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TCS Interview Procedure -- Technical and HR interviews

successfully completed my tech+(hr+mr) rounds, and was selected in mumbai recruitment.

thanks for each and every group member.

my interview was held in Andheri (Mumbai). the interview was cool . the panel consisted two members. they asked me the following questions.

tell abt urself?

tell abt ur project? (they asked 3 to 4 que while i was explaining)

DBMS ( different keys, normal forms, relationship between tables)

OS( functions of os, algorithms of cpu, paging)

Softaware Engineering( SDLC, Testing techniques, unit testing, modular testing)

C++ ( polymorphism, virtual fuctions)

LInked lists and searching techniques.

Unix( 1 que, i could not answer for that)

they asked questions for 30 to 35 minutes.

i was unable to answer for 3 to 4 questions.(outof 20 to 25)

but the interviewers were so frindly.

they examine the candidate's confidence level and the way of explaining.

After completing the technical round, one person took me to upstairs where our HR+MR interview was conducted.

the MR person asked me

1) tell abt urself?

2)abt my gab between my graduation and PG(MCA).

3)asked abt cultivation ( as i told i helped my father in cultivation during my gab)

4) why should i hire u?

5) ur objective after 5 yrs?

6) do u know oracle? ( i said oracle 8, then he asked why oracle 8 instead of 9i,10i)

HR madam asked me....

your strengths

abt work agrement

have u attended any interview before this

abt relocation

abt medical test

i answered for all technical and hr questions with confidence.

pls go through

c, c++ ,data structures, DBMS concepts , OS and software engineering .

then definately u will gain the confidence. they will ask only fundamentals from these.
if u find any walk in , go for that,howmuch ever it may be far.

i went for mumbai walk-in from Hyderanbad.