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The followfrig A c t of t h e Andhra.

~ f a d e s h .Legislative Asaembly reeei-,
ved t h e assent of the Governor on
the 20th 'December0 1990 end the said
assent is hereby first published on
the 27th December, 1990 in t h e Andhra
Pradesh G e f e t t e for generai infarmati-:ZLE~&,
of '1990.

. A n act ftlrthet- t o ,amend t h e Andhra

Pradssh :[Telangbna Arep ) Land Rev9nu.e
A c t , 1317 Beafi,.

BE i t enacted by the mgislatiue

Aeaembly of tho S t a t e . af Andhra ' ~ ~ a d e s h
$a the Party-biset Pear of the Republic
of India as Pollowst-

r. T h i s A c t may be called th$

Andhra Pradesh (Telangana ~ r e a- )Lanq
Revenue [kmendment) A c t , 1990.

hlipir e i t i ~ :


r n ~ e a l o ~ - 2 . A f t e r ,seetion . i66i of the hndhra

sac- Pradesh
(Telangana ' ~ r e n ) Land RelJenue


VIIX a t
LJI-J Palli,
k t

1317 Fasli , - t h e following section

s h a l l be inserted, namely r


'166-c R'evlrm t j

he .Government may,
t i m e , e i t h e r em

at any

~ O ~ ~ r f l ~ moto,
ntor on application
f r o m any pcreon interested made within

ninety days of the paesinq of an otder

under s e c t i o n 158 'or section
review any such ozder I f it was passed
by them under bny mistake, whether of
facq or of law, or i n ignorance of any
materiel fact r

P r o v i d e d that the Government shall

n o t pass any order adversely affecting
t h e interest8 of any person u n l e s s such
person has been g i v e n an Opportunity of.
makin5 h i s representation.

. ( 2 ) The Government may stay the cxecution of any such decision or order, pen-

d i n g the e~ercise of t h e i r powers .under

sub-section (1) in respect thereof.

, 1 3 1 he provisions of t h i s s e c t i o n
shall apply to any order passed under
section 158 or s e c t i o n 1668 whether
before or a f t e r t h e commencement o f
the Andhra Pradesh (Te.langana ~ r e a )
Land Revenue (Amendment) A c t , 1990
and in the case of an application for:
review from any person interested in
respect of such an order passed prior