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Assignment 2

Answer the following question after reading the both case studies carefully.
The total length of assignment should be no more than 3 pages typed with 12 inch Times
New Roman font.
It is a group assignment and the group members should be same as assignment 1.
It is not compulsory to make any diagram. However, you can do so if it helps to answer
the question.

Questions from case study: This spud is not for you.

1. What is the market structure of the potato market?
2. Who is Mr. Hanny and what was purpose of making the United Potato group?
3. Why is potato market so complex and it is difficult to bring all producers under single
forum or group?
4. What are the demand and supply factors that have affected the price of potatoes in the
previous years?

Questions from the case study: Dells Revival Strategy Runs into Trouble.
1. What is market structure for the firm Dell? Who are the other key players in the market?
2. How was Dell sales strategy different than that of HP?
3. Which strategy and advantages of HP had made it more competitive than Dell in recent
4. How did Dell respond to come back in the market and do you think that it will be able to
revive its previous position in the coming years?