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1. What are the future issues in nursing and healthcare delivery?

With the advent of various types of issues on the morality of various

procedures, probably one of the main issues that may be faced by the
nursing profession is the future is the morality of nurses participation in
various procedures. An example would be assisting cases of abortion,
sterilization and many more. Although these are already faced now, it is
believe that the intensity of such issues will escalate in the future where more
people seem to advocate the righteousness, practicality and exigency of
these types of procedures.
Another issue would be the equalization of treatment of all healthcare
professionals. There may come a time where our system will find a way to
ensure that no one in the healthcare field is considered inferior than the other
(i.e. a doctor over a nurse, a nurse over a caregiver, etc). Our era is moving
towards a generation of inclusivity and objectivity.
2. What changes do you anticipate in the next few years?
I believe that there may be a day when the scope of the nursing practice will
be expanded. The degree of competency of nurses widen through time. We
become more equipped with various types of knowledge that enable us to
give more than we can today. If at present we are only confined to providing
nursing diagnosis, nurses in the future may be trained to give medical
diagnoses and even prescribe medications. These are not impossible
considering that nowadays a lot of medical functions are delegated, through
training, to nurses.
3. How should a currently practicing nurse prepare for the future?
We should just keep on engaging in research. Research allows us to look for
better alternatives for whatever system we currently have. It gives us
opportunities to assess how well it works. All nurses must be nurseresearches for a lifetime. Everyone should not end looking for new things. It is
in settling down that the nursing profession will get stuck and will no longer
be the dynamic career we all want it to be.