Role of Management Information System in Tata Motors

Team Members NarasimhaBala.S(15) Prasanna.D(20) Sandeep Sharma(33) Shankar Ganesh A.S

About Tata Motor
• Established in 1945, Tata Motors’ presence extends across the length and breath of India. • Tata Motors is India’s largest automobile company and the second largest in the passenger vehicles market . • Over 3.5 million Tata vehicles have driven on Indian roads since the first one rolled out on 1954.

Information Technology Background
• CIO’s task is primarily to provide each area with IT resources and tools required to implement new technologies and IT solutions. • various projects are defined for the next 12 months and listed in order of priority. • Joint teams from IT and business are then charged with executing these plans. • CIO’S focus is to maintain balance between business benefits and the

Reasons For Implementing ERP
• There was no online real time data available between various departments. • Information flow across the sales, finance and production planning was very cumbersome. • There existed a need for collaboration between vehicle manufacturers and dealers. • Tata Motors saw implementation of

Selection of SAP as the ERP package
• Manage the complete vehicle orderto-delivery process • Manufacture and deliver components • Handle warranty claims with efficiency and accuracy • Enhance dealership management • Manage relationships with customers and partners •

Benefits After Implementing SAP

Key Findings
• Over 3,000 Tata Motors users now work with SAP solutions. • Tata Motors claims to have the widest range of SAP functionality of any SAP installation. • Improvements have been identified in general costs, purchasing, resource planning, logistics, and the process for providing important financial information . • SAP provided a strong IT infrastructure to support Tata Motors’ aggressive globalization plans.

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