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101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

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Published by Nauroz Khan
ways of advertising ur business...
ways of advertising ur business...

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Published by: Nauroz Khan on Mar 09, 2010
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If you are planning on doing television advertising to attract
more customers for your business it pays to do your homework.
Part of this homework is watching television to see what other
businesses are doing. I suggest keeping a notepad and pen
handy whenever you are watching television to make notes
about commercials that attract your attention.
You may like the style of a particular commercial, the
colours, the sound (or the voiceover) or even the time slot when
the commercial is aired. Behind every commercial you see there
are a lot of people that have generally put a lot of thought into
the project with the one main aim of making it successful.
I even go one step further and record a couple of hours of
prime time television to watch at my leisure. Of course most
people think I am crazy to fast forward the television shows
andwatch the commercials but the information I collect is

I recommend that anyone faced with the responsibility of
any advertising should start an ideas box, where you keep
samples of all advertisements, letters, brochures and packaging
that catches your eye. Use these ideas to develop your own
material. Clearly the aim here is to get you thinking about how
other successful businesses approach this somewhat complex
task. Your television commercial notepad/s should be kept in
your ideas box for later reference.
Become a student of advertising and use the information
you collect to make your own advertising even better.



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