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k assignment
Ex 1 Identify picture or cartoons

Kungfu panda

Ex 2 Match the following

1 Dal bati famous in Rajasthan
2 Bus Road transport
3 Cow shed
4 Lion Roars
5 Victory of lord ram Dashers
6 National animal tiger
7 National game hockey
Ex-3 Fill in the blanks :
1 An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
2 Camels are the ship of the desert
3 15th August is our Independence Day.
4 Elephant in the largest living land animal.
5 we should eat green vegetable everyday.
6 there are seven continents in the world.
7 we type using the keyboard.
8 c.babbage invented computer
9 Diwali is the festival of light.
10 We can deposit our pocket money in the bank.
Ex -4 Name them
1 Kandavi is popular in Gujarat
2 Eyes, nose, ears, skin, and tongue are sense organs.
3 Largest flower in the world - Rafflesia
4 King of fruits mango
5 Animal give us wool sheep
6 They keep us healthy and strong vegetable
7 Festival of colours holi

Ex 5 Que Ans in our words

1 What do you bring in your school bag?
A Books , Lunchbox, pencil box, and crayons.
2 Which is our notional flower?
A Louts is our national Flower.
3 Which Fruit we pill the skin and eat?
A Banana
4 Where do Muslims worship?
A Mosque
5 Which animal is the king of the jungle?
A Lion
6 Which vegetable has crown?
A Brinjal
7 Which festival is celebrated by Christians?
A Christmas
8 Where is red fort ?
A Delhi
9 Which is beautiful monument of India?
A Taj mahal
10 Which Insect give us honey?
A Honey bee.