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Be Encouraged In The Lord

What I am saying is before we are born again we are on the back side of Calvary
spiritually speaking, dead in trespasses and sins and under the Law. However once we
are Born Again, we have passed through the rent veil of Calvary and we are not under
the Law anymore, therefore Sin has no strength or power over us. we found
forgiveness and Grace eternally in the loving eyes of our Savior.

The Blood was applied to the door post of our Hearts and our temple cleansed and
Now His Holy Spirit dwells in us eternally. We cannot sin, we are alive evermore, we
are not under the Law of Sin and Death anymore but the Law of Spirit and Life. We are
NOW on this side of Calvary where it is heaven and the world is no more, for He chose
us out of the World and He hath already by Calvary translated us into the Kingdom of
God! We are now they that dwell in heaven and our conversation is in heaven and we
sit in heavenly places and He has cast Satan out of Heaven, and out of our hearts and
He hath destroyed He that power of death, even Satan and He is no more to us, for We
dwell in heaven. He hath bruised him under our feet and bound him forever in chains of
darkness. We are Free Indeed and Lo! Christ is the End of The Law!

Daniel said Messiah would come for One Reason and that was to make an End of Sin
and Christ came and folded up the law and laid it away, fulfilling every jot and tittle of
the Law, paying for the penalty of the Law as ONLY He could. The Pure Spotless Lamb
of God hath wrought Salvation by Him own Self and removed the veil and unbelief and
sin and death and darkness from our hearts and He has entered into the Holy of
Holies, the 3rd Heaven even into our hearts and said Where I am, There you shall be
also, and He returned at Pentecost and entered mans hearts and Now we are Hid in
Christ. As His Spirit is Heaven.

He told us a Great Revelation, He said, "Behold! THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN

YOU!!!" We are no longer in that world of darkness, for He hath by Faith Translated us

out of the World which was the Carnal State of Mind of Sin and Death and hath
translated us into the Mind of Christ! Amen and Glory to God, this is for the Elect as the
rest will be blinded to this! Amen

Thank You!