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Sat Practice Booklet 2009 10

Sat Practice Booklet 2009 10

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Published by namcxvari555
SAT practice booklet containing SAT subject tests and SAT 1
SAT practice booklet containing SAT subject tests and SAT 1

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Published by: namcxvari555 on Mar 09, 2010
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The SAT measures the skills you have learned in and outside of
the classroom and how well you can apply that knowledge. It
tests how you think, solve problems, and communicate. The test
is composed of three sections:

Critical reading, which has sentence completion and passage-
based reading questions.

Mathematics, which is based on the math that college-bound
students typically learn during their first three years of high

Writing, which has multiple-choice questions and a written


You have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the entire test.

All multiple-choice questions are scored the same way: one point
for each correct answer, and one-quarter point subtracted for a
wrong answer. No points are subtracted for answers left blank.
The total score for each section is on a 200–800 scale.

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