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Submitted To: Mr. Rashid Saeed



MBA (Morning) 2nd Semester



UBL Introduction
United Bank Limited was established on November 7, 1959 and incorporated as a Public
Limited Company under Companies Act 1913 with authorized capital of Rs.20 million and
Paid-up capital of Rs.10 million. In its very first year, it mobilized deposits of Rs.70 million
and earned a profit of Rs.O.7 million. It continued to grow rapidly and soon became one of
the largest banks in the country. The main reasons for its exemplary growth were the
introduction, in many instances for the first time in Pakistan, of professional management,
computers, economic and business research, latest managerial practices and customer
The Bank is currently operating 1056 Branches Domestically and 15 Branches Overseas
(USA, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Republic of Yemen). UBL hold 51% of its total shares other
49% shares are owned by Government. After the privatization of banking sector in Pakistan
UBL implemented its strategies to achieve the comparative advantage in the Market place.
UBL due to its innovative corporate culture wins their customer trust. UBL is running four
websites to provide information and customer services which are:


The depositing services offered by UBL are Business Partner, Rupee Trans A/C, Basic
Banking Account, UBL UniFlex, UBL UniSaver, UBL Profit COD, Term Deposits Receipts,
FCY Savings, and FCY Term Deposits. The loan and card services are UBL Address, UBL
Businessline, UBL Cashline, UBL Drive, UBL Credit Card, UBL Money, and some other
services are UBL netbanking, UBL e-statement, Hamrah, UBL Wallet, UBL Click n Bank,
UBL Click n Remit, UBL TezRaftaar.
•3rdlargest Bank of Pakistan in term of deposits
•2ndlargest Privatized Bank of Pakistan
•UBL offering Customized Products and services aggressively better then its competitors
•Improved operational efficiency as to its past
•Courteous Customer service and fast delivery of online and offline services
•Marvelous Image and Reputation of the bank in the eyes of its customers
•Extensive Branch network
•UBL Product positioning is very effective
•UBL target the segment like salaried person, business people and self employed person
•UBL product positioning affect the life style of the people as they help in improving
standard of living

•1056 Branches all over Pakistan

•Stands in the list of Profitable bank in stock exchange
•Largest number of corporate deals by any bank is Pakistan
•Overseas Branches
•Attractive Salaries and incentives for employees
•Personnel of UBL are very well trained. Majority of employees have many years of
experience in banking sector and are an asset for the bank.

•No standardization in terms of branches some of the branches are very attractive and most of
the branches are not very good like other branches.
•In some regions, urban areas of Pakistan service of UBL is not good as compared to other
privatized banks
•The application time is also quite lengthy.
•UBL is a step behind in using new technology as compared to other banks
•All branches need orientation for customer dealing.
•Most of the employees are overload with the work and promotion is also not timely.
•Most of employees are experienced and they are not able to deal customers well, adopt new
culture and above all they are unable to use of new technology like computers.
•No separate training center to train their employees
•Employees are not well dressed
•Workforce is not diverse
•Security system in most of the branches is not up to the mark.

•Bank can extend its network in other cities of Pakistan like other 4 remote cities, it would
increase their sales.
•Proper orientation of employees in all branches can help them to cope up with foreign banks
•By bringing new technology and modern business processes will bring the change and
increase their profitability
•Call centre services should be improved to enhance their network


:•Large and increasing competition

.•High operating costs
•Lack of huge deposits