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101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

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Published by Nauroz Khan
ways of advertising ur business...
ways of advertising ur business...

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Published by: Nauroz Khan on Mar 09, 2010
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There are a number of tools that copywriters use when creating
their work which will be handy for you to know. If you plan to
do copywriting I suggest you purchase some of the tools that
every copywriter keeps close at hand.
Firstly, every copywriter needs a good dictionary. Spellcheck
on the computer is handy but in itself we all know it has flaws.
For example, I live in Australia so if I am using an American
software programme my spellcheck suggests American versions
of words that would be incorrect. Spellcheck helps find the
majority of common mistakes but nothing really beats a good
dictionary, especially when it comes to using plural forms of
words or those tricky ones that do have a variety of spelling

The second tool on the list is a thesaurus. This is a wonder-
ful aid that most writers value even more than a dictionary.
Athesaurus is a book that gives you alternatives for words. For
example, you can look up the word ‘exciting’ and it will give
you a pile of other words that mean the same thing or have a
similar meaning. As a result you can make your copy more
interesting by not repeating the same words over and over

Thirdly, a scrapbook, bin or box where you can store cut-
out copies of advertisements that have caught your attention is
helpful. You can then scan these bits of copy when you are
looking for ideas and inspiration.
Finally, I would suggest a book that contains a large number
of headings, words and slogans to help you write your copy. One
that I am particularly fond of is Words That Sellby Richard Bayan
(Contemporary Books). There are a number of these styles of
books available and the section at the back of this book called
‘Smart Advertising Words and Phrases’ is an abbreviated form of
this kind of copywriting tool.



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