, who worked as an IB PYP
Teacher, while I was Primary School Principal and Business Manager at Phuket International Academy
Cynthia is an excellent professional, someone who can literally do anything -- from administrative tasks like
planning the PYP Exhibition and scheduling field trips and parent meetings to high level teaching and
management of students while continuing to implement the curriculum for her students.
Cynthias skills are well rounded and include supporting other staff, parent correspondence, planning and
teaching. She enthusiastically takes on additional responsibilities as they became available and handled
each new task with professionalism and expertise to achieve a positive outcome.
She has embraced the PYP programme and found no difficulty at all in becoming a respected member of
the school and local community.
Cynthia is a very quick learner; someone who is very conscientious about the quality of her work and
someone who has good communication skills, a high level of integrity, loyalty and is extremely confidential.
Cynthia can be relied upon to complete any given task to her and the outcome of her work is always of the
highest level. Cynthia could handle any middle and upper primary classes and be counted on to produce a
high quality outcome for her students.
Cynthia is a very good teacher who has all students best interest and learning potential at heart. She is
very knowledgeable in many areas of the curriculum and is more than willing to teach outside of her
preferred area. Her interpersonal skills, organisational skills and willingness to improve the school and
school culture are impeccable.
She continuously motivates students to reach their potential, and overall is respected and appreciated by
all within our school community
Cynthia is a professional and she has consistently exceeded my expectations of a classroom teacher. It
goes without saying that Cynthia has an immediate and positive impact on parents and students when they
first meet her and the confidence she has to carry out her responsibilities.
I recommend Cynthia without hesitation and know, without question, that she will be a real asset to
whoever is fortunate enough to work with her. If additional information is needed, I would be happy to
provide more detail about Cynthias capabilities and work ethic.
Yours faithfully

Peter OSullivan
Primary School Principal and Business Manager
2014 - 2015

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