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Republic of the Philippines Department of Finance BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE Revenue Regino No. 8 - Makati Revenue District No. 052 ~ Parafiaque City VERIFICATION SLIP. Business Closure Authority to Print Receipts/Invoice Authority to Use Loose-Leaf Request for Replacement of Cert of Reg, Renewal of Books of Accounts Application to Use Cash Reg. Machine Application for Scholarship Others Name of Taxpayer TIN Request By Se ee ee ee CLIENT SUPPORT SECTION (2nd Floor): Unpaid Registration Fee Years: Unregistered Books Years: Authority to Print Invoice/Official Receipts: OcN : End-dated (Form Type) Date Registration _ Boetee SENEN A. MANALO Chief, Client Support Section COLLECTION SECTION ( 2nd Floor / 4th Floor): DELIQUENT ACCOUNTS/DISHONORED CHECKS/ITS-GENERATED RECEIVABLE DATE KIND OF TAX AMOUNT, DATE KIND OF TAX AMOUNT. RETURNS COMPLIANCE FORM TYPE REIMARKS DATE FORM TYPE REMARKS VERIFIER DATE LINDA L. MAGGAY Chie, Collection Section ASSESSMENT SECTION (5th Floor/3rd Floor): LA Year/s Verified by : TWN Year/s Verified by : LN Year/s Verified by : DORIS G. RIMANDO ‘Chidl, Acsaeexant Section