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Embassy of the Republic of Korea

to the State of Qatar

. 5-6 (Qatar
National Vision) 2030
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2011 4 7 , 2012 7 3 2013
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1. ABU ISSA HOLDING ................................................................................. 6
3. AL BAIDA GROUP ................................................................................... 10
4. AL BALAGH TRADING & CONTRACTING .................................................... 12
5. AL BANDARY GROUP .............................................................................. 14
6. AL JABER GROUP .................................................................................. 16
7. AL MEERA CONSUMER GOODS COMPANY ................................................ 18
8. AL RABBAN HOLDING ............................................................................. 20
9. AL SIDDIQI HOLDINGS ............................................................................ 22
10. AL SRAIYA HOLDING GROUP ................................................................... 24
11. AL-ATIYYA GROUP OF COMPANIES/ KBM GROUP ..................................... 26
12. ALFARDAN GROUP ................................................................................. 28
13. ALI BIN ALI GROUP................................................................................. 30
14. ALIJARAH HOLDING (NATIONAL LEASING HOLDINGS) ................................ 32
15. ALMANA GROUP .................................................................................... 34
16. ALMUFTAH GROUP ................................................................................ 36
17. BIN OMRAN GROUP................................................................................ 38
18. DARWISH HOLDING ................................................................................ 40
19. EBRAHIM AL NEAMA & SONS HOLDING GROUP ......................................... 42
20. EZDAN HOLDING GROUP ........................................................................ 44
21. FAHED GROUP ...................................................................................... 46
22. GHANIM BIN SAAD AL SAAD & SONS GROUP HOLDINGS ............................ 48
23. GULF WAREHOUSING COMPANY ............................................................. 50
24. HBK (HAMAD BIN KHALID) HOLDINGS ...................................................... 52
25. JAIDAH GROUP...................................................................................... 54
26. JBK GROUP OF COMPANIES ................................................................... 56
27. KEMCO GROUP ..................................................................................... 58
28. MANNAI CORPORATION .......................................................................... 60
29. MIDMAC GROUP .................................................................................... 62
30. MILAHA (QATAR NAVIGATION) ................................................................. 64
31. NASIR BIN ABDULLAH AND SONS ............................................................ 66

32. NASSER BIN KHALID AND SONS HOLDING COMPANY ................................. 68

33. NATIONAL GROUP .................................................................................. 70
34. OOREDOO GROUP ................................................................................. 72
35. QATAR BUILDING COMPANY ................................................................... 74
36. QATAR INSURANCE GROUP .................................................................... 76
(QIPCO) ................................................................................................ 78
38. QATAR NATIONAL BANK.......................................................................... 80
39. QATARI INVESTORS GROUP (QIG) ............................................................ 82
40. RAMCO GROUP ..................................................................................... 84
41. REDCO INTERNATIONAL ......................................................................... 86
42. REGENCY GROUP HOLDING .................................................................... 88
43. RUMAILLAH GROUP................................................................................ 90
44. SALAM INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT ....................................................... 92
45. SASCO GROUP ...................................................................................... 94
46. SHEIKH FAISAL HOLDINGS/ AAMAL GROUP .............................................. 96
47. TADMUR HOLDINGS ............................................................................... 98
48. TALEB GROUP ..................................................................................... 100
49. TEYSEER GROUP ................................................................................. 102
50. ZAD HOLDING COMPANY ...................................................................... 104


USEFUL NUMBERS ............................................................................... 107

II. LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN QATAR ....................................................... 110

III. ESTABLISHING A BUSINESS PRESENCE IN QATAR ................................... 117
IV. USEFUL RESOURCES ........................................................................... 121



Abu Issa Holding (AIH) is one of the leading

business groups in the Middle East based in Doha,
The company has grown into and extraordinary
holding firm with top level sister companies offering
turn-key solutions that range from arts and
photography to heavy equipment and construction.
Abu Issa Holding controls and operates companies
Date Established: 1981
across the region in various sectors including retail,
Main Business Sectors:
distribution, telecommunications, IT, energy &
Hospitality, Real Estate, Trading,
engineering, construction supporting services,
Investments, Logistics
investment, real estate and other marketing
Main Business Region: Qatar,
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,
The company was founded in the early 80s and
currently has approximately 3,000 employees
Chairman: Ashraf Abu Issa
Blue Salon, a high-end luxury department store in
Type: Privately Owned
Qatar, was Abu Issa Holdings first venture
Subsidiaries: 50
established in 1981.
Employees: 3000
Currently, Abu Issa Holding holds majority shares in
more than 50 companies and 150 stores across the Middle East and the GCC


Blue Salon: Specializes as an exclusive Retail Luxury Goods

Al Shaya Perfumes: Partnership with Al Shaya (Kuwait)
Gulf Beauty: Established in 2005, a partnership with Al Fahim - UAE
Own Concepts: Stores representing brands such as Arabesq, Asala, Gold
Gourmet, Highland, Karisma, Momento, Mosafer, Toys4Me and so on.
Pari Gallery: A partnership with Al Fahim Group UAE.
FEBC: Project Management Company
LEO A DALY: Architecture, planning, engineering, interior design firm.
Abu Issa Brothers: Represent and distribute exclusive brands in the Middle East
FTC Qatar: Partnership between AIH and Farjallah Trading Company.
LS Cable & System: Power and communications network supply
ALCE Engineering: Construction Company, which was established in Turkey
Techno Blue: Dealers for Samsung Electronics, as well as Fujifilm materials
Imdaad: Integrated facilities management solutions in the GCC
QHES: Importer and distributor for Earth Moving Equipment
Unigaz Qatar: A partnership with Sidani Group and offers LPG services
Abu Issa Group: General Trading, import and export, trademarks in Jordan
Saudi Abu Issa: Retail and wholesale trading in Saudi Arabia
Abu Issa Brothers Investments: Involved in managing businesses in UAE
Abu Issa International General Trading: General trading activities in UAE
Abu Issa Trading: Involved in trading in blankets and sheets in UAE

Oriental Consultants
Bissan Gallery
Auditoire Qatar
Abu Issa Hospitality
United Electromechanical
Deemah Stone
Clarion Shipping
Jalmat Qatar
Lighting Group Qatar/Lumire

Integra Gulf
Elite Homes
Falcon Design
Poltrona Frau Qatar
Abu Issa Real Estate
Falcon Advertising
Mosafer Luggage's and Travel
RRMG International: Involved in
general trading in UAE
MVP Tech Falcon Global For
Abu Issa Consulting

Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa: Chairman

Mr. Nabil Abu Issa: Vice Chairman
Mr. Fawaz Idrissi: Senior Vice President

Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa
Born in November 1967
Graduated from American College in Atlanta,
Attended Harvard Business Schools
Owner/President Management Program, 2012
Took over the family business when he was 19
years old, after his fathers death
Chairman of Abu Issa Holdings
Board Member of Injaz Qatar
Founding Member of YPO Qatar
Board Member of Palestinian Children Relief
Founding Member of Palestinian International

Blue Salon Building

Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd
P.O. Box 6255
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44466111
Fax: +974 44466108


Ahmed Hassan Bilal owns rents and manages
residential towers and compounds throughout Doha.
Its Real Estate Division was set up in the 1980s
AHB currently owns and manages around 24
residential compounds and buildings throughout
Doha totaling nearly 500 housing units.
The current portfolio holds a variety of apartments
and villas with locations ranging from the Airport,
through Al Sadd to Westbay and the Pearl.
In1999, AHB commissioned its first fully-furnished
Residential Tower, setting the trend for similar
buildings in the country.
AHB is one of the largest investors on The PearlQatar, where they have 36 units and a few villas


Date established: 1980s

Main business sectors: Real
Estate, Hospitality, Publishing,
Event Management
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Ahmed Hassan Bilal
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 6
Employees: About 3000

Ahmed Hassan Bilal Real Estate Company:

Established in the 80s, this division owns rents and manages residential towers
and compounds in different areas.
o Pearl Qatar
o West Bay Diplomatic Area
o Al Asmakh Street
o Al Sadd
o Muntaza
o Abu Hamour
o Old Airport
o Old Salata areas.
Chowking: Oriental Quick Service Restaurant Chain from the Philippines
Qatar Happening: Event Magazine in Qatar
Abode Magazine: Qatar's Premier Lifestyle magazine
Forum Design: Interior designing company
The Art Of Business: Event Management Company

Management/ Key Personnel

Ahmed Hassan Bilal: Chairman

Hassan Ahmed Hassan Bilal: Business Development Director
Nasser Ahmed Hassan Bilal: Operations Director
Khalid Ahmed Hassan Bilal: Public Relations Director
Ifteqar Ahmed: General Manager


Ahmed Hassan Bilal
Married with 8 children
Founded Ahmed Hassan Bilal Trading and
contracting over 25 years ago
Prominent member of Qatars community
Well-known as a philanthropist

Al Asmakh Street
Al Areeq (Near Bank Street)
P.O. Box 7848
Doha Qatar
Tel: +974 44428877

Chairman of Ahmed Hassan Bilal Trading &

Contracting Co
Executive Manager in Qatar Petroleum till
November 1985
Started his career with Shell Qatar in June 1954
Mr. Bilal also founded some major companies
in Qatar, from which he subsequently withdrew
his involvement


Al Baida Group was established in 1970

Al Baida group comprises of 7 companies
operating in seven business sectors: Engineering,
Construction, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Real
Al Baida group is one of the largest and most
respected business conglomerates in Qatar and
employs some 1350 multinational staff.
Al Baida businesses comprises of: Al Baida
Technical Service, Al Baida Cargo & Customs
Clearance, Al Baida Real Estate and Al Baida
Engineering & Consultancy
Al Baida group also organizes the Transport,
Logistics and Railways Expo, Trans4, which is
transportation sector


Date established: 1970

Main business sectors:
Engineering, Construction, Real
Estate, Logistics, Trading
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Ali Abdullatif Al
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 7
Employees: Over 1350


Al Baida Technical Services

Al Baida Engineering & Consultancy
Al Baida Cargo for Custom Clearance & Logistics
Al Baida Transportation Services
Qatar National Logistics
Al Baida Real Estate
Group Real Estate
Coolgreen Development
Also represents:
o Efacec
o Grupo Cabelte
o Control Equipment Qatar
o Sepam Qatar
o Al Ghanim International - Qatar
o Dornier Consulting - Qatar


Management/ Key Personnel

Ali Al Misnad: Group Chairman

Prakash Rao: Managing Director



Ali Abdullatif Al Misnad

Born in August, 1961
Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from
Portland State University
Engineering Management from Washington
State University, United States

Hazm Al Markhiya,
Doha, Qatar
P.O. Box: 37772
Tel: +974 44128899
Fax: +974 44128989

Founder & Chairman: Al Baida Group

Treasurer, Board Member: Qatar Chamber of
Commerce & Industry
Vice Chairman: ICC Qatar
Steering Group Member: Qatar Science &
Technology Park- Qatar
Chairman: Qatar Transport & Freight
Forwarders Federation
Board Member: Qatar Tax Committee, Qatar




Al Balagh is one of the leading companies located

in Qatar serving the construction, industrial,
medical, laboratory, oil & gas and IT sectors of the
The company was first established in 1976, with a
carpentry and joinery unit.
The companys Construction Division is the flagship
of the company and is one of the best construction
companies in Qatar with a grade 'A' classification
The Oil & Gas Division deals with serving the
onshore/offshore oil & gas industry.
The Trading Division deals in a wide range of
products in the field of engineering, industrial
consumables, equipment, electrical, safety &
security, building hardware, tools and chemicals
As of 2013, the company has a workforce of 2020
employees, as well as 332 pieces of equipment.


Date established: 1976

Main business sectors:
Engineering, Contracting, IT,
Construction, Medical, Trading
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Sherida Saad Jubran
Al Kaabi
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 7
Employees: About 2020


Construction Division: Construction Division is the flagship of the company, and

is one of the best construction companies in Qatar with a grade 'A'
Trading Division: Established in 1995, this division deals in products in the field
of oil and gas, industrial consumables, electrical, safety & security, building
materials, tools, chemicals & lubricants
Oil & Gas Division: This division provides construction and maintenance
services to the oil, gas and industrial sector in Qatar
Medical Division: Medical and Scientific Equipment division provides medical
and scientific solutions by supplying products, supporting applications and
providing maintenance services.
IT Solutions: Provides IT Strategy Consulting & Services
Doha Floors: Doha Floors specializes in different kinds of flooring and other
related architectural products
Al Balagh Dynaspex: Established to serve the Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
(MEP) industry in Qatar


Management/ Key Personnel

Sherida Saad Jubran Al Kaabi: Chairman

Jaison Chacko: General Manager, CEO
Henry A D' Souza - Finance Manager


Sherida Saad Jubran Al Kaabi

Former Qatars Ambassador in India, Egypt,
Arab League and UK.
Has represented Qatar in many conferences
and symposiums
Chairman of Al Balagh Group of companies
Board Member of Qatar Businessmen
Member of the Consultative Committee of GCC
Head of States
Vice Chairman of Mannai Corporation
Former under Secretary in Ministry of Labour,
Social Affairs and Housing in Qatar
Also a Member of the Board of Directors of Al
Ahli Bank

D-Ring Road, Al Hilal Area
P.O. Box: 5777
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44667714
Fax: +974 44660040


Al Bandary Group is a first grade business entity
began operations in 2001 as a small construction
development company
The company has grown and expanded
considerably, and now focuses on others areas such
as real estate, trading, electro-mechanical works as
well as hospitality.
The group has about eleven subsidiaries
The groups main business is in contracting and real
estate development, with several projects being
developed currently.

Al Bandary Real Estate: Al Bandary Real Estate is

one of the leading developers of residential &
Commercial Projects in Qatar, which was established
in 2005
Al Bandary Engineering Trading and Contracting
ElectroWatt Company: Electro-Mechanical
contracting company in Qatar
Imperial Trading Company
Al Memar Al Khaleej Building Material
Aqua Tanks for Water Tanks and Plastic
Al Rayyan Block Factory
Metro Pools: Certified pool contractor
ITALPROGETTI Engineering-Qatar
Al Meel Transportation
Doha Downtown Hotel


Date Established: 2001

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Real Estate,
Trading, Manufacturing
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Mr. Mohamed
Abdulatif Al-Mana
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 11


Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Mohamed Abdulatif A. Al-Manaa: Group Chairman

Mr. Ahmed Al Rayyan: General Manager, Al Bandary Real Estate


Mohamed Abdulatif A. Al- Mana
Bachelor degree in Sharia & Islamic Studies
from Qatar University on June 1978
Group Chairman of Al Bandary Real Estate
Board Member of Q-Invest
Chairman of Al Jazeerah Financing Company
CEO of Aqar for Development & Property
Investment Company
Board member in the Syrian International
Islamic Bank
Chairman of the Arab Finance House in
Former Minister of Endowments & Islamic
Affairs till April 2005
Worked with the Ministry of Endowments &
Islamic Affairs

Villa No 3-5, 13,

Behind Kahramaa Building
Al Thumama, E-Ring Road
P.O. Box: 32080
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44631673
Fax: +974 44662117



The group was founded by Sultan Mohammed

Aljaber who established the first company in
The first company initially sold paints and building
tools and later increased operations to
maintenance related works.
During the 1980's the company diversified further
increasing its activities to include engineering
Today, the group has over 30 companies, with a
workforce of over 4,000
The group has diversified and grown into one of
the largest provider of products, equipment,
manpower and related services to the Oil, Gas,
Infrastructure sectors in Qatar.



Date established: 1976

Main business sectors:Trading,
Contracting, Engineering,
Fabrication, Travels, Logistics
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Mohammed Sultan
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: More than 30
Employees: Over 4000

Aljaber Trading & Contracting Company (JTC):

JTC was founded in 1976 and is a Grade A contractor
Aljaber Engineering Company: Established in 1995, Al Jaber Engineering has
completed numerous projectsin the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Sectors
Panorama Contracting and Engineering Services: Panorama Contracting &
Engineering Services specializes in contracting and engineering services
Expanded Metal Manufacturing Company (EXMET): Established in 1992
Qatar Gypsum Products Industry: This Company specializes in the production of
Glass Reinforced Gypsum suspended ceilings to the Qatari market.
Confidence Engineering and Development: Established in 2003, it operates in
the construction and engineering sectors
International Engineering and General Contracting Company
Aljaber Steel Company
Qatar GRC Company
Qatar Plastic Additives (QADCO)
Qatar Cryo
Aljaber Travels, Tours and Cargo
Al Farraj Electrical Engineering
Arabian technical Services
Al Feroz International Trading
Confident Equipment and transportation
Aljaber Decoration Company
Lebanese Palace
International Stainless Steel

Confidence Medical Care

International Medical
Mamco Contracting
Orient Marine Services
Al Wataniya Concrete
Al Dar Hotel
Aljaber Electro-Mechanical
Arabian Specialized Materials Companu
Inc Qatar
Qatar Consulting Company
Everbrite Shipping & Logistics Company

Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Mohammed Sultan Aljaber: Chairman of the Group

Mr. Jaber Sultan Aljaber: Administration Director and Board Member
Engr. Salah Sultan Al-Jaber: Al Jaber Group Vice Chairman, Finance & Business
Mr. Zeyad Abu Ajina, Managing Director, Aljaber Trading & Contracting
Osama Hadid, CEO, Al Jaber Engineering



Completed a Civil Engineering Degree in the

United States
He joined his family business in 1980

Al Jaber Tower, 6th Floor

Qatar Museum Street, Salata
P.O. Box: 1120
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44372551
Fax: +974 44373907

Chairman of Al Jaber Group

Chairman of Al Jaber Trading and Contracting
Chairman of Al Jaber Engineering
Sponsor of ACS School Doha




It was established in 2004 under the directive of

H.H. the Emir to transfer the former Consumer
Cooperative Societies in Qatar to a Qatari
public shareholding company
A Meera is 26% owned by the Qatari government,
and 74% owned by shareholders and was listed on
the Qatar Stock Exchange in October, 2009.
Al Meera is a Mass Grocery Retailer (MGR) and is
involved in the retail trading of consumer goods in
the country,
Date established: 2004
The Company provides wholesale and retail
services, ownership and management of consumer
Main business sectors: Retail,
outlets, trading in foodstuff, consumer goods,
Department Stores, Food Items
household items, electrical and electronic
Main business region: Qatar,
equipment, and many othersAt present, Al Meera
operates through over 33 supermarkets and
Chairman: H.E. Abdulla Bin
convenience stores in Qatar and is the largest
Khalid Al Qahtani
retailer in Qatar.
Subsidiaries: 9 Subsidiary
companies, 38 Stores
Al Meera has also expanded its operations to
Oman through the acquisitions of 5 stores in
Alternate Name: MERS
different parts of Oman.
Type: Publicly Traded
To drive the companys future growth, Al Meera
Market: Qatar Exchange
Capitalization: $1 Billion
Holding acquired Qatar Markets Company (Giant
Stores) and Al Oumara Bakery, which provided the
company with five more store outlets.
The companys has also signed agreements with two leading international
brands, France based Casino Group for opening Geant branded supermarkets
in Qatar and UK based WHSmith for books, stationery, magazines & other items
The company had total assets of over QAR 1.795 billion, operating income of
over QAR 382 million, as well as profits of over QAR 195.6 million in 2013.


Al Meera Holding Company: 100% stake in the holding company for holding the
Groups investments and managing its subsidiaries, owning patents, trademarks
and real estate needed to carry out its activities.
Al Meera Central Markets: 100% stake in the subsidiary engaged in the
establishment and management of business enterprises
Al Meera Development Company: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Doha
and engaged in the establishment and management of business enterprises
Qatar Markets Company: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Doha &
engaged in the sale of food stuff, household items and garments.
Al Oumara Bakeries Company: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Doha &
engaged in manufacture and sale of bakery products.

Al Meera Bookstore Company: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Doha &
engaged in the sale of stationery, computer accessories, books and toys.
ALGE Retail Corporation: 51% stake in the subsidiary based in Switzerland &
engaged in development of retail business in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Jordan.
Al Meera Oman: 70% stake in the subsidiary based in Oman & engaged in the
construction and management of shopping centers and related facilities.
Al Meera Markets Oman: 70% stake in the subsidiary based in Oman & engaged
in the establishment and operation of shopping centers and hypermarkets.

Management/ Key Personnel

H.E. Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Qahtani: Minister of Public Health & Chairman of the
Board of Directors
Dr. Saif Said Al Sowaidi: Vice Chairman
Mr. Guy Sauvage: Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Qahtani: Deputy CEO
Teck Boo Chow: Finance Director
Azhar Mushtaq: Business Controls Director
Karim Noui: Commercial Director


Guy Sauvage
Has been involved in leadership roles in several
global firms based in France, Greece, Hong
Kong, Korea and Spain
Masters in Administration Enterprises from IAE &
Sup de Co Business School Montpellier

Al Sherief Tower, Al Meena Street

Old Salata Arewa
P.O. Box: 3371
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 40119111
Fax: +974 40119185

Chief Executive Officer of Al Meera Group

Chief Executive Officer of Al Meera Oman
Former Chief Operating Officer of Itsalat
International Company (i2), UAE
Former Chief Operating Officer of Gifi Group,
Former Consultant at FF Partners Consulting
Senior positions in Carrefour Group, IKEA Group,
Auchan Group & MAXOR supermarkets



Al Rabban group was initially established in 1964 as

a general and civil engineering contractor, Rabban
Contracting and Trading
In 1970, Mr. Khalid M. Al Rabban took over the
Rabban Contracting and Trading Company and
initiated an ambitious growth strategy, which
resulted in the forming of Al Rabban Holding.
The Group is currently involved in the construction,
consumer goods, mineral water, ready mix
concrete, truck hire, real estate and corporate
Al Rabban Holding have also entered into
partnerships with international industry leaders
The controlling shareholder and Chairman is Khalid
bin Mohammed Al Rabban, a prominent local
businessman and community leader.


Date Established: 1964

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Contracting, Real
Estate, Transportation,
Main Business Regions: Qatar
Chairman: Khalid Al Rabban
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 8


Rabban Contracting and Trading: Formed in 1964 as a general and civil

engineering contractor
Al Sarh Real Estate: This includes various property holdings such as Al Rabban
Tower in West Bay
Arabian Falcon Transport: This company has a fleet of trucks offering industrial
transport services
Rabban Services Company: Assistance and sponsorship to foreign businesses.
Rabban Ready Mix: Established in 1977, it produces concrete for the
construction industry
Rayyan Mineral Water: Largest bottler and distributor of mineral water in Qatar,
utilizing pure natural mineral water from its own wells
Rabban Stefanutti Stocks: A partnership between the Rabban group and South
African construction group, Stefanutti Stocks
Al Tayer Stocks: Undertakes interior contracting works


Management/ Key Personnel

Khalid Al Rabban: Chairman

Mohamed Al Rabban: Deputy Chairman
Nasser Khalid Al Rabban: Director
Khalifa Khalid Al Rabban: Director


Khalid Al Rabban
Born in 1942
Has three sons, Nasser, Mohammed and
Completed his elementary and secondary
education in Qatar
Attended an extended English Language Course
in England from 1962-1965
Bachelors Degree in Economics and Political
Sciences from the Arab University of Beirut,
Keen sportsman with interest in walking,
swimming and yachting
Hobbies and interest include fishing, traveling
and reading

2nd Floor, Dasman Centre Building
Al Garrafa
P.O. Box 885
Doha, Qatar
Tel: 44866772
Fax: 44875577

Chairman of Rabban Contracting & Trading

Company since 1970
Chairman of Rabban Readymix Company, which
was established in 1977
Chairman of Rayyan Mineral Water Company,
established in 1985
Attended several international conferences
representing Qatar



Al Siddiqi Holding is a multinational company

established in Qatar by the prominent Al Siddiqi
The Al Siddiqi Group has its beginnings in Souq
Waqif back in 1922
Al Siddiqi Holding currently offers both home
grown Qatari brands and international brands
It has presence in nine countries across the GCC
and MENA region through its numerous original
brand outlets, retail stores, indoor theme parks,
restaurants, and real estate projects.
The company operates six divisions: Al Siddiqi
Retail, Al Siddiqi Hospitality, Al Siddiqi Brands, Al
Siddiqi Entertainment, Al Siddiqi Real Estate, and
Al Siddiqi Industrial.
Though it is privately owned currently by the Al
Siddiqi Family, the company has plans to
become a public company in the future.


Date Established: 1922

Main Business Sectors:
Hospitality, Real Estate, Fashion
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Nasser Al Siddiqi
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 9


Al Siddiqi Brands: Designer retailer focusing on local brands such as Al

Motahajiba, Dary and Al Shal
Al Siddiqi Hospitality: Franchisee holder for restaurant brands such as Wafi
Gourmet, Noodle House, Biella, Maysoun, Burger Fuel, Tike, Lord of the Wings
and Emirgan Stis.
Al Siddiqi Retail: Al Siddiqi Retail operates several well-known international
brands under its name including Migato, JouClub, Roche Noire, Kas, U.S. Polo
Association, Frankie Garage, Redskins and Gelco
Fun Day: Indoor theme park established by the Al Siddiqi Group
Al Siddiqi Real Estate: Specializes in construction, leasing, and management
services of Real Estate
Al Siddiqi Garment Factory: Largest garment factory in the gulf.
Olive Doha: Marketing and Advertising agency
Art Avenue: Contracting company that provides supervision of construction
Al Siddiqi Quatro: Joint venture with Egyptian based Quattro Trading & Services


Management/ Key Personnel

Nasser Al Siddiqi: Managing Director

Faisal Al-Siddiqi: Deputy Managing Director
Mr. Aly Delawar, Board Member



Nasser Al Siddiqi
Started business career with AlMotahajiba,
which sold traditional Abayas and women
accessories acquired from Dubai and Kuwaiti
Was awarded Young Businessman of the Year
by Qatar Chamber of Commerce in 2007

Gate No. 38, Street No. 74

New Industrial Area
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44663361
Fax: +974 44666584

Managing Director of Al Sidddiqi Group

Chief Executive Officer of Al-Motahajiba
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Naira
International Group




Al Sraiya Holding Group is a 100% Qatari national

company, owned and registered in Doha.
Al Sraiya Group was established in 1975 to cater to
the infrastructural development of Qatar by providing
integrated and diversified services to the construction
The Group has diversified itself by forming individual
groups of companies, each operating independently
and specializing in its field of expertise.
The group currently has a wide range of companies
offering services such as engineering consultancy,
civil construction, Readymix, concrete blocks,
interlock tiles, electrical products, landscaping or
water management, hospitality and food processing.
The first company to be established under the Al
Sraiya Holding Group was Al Sraiya Contracting
The group currently employs more than 3000 workers



Date Established: 1975

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Contracting, Real
Estate, Hospitality, Transport,
Main Business Regions: Qatar
Chairman: Sheikh Abdullah Bin
Nasir Bin Abdullah Al-Thani
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 29
Employees: 3000

Al Sraiya Contracting Company: Founded in Qatar in 1975 and is one of the

leading civil works contracting company in the country
Zublin International: Local partner for the German EPC company
Al Sraiya Strabag: Road and Infrastructure construction services
Badar Contracting: Civil engineering, industrial, residential projects.
Circle Qatar Contracting: Exhibition and display services provider
Bin Sraiya Readymix: Concrete supply company, operating five concrete plants
Simsima Cement Products: Concrete block and interlock tile manufacturing
CLIC Qatar: Provides fencing security solutions
Doha Beton: Concrete production and supply
NQI: Thermal insulation products
Millenium Hotel Qatar
Copthorne Hotel Qatar
Kingsgate Hotel
Edarat Hospitality and Lesuire Services: Manpower and consultancy services for
the hospitality industry
Aleph Qatar: Printing, Publishing and Graphic Design company
Hasoob: Provides IT Services
IFP Qatar: Joint venture between IFP Group and Al Sraiya Holdings. Organizes
and arranges international exhibitions
ITRON: Technology services provider for the water industry
Macro Qatar: International consultancy and construction company
NRK Transport: Has a large fleet of transport and heavy earth moving vehicles
Naycom: Advertising and communications agency

Premium Cleaning Services

Premium Rent-A-Car
Quality Resources House: Offers human resources and support services
Simsima Real Estate: Property management, design, construction and leasing
Simsima Electrical: Provides electrical installation works for industrial,
commercial and residential projects
MEAC: Hydro-engineering, water supply and irrigation systems
Gulf and World Traders: Supplies high-tech health care products
Tawrid: Distributor and representative of several brands in the field of concrete
plants and machineries

Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Nasser Rashid Sraiya Al Kaabi, Chairman

Mr. Rashid Nasser Sraiya Al Kaabi, Vice Chairman.
Ahmad Nasser Rashid Sraiya Al Kaabi: Director and Chief Operating Officer
Hani Al Abiad: Group Chief Financial Officer
Antoine Georges Saadeh, Executive Manager, Operations


Mr. Nasser Rashid Sraiya Al Kaabi
Born in 1955
Founded his first company in 1975
President of the Board of Directors of the Sraiya
Group Holding
Was elected a member of the Shura Council in
Member of Al Khaleej Cement Company
Vice president of the Board of Directors of
Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company
Vice president of the Board of Directors of
National Food Company
Member of the Board of Directors of the Islamic
Insurance Company
Member of Qatar Businessmen Association
Member of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahli

Al Sraiya Holding Building

Ibn Sina Street, Al Muntazah
P.O. Box 3082
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44411800
Fax: +974 44442264




Al-Attiyah Group is one of the largest groups in

Qatar and was incorporated in the year of 1974
It had a paid up capital of One Hundred and
Fifty million Qatari Riyals in 1974 and is
continuously growing
The Group has also diversified its activities and
has established other firms to focus on different
The group also employs more than 1,600 highly
qualified staff of various nationalities
Al-Attiya Motors & Trading Company was
established in year 1974 and deals with
Automobile Trading, representing companies
such as Renault, Kia among others.



Date Established: 1974

Main Business Sectors:
Automobiles, Cleaning,
Contracting, Construction, Real
Estate, Legal, IT, Medical
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Abdul Aziz
Mohammad Al Attiya
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: Over 25
Capitalization: Over QR 150
Employees: 1600

Established in year 1974 & deals with
automobile and parts trading from companies
such as Renault Trucks, Kia, Asia Motors,
Firestone/ Bridestone, Woosung Tires, Valvoline
Oil, Facom and so on.
Al-Attiya Computer & Technology: Established in 1997, it provides IT and
network solutions.
Al-Abour Fruit & Vegetables
Alpha Baton Readymix
Al Rayyan Petrol Station: Opened in 1964
Asma Construction Company
Asayel Restaurant
Champions Services & Cleaning: Established in 2004, the company provides
mainly cleaning services.
Cico Consulting Company
Ebin Nafeez Pharmacy
Gulf Centre
Khalid Al-Attiya Legal Consultant & Attorney: Founded in 1995, the firm
provides leagal assistance and support.
Khalid Bin Mohammed Companies: Established in 1995
KBM Agencies
KBM Auction Company
KBM Builders: Established in 2008, KBM builders focus on large scale civil
construction works.
KBM Global Spare Parts


KBM Marine Services

KBM Real Estate: Real Estate Management Company which has about 590 units
under its management.
KBM Trading: Specializing in a wide range of trading activities, as well as other
services including travel and visa processing.
Mujur Minat Qatar
Qatar Dairy Company
Qatar National Plastic Factory: Established in 1978
Rayyan Pharmacy
Satal Contracting Qatar
Tameer Real Estate
Voltage Engineering: Established in 1979

Management/ Key Personnel

Abdul Aziz Mohammad Al Attiya: Chairman

Mohammed H. Maali: General Manager, KIA Motors
Hossam Shadi Marketing & PR Manager



Abdul Aziz Mohammad Al Attiya

Born in June 1959
Bachelors in Business Administration from
Michigan AQUINAS College

Al-Attiya Motors and Trading

Company Building, Al Rayyan Road
P.O. Box: 229
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44039444
Fax: +974 44039499

Chairman of Al-Attiya Group

Chairman of Al Attiya Motors & Trading
Company auditing supervisor at Qatar Monetary
Agency (Central Bank) till 1990



As one of Qatars most prominent family

Alfardan Group over five decades ago.
He now runs the family business along with his
three sons, Ali, Fahad and Omar.
Alfardan Groups portfolio includes the most
coveted brands in the automotive and marine
industries, jewelry, money exchange and
finance, trading, services, real estate, and



Date established: 1954

Main business sectors:Real
Estate, Hospitality, Automotive,
finance, jewellery
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: HussainAlfardan
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: More than 30

Alfardan Jewellery: One of the most renowned

pearl and trading houses in the world. It has
branches covering Qatar and Saudi Arabia
Alfardan Exchange and Finance Company:
Handles foreign currency exchange, issuing
bank drafts & gold trading.
Alfardan Marine Services: Established in 2005
Alfardan Real Estate: Established in 1993. Has multiple properties under their
management including Al Jazi Gardens, Qassar Tower & Al Fardan Tower
Commercial Bank of Qatar: Founded in 1975
Qatar Construction & Development Company (CDC): Established in 1982.
United Development Company (UDC): Established in 1999. Developer of PearlQatar, a man-made island
Qatar Cool: A district cooling company
Qatar Dredging Company: Joint venture with Belgiums Dredging, Environmental
& Marine Engineering NV
Seef Limited: Joint venture with Qatar Petroleum.
Resorts Development Company (RDC): Partner of Starwood Hotels & Resorts
and represents their St. Regis Hotel brand to Qatar.
Alfardan Automotive: Includes Alfardan Automobiles, Prestige Cars Company,
Alfardan Premier Motors, Alfardan Sports Motors Company, and Alfardan
o Alfardan Automobiles: Importer of BMW, MINI, ALPINA, and Rolls-Royce.
o Prestige Cars Company: Luxury car rentals and leasing
o Alfardan Premier Motors: Manages two brands: Land Rover and Jaguar.
o Alfardan Sports Motors Company: Established in 1999, manages
Maserati and Ferrari.
o Alfardan Motorcycles manages the Triumph, Piaggio Group (Vespa),
KTM, BMW, and Ducati brands in Qatar.
Alfardan Trading & Services Company
Ghadah Jewellery Company


Al Manara Trading Company

Alfardan Investment
Fortune Promo Seven
Cable Plus
Alfardan Stores, Doha
Arab Agencies Company
Inma Qatar Company
Qatar Securities Company, Doha
Gulf Assessment and Inspection Company
Alfardan Properties Oman

Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan: Chairman, Alfardan Group

Omar Hussain Alfardan: President, Alfardan Group Holding Company
Ali Alfardan: Chairman, Alfardan Jewellery
Fahad Alfardan: Chairman, Alfardan Marine Services

Mr. Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan

Born in 1933 to a pearl merchant family

He is married and has 3 sons and 3 daughters
Chairman of the Alfardan Group Holding
Chairman of United Development Company
Vice Chairman of Gulf Publishing & Printing
Managing Director of the Commercial Bank of
Member of the Board for Qatar Insurance
Member of the Board for Investcorp, Bahrain
Vice Chairman of Qatari Businessmen
Association (Qatar)

Alfardan Group Holding

Alfardan Tower
P.O Box 9948
Doha Qatar
Tel: +974 44408408
Fax: +974 44208840




The Ali Bin Ali Group is a privately owned

company which was established at around 1945.
The company was established with a vision to
provide quality international products and
services, and today is one of the largest retail
and distribution companies in Qatar.
The group also has long-standing partnerships
with the worlds leading brands across diverse
business interests including Medical, IT, Travel,
Printing, Property, Imaging, Restaurants in
addition to various joint ventures with a range of
global partners.
Ali Bin Ali Group has more than 2500 highly
skilled employees managing and operating 60+
brands ranging from food products, cleaning,
oral care, personal care products and others.



Date established: 1945

Main business sectors:Trading,
Media, Hospitality, Travels,
Logistics, Publishing, Medical
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman:Adel Ali Bin Ali
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: More than 35
Employees: Over 2500

Ali Bin Ali Beverages: Ali Bin Ali Beverages was established in 1961
Contracting & Property Management: Manufacturing fit-out materials
Ali Bin Ali and Partners: Established in 1965, Ali Bin Ali & Partners haspartnered
with more than 60 iconic brands in the consumer goods industry
Prime Consumer Products: Distributes Procter and Gamble products in Qatar
International Agencies: Has three units focusing on consumer products
Ali Bin Ali Logistics: Was established in 2001
Ali Bin Ali Hospitality: Launched in 2004 and manages restaurants
Digitek: Event planning and production house
Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions (ABATS):Provides IT services
iSpot: Launched in April 2008, it is one of the leading Apple Reseller in Qatar
Ali Bin Ali Watches &Jewellery
Ali Bin Ali Luxury & Fashion Division: Retail boutiques of luxury products
Ali Bin Ali Medical: Established in 1998, Ali Bin Ali Medical imports and
distributes medical, surgical, sports, and other health products
Q-Care Medical: Established in 2008 to import medical equipment.
Prime Dental: Established in early 2009 and provides dental lab services
ABA Media and Publishing: Established in 1999
ABA Printing Press: Established in 1945
Ali Bin Ali Travel Bureau: The Travel Division was established in 1969
Ali Bin Ali Travels & Cargo: IATA approved travel agent.
Ali Bin Ali Cargo Services: Provides cargo services
Platinum Sands (Saudi Arabia)
Nestle Qatar Trading
Bay Hotels & Resorts

Qatar Luxury Company

Higgs & Hill Qatar
Al Dana Trading & Contracting
Continental Company (Casa Flora)
Qatar Information & Marketing
Euro RSCG Qatar
EMCOR Facilities Services Qatar
SEG Qatar
PMB Qatar
Platinum Towers

Management/ key personnel

Adel Ali Bin Ali: Chairman and President

Nabeel Ali Bin Ali: Vice Chairman
Pierre Michel Eckert: Group GM Business Development
Nabil Mourad: Chief Operating Officer, FMCG
MohamadAlebrik: Chief Operating Officer, ICT
Awn Zureikat: Chief Operating Officer, Luxury & Fashion
Iftekhar Ahmad: Group Chief Financial Officer

Adel Ali Bin Ali Al Muslimani
Bachelor Degree in Electrical & Electronic
Engineering, California State University,
Awarded title of "Ordre National Du Merite" by
the French Republic
Chairman of Ali Bin Ali Group
Managing Director and Member of the Board in
Doha Insurance Company
Board Member of Qatar Navigation Company
Board Member of Qatar Electricity & Water
Vice Chairman of Qatar Sports Club
Ex - Board Member of Amwal Company
Ex - Honorary Treasurer of Qatar Chamber of
Ex - Board Member of Qatar National Bank

ABA Tower, Airport Road

P.O. Box: 75
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44469777
Fax: +974 44433778




Established on 2003 as National Leasing

It is a Qatari share holding company and the
companys shares are publicly traded on Qatar
The company has a diversified business
portfolio covering Leasing, Equipment and
Transportation, Property development and
Hospitality services.
In 2010, National Leasing Holding adopted its
New Name Alijarah Holding
The company has net assets valued at QAR
1.61 billion, and had a total income of QAR 284
million in 2013.
The company also has 5 major business

Date established: 2003

Main business sectors:
Transportation, Real Estate,
Heavy Equipment
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Sheikh Falah Bin
Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani
Subsidiaries: 5
Alternate Name: NLCS
Type: Publicly Traded
Market: Qatar Exchange
Capitalization: $428.5 Million


Alijarah Leasing Company: The Company provides flexible leasing options for
customers to finance their acquisitions across a wide range of businesses:
automobiles, equipment, merchandize, real estate and technology development.
Alijarah Property: Was established in 2008, and is a 100% subsidiary of Alijarah
Holding Company. The company owns numerous plots in the Lusail area.
Alijarah Equipment: Alijarah Equipment Company is a 100% fully owned
subsidiary of Alijarah Holding, established in the year 2007 & is currently
engaged in the business of raw sand transportation on a 5 year sandtransportation agreement with Qatar National Cement Company.
Alijarah Limousine Company: A 100% subsidiary of Alijarah Holding Company&
is engaged in hospitality Industry providing transportation for individuals,
corporate houses and the government.
Al Nasr School for Driving


Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Falah Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani: Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Salim Bin Butti Al-Nuaimi: Deputy Chairman
Sheikh Dr. Khalid Bin Thani Bin Abdallah Al-Thani: Board Member
Mr.Nasser Al-Marzouqi: Director Administration
Mr.Ahamed Hedaya: Director Leasing
Mr.Hosam: Director of Equipments
Mr.Suresh Ramakrishna: Director Finance


H.E. Sheikh Falah Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani

Graduated with a degree in finance from the
United States of America
H.E. Sheikh Falah Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al
Thani is a member of the Ruling Family of the
State of Qatar.
Chairman of Board of directors of Al Ijarah
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Doha
Board member of Doha Bank
Board Seat Holder of the Al Ahli Bank
Key Shareholder of Grand Hyatt Hotel Doha
Key Shareholder of Doha Bank
Key Shareholder of Al Ahli Bank
Key Shareholder of Masraf Al Rayan

Alijarah Holding Building

D Ring Road
Al Hilal Area
P.O. Box 24141
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44100400
Fax: +974 44444132

Former Minister of Labor, Housing, and Social

Affairs from 1996 to 2006



Almana Group is one of Qatars oldest and

Company Snapshot
largest business entities encompassing several
divisions across a spectrum of industries and a
portfolio that includes several internationally
acclaimed brands.
The group was founded in 1960 as a trading
Date established: 1960
Main business sectors:
Almana Group has about 18 subsidiaries with
Automotive, heavy equipment,
diversified activities
oil and gas, trading
The group also has more than 22 affiliated
Main business region: Qatar
companies and partnerships
Chairman:Omar Hamad Al Mana
One of the main activities for Almana Group is in
Type: Privately Owned
the Oil & Gas sector and it represents many
Subsidiaries: More than 40
completion of huge infrastructure projects such
as QAFCO Plant, Ras Abu Fontas Power Station,
and QatarGas & RasGas LNG Trains and so on.
Almanas Real Estate division manages almost eight projects in different parts
of Qatar, with another five under construction.


Almana Trading Company: Has three main divisions: Air Conditioning &
Maintenance Division, Oil & Gas Division and Almana Real Estate Division.
Insulation Engineering Company (INECO): Founded in 1975. Provides Industrial
Insulation, Painting and Blasting, Fireproofing and Scaffolding activities.
Almana Motors Company: Established in 1965. Sole distributor for the French
motor car, Peugeot and the American brands of Ford and Lincoln.
Almana Rent-A-Car (Hertz): Hertz Qatar
Almana Used Cars
United Cars Almana: United Cars Almana (UCA) was established in 1990 and is
the authorized dealer for Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles.
Manco International for General Contracting: Manco was established in 1970
and is a major class 'A' contracting company
Almana Maples: Provides furnishings and Interior Decoration
Almana Computer Services: Founded in 1983, Almana Computer Services is an
Information Technology solutions provider in Qatar.
Almana Steel Structures: Almana Steel Structures was founded in 1973 and is
specialized in steel fabrication for the Oil and Gas Industry
Almana Exchange: Licensed to provide money exchange services
Skyline Travels: Established in 1973, Skyline Travel, an IATA accredited travel
Management Company
Almana Soft (ASoft): ASoft was formerly the software department for Almana
Computer Services, which was later established as a separate company.

Qatar Galvanizing Company: Joint venture between Almana Group and All
Metals Galvanizing Company (Dubai, UAE)
Coca Cola Almana: Distributor for Coca Cola in Qatar
ATMOC: Supplier for mechanical equipment such as Pipes/Tubes, fittings,
valves and Gaskets to the oil and gas industries
Qatar Gratings & Road Barriers: Joint venture between the Qatar based Almana
Group and German company LichtgitterGesellschaftmbH
Chiyoda Almana Engineering: Joint venture between Japans Chiyoda Group
and Almana. It is one of the biggest local engineering companies in Qatar
Qatar Securities Company
Gulf Business Machines, Bahrain
Gulf Publishing and Printing Company
Almana Food and Beverages Company, Turkey

Management/ Key personnel

Omar Hamad Al-Mana: Chairman of the Board

Saud Omar Almana: Vice Chairman and CEO
Tariq Omar H. A. Almana: Group Finance Director
Bader Omar H. A. Almana: Managing Director of Automobiles
DebdutDatta: Group Chief Internal Auditor


Omar Hamad Almana

Born: November 1938
Education: Graduated from Qatar
Preliminary Schools
and Business Administration from U.K.

Almana Tower, Airport Road

P.O. Box 491, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44489900
Fax: +974 44622420

Mr. Omar Hamad Almana established the

Almana Group business in 1961 in Qatar
Mr. Almana helped in starting American
School in Qatar in the 1980s, since that
time he is a Board of Trustee of American
Board Member of many local companies


Almuftah Group started its operations in 1963 by

Abdulrehman Muftah Almuftah.
From its humble beginnings as a dealer of tires in
the 1960s, Almuftah Group has evolved to become
one of Qatar's most esteemed business groups
At present, Almuftah Group employs around 2,000
people of different nationalities and backgrounds.
Almuftah Group owns a range of businesses in a
number of sectors, including construction,
automotive, industrial machineries, home and
office electronics, furnishings, cable and satellite
TV, education, restaurants and catering, graphic
design and publicity, travel and personal products.
The company also began its first overseas
business venture in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
in 2005, and plans are in place to further expand
its presence around the Middle East.
The group has almost 33 different subsidiary
companies, representing brands such as Toyota,
Sharp, Black & Decker, Ebel, OSN, Al Jazeera
Sport, Pizza Hut, Fuddruckers, Kohu and so on.


Date established: 1963

Main business sectors:
Automotive, heavy equipment,
oil and gas, trading, furniture,
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Abdulrehman Muftah
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 33
Employees: More than 2000


Almuftah Contracting Company (Civil): Established in 1977, it is one of the

biggest civil engineering and construction firms in Qatar.
Almuftah Contracting Company (Oil and Gas): Founded in 1977 and provides
solutions for the oil & gas sector.
Almuftah Fiberglass Products: Founded in 1977
Almuftah Polymers: Almuftah Group established Almuftah Polymers in 1999
Almuftah Interiors: Founded in 2001.
Almuftah Specialties: Provides premium-quality building materials
Almuftah Elevators and Escalators: Almuftah Group founded its Elevators and
Escalators Division in 2005
Almuftah Projects and Industrial Services: Established in 1986.
Almuftah Automatic Doors: Partnership with DITEC S.P.A. of Italy.
Almuftah Technical and Service
Almuftah Power Technology
Almuftah Trading (Tires and Lubricants)
Al Tadamon Motors And Trading Company: Sub-dealer of Toyota and Lexus
Almuftah Rent A Car: Almuftah Rent a Car began its operations in 1971.
Muftah Almuftah General Trading (Overseas): International division of Almuftah
group in Dubai, UAE

Almuftah Jewellery: Founded in 1984

Almuftah Marketing (Perfumes and Cosmetics)
Almuftah School Supplies
Almuftah Trading (Electronics and Appliances)
Almuftah Carpentry: Almuftah Carpentry was established in 1975
Almuftah Furniture and Decoration
Amson Furniture and Decoration
Wood And Metal: A design & Installation company.
Almuftah Cable Vision
Almuftah Audio Visual: Distributor of SHARP products in Qatar
Sterling Catering Services: Restaurant operator
Almuftah Travel and Tours
English Modern School
Fun First Nursery
Anytime Fitness: US-based health club chain in Qatar in 2012
Design and Concept: Graphic design and publicity firms.

Management/ Key Personnel

Abdulrehman Muftah Almuftah: Chairman

Ibrahim Almuftah: Managing Director
Ismail Ansari: Technical Director


Abdulrehman Muftah Almuftah

Established Al Muftah group in 1963
Founder and Chairman of Al Muftah
Group of Companies
Member of advisory council
Chairman of the Board of English Modern
Chairman of Amson Furniture and

Almuftah Centre, Al Sadd Street

P.O. Box 875
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44446868
Fax: +974 44441415




Bin Omran Group is a diversified group of

companies involved in Turnkey Communication
Projects & Supplies, Oil & Gas Sectors, Chemical,
Power and Manufacturing Sectors amongst others.
Bin Omran Group was founded in 1994 and is
based in Doha, Qatar.
It was established under the guidance of H.E. Dr.
Hamad Abdulaziz Al Kawari
The largest of the groups companies is Bin Omran
Trading and Contracting Company
Bin Omran trading and contracting is a grade "A"
Qatari contracting company specializing in Project
Management, Construction and execution, and
Design-Build for road works and infrastructure
Bin Omran group has also been involved in
telecommunications through its subsidiary, Bin
Omran Trading & Telecommunications, a highly
reputed Communication Company


Date Established: 1994

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Contracting,
Main Business Regions: Qatar
Chairman: H.E. Dr. Hamad
Abdulaziz Al Kawari
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 6


Bin Omran Trading & Contracting: A contracting company specialized in project

management, construction, execution, and design-build for road works and
infrastructure projects. One of the largest construction companies based in
Qatar, and is a Grade A contractor.
Bin Omran Trading & Telecommunications: Trading and Project Management for
various communication systems
Transtel Engineering Qatar: Trading of telecommunication systems and provider
of telecommunication solutions
Mawad Trading & Services: Trading of flooring products
Bin Omran Road Safety: Provides road safety consulting, radar equipment and
so on.
Al Jazeera Asphalt: Al Jazeera Asphalt Plant produces Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete
for pavements up to airfield quality


Management/ Key Personnel

Dr. Hamad Abdul Aziz Al-Kuwari, Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Issa Abu Issa, Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Hussam Abu Issa, Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Omran Hamad A Al-Kuwari, Managing Director, Bin Omran Trading &
Mr. Dori Labaki, General Manager, Bin Omran Trading & Contracting


H.E. Dr. Hamad Bin Abdul Aziz Al Kawari

Ph.D. in Political Science in 1990
Diploma in Higher Studies, Sorbonne in 1980
Diploma in Oriental Studies, Jesuit University,
Lebanon in 1977
Graduated in Arabic and Islamic studies, Cairo
University in 1970
Decorated with Honour by Syria, France, Italy,
Spain and Jordan
Author of books such as Battles & Settlements
& the Deficient Knowledge
Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Qatar
from July 2008
Chairman of Bin Omran Group
Former Minister of Information and Culture in
Qatar till 1997
Former Ambassador to the USA, and NonResident Ambassador to Mexico and Venezuela
till 1992
Former Permanent Representative to the United
Nations and Non-Resident Ambassador to
Argentina, Canada and Brazil till 1990
Former Ambassador to France and NonResident Ambassador to Italy, Greece, Spain,
Switzerland till 1984
Former Ambassador to Syria till 1979

Near Qatar Decoration Roundabout,
Salwa Road
P.O. Box 5006
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44505606
Fax: +974 44504501



Darwish Holding was founded in the 1920s by

Abdulla Al Darwish
Darwish Holding has diversified business interests
across a spectrum of industries including
consumer distribution, investment, retail, real
estate, business services, and technology.
The group has about 800 employees from 25
nationalities and represents over 100 major
Darwish Holding introduced the largest multibrand luxury store in the Middle East, Fifty One
East in 2011, which spans over 13,500 sq m of
It also developed and operates the $348m luxury
Lagoona Mall.


Date Established: 1920s

Main Business Sectors: Retail,
Hospitality, Trading, Real Estate,
Investments, PR, Logistics
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Bader Al Darwish
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 15
Employees: Over 800


51 East: Dohas leading department store representing brands such as Lanvin,

Chanel, Givenchy, Fendi, Lancme Rolex, Pandora, Parker, Sony and Yamaha
Darwish Retail: Darwish Retail handles several brand boutiques such as Bang &
Olufsen, Bose, Clarks, iSpace, Mephisto, Point Zero, and Pandora.
Darwish Technology Solutions: Darwish Technology Solutions was founded in
2005 and represents brands such as Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Yamaha,
Bosch, TLS communication and many more
Darwish Luxury: This division offers luxurious goods from acclaimed brands and
fashion houses through its three divisions: Cosmetics & Fragrances, Fashion,
and Watches & Jewellery
Darwish Consumer and Distribution: This division represents skincare and
dermatology brands like Garnier, Kerastase, Vichy, La Roche-Posay, LOreal
Paris, as well as consumer personal care brands like Fresh and Soft, Yardley
and so on
Darwish Estate: Will focus on real estate developments, including the upcoming
Darwish Tower
Darwish Malls: Represents Lagoona Mall located in the West Bay area
Darwish Investments: This division focuses on investments and has a stock and
bond portfolio worth over US$ 200 million.
Darwish Corporate: Darwish Corporate provides essential internal services like
finance, information technology, human resources, supply chain management,
legal and administrative services as well as marketing and PR activities
IPSOS: A global market research company, in joint venture with Darwish
Y&R: Advertising agency, in joint venture with Darwish Holdings

KGLQ: A joint venture with KGLL, a leading Kuwaiti service provider handling
logistics and distribution in Qatar
Menacom: An integrated communications agency
ASDAA Burson-Marsteller: PR Firm, in joint venture with Darwish Holdings
Bayanat: Air traffic and sea traffic control systems, a joint venture with Darwish

Management/ Key Personnel

Bader Al Darwish: Chairman

Saoud Abdullah Al Darwish: Vice-Chairman
Hamdi Dessouki: Assistant General Manager


Bader Al Darwish
Graduated from the U.K. with a major in
Business Administration
Postgraduate private courses in Finance and
Marketing in the UK
Further advanced studies in Commercial
Arbitration at "IVY" institutions in Egypt
Chairman of Darwish Holdings
Member on the Board and the Executive
Committee of Qatar National Bank
Former Chairman of the Committee of the
International Fund for the Higher Education in
Former Board Member of the Supreme
Education Council
Member of the Qatari-Japanese Friendship
Former Chair of the Italian-Qatar Joint Business
Former Joint Executive Director of the QatarBritish Association of Businessmen

Al Maha Center,
Salwa Street, Floor: 1-2
P.O. Box 615,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44257777
Fax: + 974 44314700




Al Neama Holding Company is a pioneering

General Trading Company coordinating major
national projects in association with leading
international companies.
The company was established in Doha, Qatar and
has more than 30 years of business experience
Al Neama Holding is involved in Oil & Gas, Trade,
Industry & Services proudly representing 95
worldwide companies as the sole agent in Qatar.
It also has operations in the business fields, such
as real estate development, manufacturing,
construction, engineering, telecommunications,
transportation, shipping, and petrochemicals
The number of personnel employed by the
company, both directly and indirectly, exceeds


Date Established: 1984

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Contracting, Real
Estate, Trading, Logistics,
Electronics, Landscaping
Main Business Regions: Qatar
Chairman: Ebrahim Al Neama
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: More than 40
Employees: Over 1600


Supreme Supply and Services: Joint venture of Al Neama Group and is a service
provider to Oil and Gas, Offshore and Marine industry
Brunel Energy - Qatar: Joint venture which specializes in HR solutions.
Doosan Babcock - Qatar: Provides construction services for industrial sector
Alcatel - Qatar: Provides IT and enterprise solutions and equipment.
Al Neama Fashion: Represents brands such as Adress Fashion, Burberry, Carini
Fashion, Evita Peroni, Jack & Jones, Sana Fashion and Vero Moda.
International Trading for Supplies and Services
Jashanmal Group: Local partner for this UAE based retail chain
Jotun Paints - Qatar: Al Neama Group is its local partner in Doha
Al Rawabi Dairy - Qatar: Local partner for its products in Qatar
General Catering & Contracting Company
Hydrip - Qatar: Irrigation services provider
Al Failaq Trading Company: Voice and Data Communications solutions
Johnson Controls Security Services - Qatar: Provides Security Solutions
Al Neama Real Estate: Manages properties including Al Reem Compound, Al
Shaheen Compound and Palm Tower Offices
Hepworth Qatar: Manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipes & fittings
Laminar Air Conditioning Company: HVAC equipment and accessories supplier
Gulf Chlorine Manufacturing Plant: Joint venture with Oman Chlorine
BDP International: Logistics provider. Al Naema represents them in Qatar.
Switch-Gear Factory Qatar: Joint venture with Schneider Electric
Johnson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Al Mabani Contracting & Development
Gannon Dunkerley Gulf Contracting

Falcon Logistics Qatar

Intergroup Shipping & Logistics
Babylon Translation
Ortner Consulting
Primedia Qatar
Bemco Contracting
Cracknell Landscaping
Danube Buildmart
Duktus Pipe Systems
Dutco Balfour Beatty

Haz Marble Qatar

Hofmann Stone
IMCC Management & Consulting
Mobile Baustoffe
Troy Engineering
York Air Conditioning
Zenith Trading & Supply

Management/ Key Personnel

Ebrahim Al Neama: Chairman

Mr. Mohamad Al Neama: Board Member
Sireen G. Hannun: Business Development Manager
Walid A. Kibrit: HR Manager
Mohammed Baher Al Bakri: Accounting Manager


Ebrahim Al Neama
Born in 1953
Law Graduate from Arab University of Beirut
He is married with three daughters and a son.
Started his career as a diplomat with Qatars
Foreign Ministry

C-Ring Road, Al Hilal Area

P.O. Box 15649
Doha Qatar
Tel: +974 44666205
Fax: +974 44666205

Chairman of Ebrahim Al Neama & Sons Holding

Managing Director Position in many of his
group companies
A member of the Qatari Businessmen
Former Ambassador of Qatar to the UAE until




Ezdan Holding Group Company is a Qatari public

shareholding company registered in the State of
Qatar and focusing on diversified real estate
It is one of the oldest real estate companies in
the region, having been established by HE Sheikh
Thani Bin Abdullah Al Thani in the 1960s.
The company was previously called Ezdan Real
Estate Company, before being changed to Ezdan
Date established: 1960
Main business sectors: Real
It has 28 subsidiaries operating across Qatar and
Estate, Trading, Publishing,
was publicly listed in Qatar Exchange on 18
Banking, Facility Management
February 2008.
Main business region: Qatar
The principal activities of the Company include
Chairman: Sheikh Dr Khalid bin
acquiring and sale of property and land, general
Thani bin Abdullah Al-Thani
contracting, trading in building materials and
Subsidiaries: 28
equipment, providing real estate consulting
Alternate Name: ERES
services, managing real estate property, and
Type: Publicly Traded
providing property maintenance works.
Market: Qatar Exchange
The Parent of Ezdan Holding Group is Al-Tadawul
Capitalization: $12 Billion
Holdings, which owns about 54 % of the share
capital of the Company
The company has a market capitalization of over $12 billion, as of March 2014.


Ezdan Trading and Contracting Company

Ezdan Hotels & Suites
Ezdan Mall Company
Ezdan Facility Management Company
Ezdan Partnership Company
Itkan Trading Company
Alrobe Alkhale Trading Company
Al Iklim Real Estate Company
Almnara Medical Equipment Company
Al Taybeen Trading Company
Al Kara Trading Company
Ethmar Construction and Trading Company
Al Namaa Maintenance Services Company
Shatee Alneel Company
Arkan Import and Export Company
Tarek Al Haq Trading Company
Manazel Trading Company
Een Jaloot Trading Company

Tareek Alkher Trading Company

Alkora Alzahbya Company
Medicare Group: 24.52% stake in the medical services provider
Qatar International Islamic Bank: 22.65% stake in the Islamic bank
Qatar Islamic Insurance Company: Ezdan group has a 22.97% stake
Dar Al-Sharq for Printing, Publishing, and Distribution: Ezdan group has a 30%
stake in the company, which publishes the Al Sharq and Peninsula newspapers
Dar Al-Arab: 49% stake in the publisher of Al Arab newspaper
White Square Real Estate: Ezdan group has a 32.50% stake
Al-Abdulwahab for Real Estate Development: Ezdan group has a 32.50% stake.
Islamic Holding Company: Ezdan has a 20% stake in the company, which
invests in shares and bonds and provides brokerage services.

Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani bin Abdullah al-Thani: Chairman

Ali Al-Obaidli: CEO
Nasser al-Abdullah: Deputy CEO

Sheikh Dr. Khalid Bin Thani Bin Abdulla Al-Thani
Age: August 1964
Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in
Industrial Management and Technology from
Central Michigan University, USA
PHD Degree, with thesis on succession in family
owned businesses in Qatar
Chairman of Ezdan Holding Group
Chairman & Managing Director of Qatar
International Islamic Bank (QIIB)
Vice Chairman of Al-Tadawul Holding Group
Board Director & Chief Coordinator of Qatar
Islamic Insurance Company
Vice Chairman of Medicare Group
Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Dar AlSharq and Dar Al-Arab Publishing Company
Vice Chairman of RAF Charity
Deputy to the Chairman of Qatar Businessmen

Ezdan Towers
Ground and 1st Floor
West Bay Area,
P.O. Box 3222
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44332333
Fax: +974 44112972



is Qatar's one of the leading
business establishments and a conglomeration of
multi faceted business firms
Fahed Group has diversified businesses ranging
from Projects & Contracting, Engineering Services,
Construction, MEP Services, Project Consultancy
services, Star Hotels, Real Estate, Trading of
Agricultural products &equipments, Trading of MAN
Trucks, Rosen Bauer Fire engines, Food items and
many more.
Fahed Group of Companies was established
by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Fahed Bin Mohamed Al
The group has over 10 subsidiaries and represents
many international brands in the Qatari market.



Date Established: 1980s

Main Business Sectors:
Contracting, Real Estate,
Hospitality, Trading,
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: H.E. Sheikh Mohamed
Bin Fahed Al Thani
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 10 Subsidiaries

Fahed Trading & Contracting: Flagship Company of Fahed Group. Involved in

general trading and represents a wide range of products in Qatar.
Fahad Projects: Established in the year 2004, it is a major supplier and
distributor of an extensive range of Pumps, Catering, Furniture, Fiber Cables,
Communications, Bridge Manufacturing Equipment, Fire Detection, Fire
Suppression, Security and Flow control systems.
Intercontinental Hotel & Resorts, Doha Qatar: Intercontinental Hotel Doha is
one of the subsidiaries of Fahed Group
Fahed Real Estate: Focuses on the rapidly growing real estate market of state of
Qatar International Automobiles: Supplier of MAN Trucks in Qatar
Fahed Foods: Established in 1998 as a subsidiary of FAHED Group, the
subsidiary is involved in the specialty food supplies market and currently has an
annual turnover of QAR 50 Million
Combined Group Contacting Company: Combined Group Contracting Company
(CGC) was established in 1965 in Kuwait, and is a subsidiary of Fahed Group
Tag Engineering Services: Provides solutions for project management and the
construction business in Qatar.
Taylor Woodrow Int'l: Fahed group represents the UK based consultancy &
construction company in Qatar
Etimaad Qatar: EPC & Project management company, focusing on projects in
the projects in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Petrochemical,
Cement, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Allied Industry and Fertilizer
MBF Trading


Management/ Key Personnel

H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Fahed Bin Mohamed Al Thani: Chairman of the Group
Sheikh Fahed Bin Mohammad al-Thani: Vice-Chairman of the Board and
Managing Director
Dr. Muhsen Rislaan: Director


H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Fahed Bin Mohamed Al

Prominent member of the ruling family in Qatar,
with a title of Minister of State
Graduated from Sandhurst Royal Military
Academy in 1977

P.O. Box: 8877
Doha, State of Qatar
Tel: +974 4469 2121
Fax: +974 4469 2244

Held several prominent positions in the Qatari

Former Chief of Amiri Protocol for the State of
Former Chief of military police
Former Chairman of the Qatar Olympic
Chairman of the Doha Film Institute Festival
Vice Chairman of the Doha Film Institute Board of




Ghanim Bin Saad Al-Saad & Sons Group Holdings

was founded in Qatar in 1993
It was initially known as Jersey Group, but was
incorporated as GSSG Holdings in 2007
It is owned by business leader, Ghanim bin Saad
al Saad, and is one of Qatars most diversified
private holding companies
The group has a diverse portfolio of over 45
companies in Qatar and around the world
The group has interests in many diverse industries
including aviation, maritime, automobiles, oil &
gas, real estate, manufacturing, contracting and
trading, finance & asset management,
engineering, education, fitness, hotels, hospitality
and fashion, information technology and
In addition to its corporate headquarters in Doha,
GSSG also has five international offices located in
London, Zurich, Cairo, Singapore and Dubai.


Date Established: 1993

Main Business Sectors: Aviation,
Maritime, Automobiles,
Hospitality, Real Estate
Main Business Region: Qatar,
UK, Egypt, UAE, Singapore,
Chairman: Ghanim Bin Saad Al
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 45


Rizon Jet: Founded in 2006, with bases in Qatar, UAE and UK & provides
business aviation services
Qatar AG: Automotive parts manufacturing
Auto Z: Provides automotive services in Qatar
Naira International Group: Franchisee for international consumer brands in Qatar
Shadow: Women wear brand
Jezequel: Fashior wear
Appleaday: Health foods restaurant
Sushi Minto: Asian Cuisine restaurant
Shiraz Garden: Iranian Cuisine Restaurant
Little Marcel: Clothing & accessories
PDC Tamween: Catering Company
Taallum Group: Manages Al Jazeera and Al Maha educational academies
Al Jazeera Academy: International school based in Qatar
Al Maha School: British Curriculum school
Jersey Group: Represents leading multinational brands
Jersey Engineering & Trading: Manufacturer representatives of HVAC Equipment
Qatar Insulation Company: Insulation products
Jersey Industrial Division: Power & Utility supplies
Khalid Manufacturing Company: Air Distribution Products
Jersey Glass: Processed Glass Solutions
MECHEL Engineering: MEP Contractor

FireLink: Fire Fighting equipment suppliers in Qatar

Jersey Architectural Solutions: Provides architectural & Facade Solutions
Metrica Interior: Interior Designing & Fit outs
Jersey Medical Systems: Medical and Clinical Laboratory Equipment Supplier
Acciona MENA: Provides facility services
Euro-Qatar Construction & Development Company
General Sports: Sports and fitness equipment supply
I-Fitness, Al Massa Gym & Energie Gym
Media Group International: Provides technical solutions for media industries
Sirti MENA: Partnership with Sirti, Italy to provide network infrastructure solutions
Mourjan Marinas: Marina developer for luxury yachts

Management/ Key Personnel

Ghanim Bin Saad Al Saad: Chairman

Mohammed Hassan Hammadi: Vice Chairman
Ibrahim Yusef Fakhroo: Chief Executive Officer

Ghanim Bin Saad Al Saad
Born: August 1964
PhD from Greenwich University, London
Masters degree in Business Administration from
Kent University, United Kingdom
Bachelors in Social Sciences from Qatar University

GSSG Building, Salwa Road

P.O. Box 4219
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44995000
Fax: +974 44995001

Chairman of Jersey Group

Chairman of Ghanim Bin Saad Al Saad & Sons
Holdings Group
Chairman of Qatar Ag
Former Chairman of Barwa Reak Estate
Former Managing Director of Qatari Diar Real Estate
Investment Company
Former Chairman of the Board: Al-Imtiaz
Investment Company, Kuwait



Gulf Warehousing Company was established in

It was listed as a public shareholding company in
2004, and its shares are traded on the Qatar
Stock Exchange
GWC is the largest logistics and supply chain
service provider in Qatar offering warehousing,
freight forwarding, transportation, international
moving, records management, sport logistics,
asset management and supply chain consulting
Date established: 2003
solutions to various industries in Qatar.
Main business sectors: Logistics,
The company also offers services in
Transportation, Freight, Asset
transportation, freight forwarding, Hazardous
Material Clearance, Customs clearance, event
Main business region: Qatar,
management as well as packing and relocation
Middle East
Chairman: Sheikh Fahad bin
The company has a storage capacity of over
Hamad bin Jassem Al-Thani
20,000 square meters bulk storage and 60,000
Subsidiaries: 7
square meters open yard storage in its
Alternate Name: GWCS
warehouse, as well as over 400 trucks and 700
Type: Publicly Traded
Market: Qatar Exchange
The company has over 1100 employees
Capitalization: $704 Million
The company has warehouses in locations
Employees: 1,100
including Ras Laffan, Mesaieed, Doha Industrial
Area as well as the Doha Port Area.
The company has also established a large-scale warehousing complex,
Logistics Village Qatar (LVQ), covering 1 million sq. m near Qatars Industrial
As of December 2013, the company had a net profit of QR 98.55 million, as well
as total assets of QAR 1.879 billion


Agility: 100% stake in the Logistics and transportation company based in Qatar
GWC Food Services (Formerly GWC Projects): 100% stake in the company
involved in the trading of food stuffs
GWC Chemicals: 100% stake in the subsidiary involved in chemical trading and
GWC Global Transport: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in UAE and involved
in warehousing and transportation
Imdad Sourcing & Logistic Group: 51% stake in the subsidiary involved in the
trading in food stuff and other consumables


GWC Saudi Arabia: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Riyadh, Dammam &
Jeddah in Suadi Arabia and involved in the preparation, development and
management of warehouses
Gulf Warehousing Company Limited: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in the
Republic of Nigeria, which provides warehousing and transportation solutions

Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Fahad bin Hamad bin Jassem Al-Thani: Chairman

Mr. Ahmed Mubarak Al-Ali Al Mahdid: Vice Chairman
Ranjeev Menon: Group Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Abdulaziz Zeid Al Taleb: Managing Director
Mr. Rajeswar Govindan: Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Nader Hakim: Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Shebl Salim El Khayatt: Chief Projects Officer



Ranjeev Menon
One of the most influential figures in the
Logistics industry
He has over 25 years of experience in the
Was instrumental in developing the Logistics
Village Qatar to support logistics needs in
Qatar and the Middle East

Gulf Warehousing Company Building

D Ring Road
Doha Industrial Area
P.O. Box 24434
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44023555
Fax: +974 44425319

Masters Degree in Supply Chain Management

Group CEO of Gulf Warehousing
Former CEO of Gulf Warehousing, before being
made Group CEO




The HBK Group of Companies started with the

establishment of HBK Contracting Company in
1970 to undertake civil construction projects in the
State of Qatar
Over the years, the Group has executed many of
the prestigious projects in Qatar, for various Public
and Private Clients such as Ashghal, Ministry of
Interior, Kahramaa, Qatar Petroleum, HMC, QAFCO,
Jazeera Satellite Channel, and so on.
The Group has a well organized work force of over
7000 men and owns a large fleet of Construction
Plant, Machinery and Vehicles
HBK Group is widely experienced in the
Residential buildings, Infrastructure & Utility works,
Electro-mechanical works, Aluminum glazing
works, Readymix Concrete, Drilling and blasting
works, Industrial Coating & Insulation works.
The company has about 10 divisions, which focus
on different areas including construction and real


Date Established: 1970

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Engineering,
Manufacturing, Utility, Real
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad
Al Thani
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 10
Employees: Over 7000


HBK Contracting Company: The company is a Grade A contractor and

provides construction and contracting services
HBK Trading Company: Suppliers of Industrial Hardware and Consumables, as
well as agents for HILTI
HBK Engineering Services: Electro-Mechanical Contractors and Traders
HBK Remix: Concrete ready mix company
Aluminum Technology Auxiliary Industries (ALUTEC): Specialized in fabrication,
supply and fixing of high quality aluminum products
HBK Oil and Gas Services: Industrial Protective Coatings basically for
Petrochemical Industries on Offshore / Onshore installations
Union Precast
HBK Power Cleaning
HBK Engineering Hydro-Mechanical Division
HBK Real Estate


Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad K. Al Thani: President

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Al Thani: Board Member & Partner
Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Thani: Board Member & Partner
Sheikh Jabor Bin Hamad Al Thani: Board Member & Partner
Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Hamad Al Thani: Board Member & Partner
Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani: Board Member & Partner
R. Vedhachalam: Chief Technical Officer



Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad K. Al Thani

Responsible for the expansion of the group by
converting HBK to a holding company
Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad Al Thani is also known for
his philanthropic contributions, a tradition which
was started by his father Sheikh Hamad bin
Khalid Al Thani

HBK Holding HBK Building, Grand

Hamad Avenue,
P.O. Box 1362,
Doha - Qatar
Tel: +974 44451111
Fax: +974 44451000

Chairman and Managing Director of HBK

President of HBK Contracting



Jaidah Group is a Qatari family business set up

in 1898 by Ibrahim Youssef Jaidah and his
It began as a trading company importing food
from countries such as Iran and India.
While the company still trades in goods
including vehicles and furniture, it has
expanded into an umbrella organization that
Date established: 1898
spans five sectors.
Main business sectors:
Jaidah Group is currently active in the
Automotive, heavy equipment,
automotive, heavy equipment, industrial supply,
industrial supplies and home
energy and home furnishings sectors.
Its first subsidiary, Jaidah Motors & Trading
Main business region: Qatar
Company was set up more than 50 years ago.
Chairman: Jassim Jaidah
The company is a family owned private
Type: Privately Owned
business, and has indicated that it has no
Subsidiaries: 9
plans of going public at present.
Employees: Over 700
The group employs 700 people across its
subsidiaries and divisions.
Jassim Jaidah is the groups chairman, Mohammed Jassim Jaidah is the chief
development officer (CDO) and Bengt Schultz is the chief operating officer.
Jaidah group also has partnerships with over 100 international companies such
as Chevrolet, General Motors, Osram, Xerox, Fujitsu, Scheider Electric, Shell
Lubricants, BIF Korea, and so on


Jaidah Automotive: Jaidah Automotive has a long-standing partnership with

American vehicle manufacturer, General Motors, and is the sole supplier of
Chevrolet vehicles in Qatar.
Jaidah Heavy Equipment: Jaidah heavy equipment has been around for over 30
years and provides products, parts and service solutions for transportation,
construction machinery and material handling equipment from suppliers
including Izuzu, Palfinger, UD Trucks, Elba, Komatsu and so on.
Jaidah Industrial Supply: Jaidah Group, for the past 17 years, have also been
involved in industrial supply, with a comprehensive list of products, including
light bulbs, LED systems, wiring accessories, circuit breakers and controls,
armored cables and cable management systems from suppliers such as Osram,
Xerox, Fujitsu, Scheider Electric and so on.
Jaidah Energy: This division offers extensive services in upstream and
downstream activities, operating in the fields of safety, instrumentation,
chemicals, drilling, cement, mechanical components, and associated products.


Jaidah Furniture: Jaidah Interiors has been in Qatars contract and domestic
furniture sectors for over 30 years & provides services including consultancy,
sales and installation, interior design, contracting/ fit out and space planning.
Jaidah Investment & Real Estate Development Company: Jaidah group set up
this real estate subsidiary in 2006 to manage the groups investments and
develop its real estate portfolio. At present, they have several projects, the
largest of which is the $133m Jaidah Square office development on Airport road
in Doha.
Jaidah Electrical
Jaidah Safety & Tools
Jaidah Lubricants

Management/ Key Personnel

Jassim M. Jaidah: Chairman

Nawaf Jassim Al Jaidah: Executive Vice Chairman, Managing Director
Mohammed Jassim Jaidah: Chief Development Officer (CDO)
Bengt Schultz: Chief Operating Officer



Jassim Jaidah
Born in 1938
Won numerous awards for his business
enterprise skills
Well known philanthropist
Funded a Chair position for Environment
and Natural Resources at Harvard

Main office
Airport Road
Next to Ali Bin Ali/HSBC Building
P.O. Box 150 Doha - Qatar
Tel: +974 44556600
Fax: +974 44553153

Co-Owner & Chairman of Jaidah Group

Owner and Chairman of Medgulf
Construction Company
Board Member of Qatar Insurance
Former Member of the Board of QNB



JBK Group was initially established in1969 as Jasim

Bin Khalid Contracting Company (J.B.K.).
The company was set up by the late Sheikh Jasim
Bin Khalid Al Thani, and is currently being run by
his son, Sheikh Khalid Bin Jassim Al Thani.
JBK Group was established to cater to the
infrastructural development of the country.
Later, the group diversified to other businesses,
and in 1991, the company split up, with the
contracting business changing ownership.
Over the years, the group has expanded itself and
diversified into different subsidiary companies each
operating independently and specializing in their
field of expertise.
The group is currently involved in diverse business
activities ranging from contracting for power
plants, supply of electrical transmission cables,
Commissioning of Industrial Plants, real estate,
hospitality, trade and so on.


Date Established: 1969

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Real Estate,
Hospitality, Trading, Trave &
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Sheikh Khalid Bin
Jassim Al Thani
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 7


JBK Controls: JBK Controls, which was established in 1980 is one of top most
System Integrators in the Country. The services offered can be broadly
classified as in the fields of Fire detection and alarm, Fire Fighting, Security,
Access Control, Building Management, Structured Cabling, CCTV and
Mercure Grand Hotel: Mercure Grand Hotel is one of the prestigious hotels
located in the heart of Doha, Qatar. It has a total of 175 rooms including 3
Qatar Power Construction: Qatar Power Construction (QPC) was established in
1971 to serve the power requirements of Qatar. The company?s major areas of
operation include generation, transmission and distribution of electric power
apart from Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Industrial
JBK-BICC (JBK-DUKAB): Jassim Bin Khalid - BICC, commonly known as JBKBICC, is the marketing arm of Dubai Cable Company, (Ducab) in Qatar, a joint
venture between Jassim Bin Khalid Al Thani Trading Establishment and Dubai
Cable Company. JBK-BICC is a leading electrical trading company in Qatar,
and is geared to meet all electrical and associated product requirements for
government utilities, local and international contractors, traders and other end
Jassim Trading Centre

JBK Real Estates: JBK group also operates the JBK villas compound, one of the
oldest residential compounds in Qatar.
Al Nakheel Travels and Tours: Al Nakheel Travels and Tours were established in
July 2002, as part of the JBK Group of Companies. The company is a licensed
category "A" travel agency and tour operator in Qatar.

Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Khalid Bin Jassim Al Thani: Chairman

Piyush Agarwal: General Manager, JBK Ducab
Junu Chandran: Area Sales Manager, JBK Ducab
Oommen Mathew: Area Sales Manager
K. Mohamed Ghazali: Managing Director, JBK Controls
Sirajudeen Ahmed: General Manager ELV, JBK Controls
Rajan Jagadeeswaran: General Manager ITS, JBK Controls
Mohammed Nazzar: General Manager Sales, JBK Controls



Sheikh Khalid Bin Jassim Bin Khalid Al Thani

Born and brought up in Qatar

P. O. Box: 14039
4th Floor, Hotel Grand Mercure
Abdul Aziz Street
Doha, Qatar.
Tel: +974 4442775
Fax: +974 4444629

Started working with his father, Sheikh Jassim

Bin Khalid Al Thani in 1989
Took over the management of the company
following the death of his father in 1991
Owner & President: JBK Group



Khalid Electrical & Mechanical Company (KEMCO)

was established in the year 1974.
Within a short span of time the company has
become a leading Electro-Mechanical Contracting
Company in Qatar.
Since 1985 KEMCO became a Sole Proprietorship
owned by Mr. Mohammed Bin Hammam Al Abdulla.
Over the years, with the management's vision for
expansion, the company has diversified into
different areas including maintenance, project
services, real estate, plant hire, scaffolding, trading
and construction.
Today, KEMCO Group has approximately 2500
employees and operates through 10 related
companies addressing dedicated core products
and services.


Date Established: 1974

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Contracting,
Trading, Manpower, Ready-mix
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Mohammed Bin
Hammam Al Abdulla
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 13
Employees: 2500


KEMCO Electrical Establishment (KEMCO-EL): KEMCO Electrical Establishment

is a Kahramaa licensed 1st Grade electromechanical contractor, with a market
capitalization of over QR50 Million.
KEMCO Plant Hire Company (KPH): KEMCO Plant Hire is a support services
company, which provides light and heavy vehicles, as well as equipment.
KEMCO Project Services Company (KPS): KEMCO Project Services, is a part of
KEMCO Group providing various services to clients involved in the fields of
construction, oil and gas sector, industrial contracting and so on.
KEMCO Maintenance & Services Company (KMS)
KEMCO Coating & Scaffolding Company (KEMSCAFF): KEMCO Coating and
Scaffolding was established in 1993 and is one of the leading companies
catering to the Scaffolding and Coating requirements in Qatar.
KEMCO Real Estate Company (KRE): Manages real estate properties all around
KEMCO Manpower Supplies (KMPS): Manpower supply for contracting
KEMCO Construction Company (KC)
KEMCO Ready-mix Company (KRM)
KEMCO Trading Company (KTC)
KEMCO Services Centre Company (KSC)
KEMCO Security Services (KSS)
KEMCO Security Equipments (KSE)


Management/ Key Personnel

Mohammed Bin Hammam Al Abdulla: Chairman & Managing Director

Aisha Hammam: General Manager, KEMCO Plant Hire
B.K. Shiva Kumar: General Manager, KEMCO Electrical Establishment
P.S. Pai: Advisor, KEMCO Group



Mohamed bin Hammam

Born on 8 May 1949 in Qatar
Married with eleven children
His main interest is in Football, and had been
actively involved in the worldwide football
governing bodies

3rd Floor, Building No.117

Street No.15, B Ring Road
P.O. Box 2642
Doha, Qatar
Ph: +974 44337600
Fax: +974 44432506

Chairman & Managing Director of KEMCO Group


President of Asian Football Confederation

Member: FIFA's Executive Committee
Chairman: Qatar Football Association
President: Al Rayan Club



Mannai Corporation was established in 1950,

and is one of the largest trading and service
companies in Qatar.
It began as an auto parts trader and grew to
include activities ranging from offshore rigs to
telecommunications, with interests in many
parts of the world.
The company is broadly divided into two key
Date established: 1950
activities, Trade and Services.
Main business
The various businesses represented by Mannai
sectors:Automotive, Trading,
Corporation spans from the oil and gas sector,
Travels, Logistics, IT, Medical,
Main business region: Qatar
appliances and electronics, travel services and
Chairman:Alekh Grewal
Alternate Name: MCCS
In December 2005, Mannai Corporation became
Type: Publicly Traded
a member of the QIPCO Holding when Qatar
Market: Qatar Exchange
Investment & Projects Development Holding
Capitalization: $1.33 Billion
Company acquired a majority of its equity.
In August 2007 Mannai Corporation became a
Public Company and its shares were listed on the Qatar Exchange. QIPCO
Holding remains Mannai's largest shareholder.


Mannai Trading Company (Automotive & Heavy Equipment): RepresentsCadillac,

Hummer, GMC, Subaru, Grove Cranes, JCB, Daewoo, and so on
Mannai Trading Company (Auto Rental): A leading car rental
Mannai Trading Company (Information & Communication Technology):
Established in l987, Authorized distributor for HP and Compaq products
Mannai Trading Company (Medical Equipment).
Mannai Trading Company (Home Appliances & Electronics): Represents
manufacturers such as Toshiba, Moulinex, Seiko and so on.
Mannai Trading Company (Energy & Industrial Markets Division)
Mannai Trading Company (Industrial Supplies & Building Material)
Mannai Air Travel: Established in l978, an IATA approved travel agent
Manweir: Manweir Limited was established in 1976 and provides essential
manufacturing and repair services to the energy sector
Gulf Laboratories Company: Gulf Laboratories specialize in providing
geotechnical, geological and material testing services in Qatar & Oman.
Gulf Geotechnical Services and Material Testing: Undertakes ground
investigations for a wide variety of civil and industrial construction
Qatar Logistics: One of the leading independent freight forwarders in Qatar


Transfield Mannai Facilities Management Services: Joint-venture with Transfield

Services - Australia, provides facility management and maintenance services
Techsignia Solutions: Software company providing IT Products & Solutions
Utility Networks Information Systems Consultants (UtilNet): Software Systems
Company based in Amman, Jordan in which Mannai has a 75% stake.
Axiom Telecom: Axiom is a UAE-based mobile handset retailer and distributor
with over 900 stores in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.
Global Trading Centre: Deals with a large range of heavy equipment products
Damas Jewellery: Jewellery and watch retailer headquartered in Dubai, UAE,
with more than 300 stores across 12 countries
GTC Otomotiv: An automobile dealer in Turkey

Management/ key personnel

Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani: Chairman

Sheikh Suhaim Bin Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani: Vice Chairman
AlekhGrewal: Group Chief Executive Officer & Director
Ewan Cameron: Chief Financial Officer
Khalid Mannai: Director


Alekh Grewal
Fellow of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants in England & Wales
Associate of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants in Australia
Advanced Management Program, Harvard
International Directors Program, INSEAD
Business School

Ramada Junction, Salwa Road

P.O. Box 76
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44558888
Fax: +974 44558880

Chief Executive Officer, Mannai Corporation

Director, Techsignia Systems, Pune, India
Director, Utilnet, Jordan
Director, Transfield Mannai Facilities
Management Services, Qatar
Director, AXIOM Telecom, Dubai, UAE
Director, NexThink, Switzerland
Director, Damas International, Dubai, UAE

MIDMAC Contracting Company (MIDMAC) is one
of the largest Qatari contracting organizations
employing a total workforce of over 6,000
The organization has been operating in Qatar
since mid-1960's, under different identities, until
1975 when MIDMAC was formed and continues to
carry on business until today.
Date established: 1960s
Main business sectors:
Development Company W.L.L. (QIPCO) acquired
Contracting, Construction,
a majority stake in MIDMAC and by 2005; MIDMAC
became a wholly owned subsidiary of QIPCO.
Main business region: Qatar
Specializing in General Contracting, MIDMAC is a
Chairman: Sheikh Hamad Bin
Class A certified contractor in Qatar.
Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani
The types of projects executed and in progress
Type: Privately Owned,
include residential and commercial buildings, high
Subsidiary of QIPCO
rise, hospitals, universities, stadiums, hotels,
Subsidiaries: 5
shopping centers, road works and bridges, heavy
Employees: About 6000
Revenue: Over $500 Million
electromechanical installations, civil and military
airport facilities, civil works related to oil & gas
and petrochemical projects.
Since 2006, MIDMAC embarked on a diversification and expansion plan for
creating an effective network of specialized subsidiary companies
MIDMAC also has an average annual turnover in excess of US$ 500 million.

Midmac Contracting Company: Grade A certified contractor in Qatar

Midmac Tarmac Qatar Company: Involved in Asphalt production and laying, in
collaboration with Tarmac International Holdings BV
MIDMAC Block Factory
Midmac-Moedatco JV: Provides Plant and Equipment Hire services
Middle East Reinforcement Company (MERCO): Provides Steel reinforcement
cut & bend services, in collaboration with Middle East Building Material
Company (MEBCO)


Management/ Key Personnel

H.E. Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani: Chairman of the Board
Mohamed Ali M.K. Al Kubaisi: Member of Board, Director
Raghib H. Kublawi: General Manager


Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani
Graduated in Political Science & International
Relations with honors from University of
Coventry, United Kingdom, 2002
Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Investment &
Projects Development Holding Company
(QIPCO Holding).
Chairman of the Board, Mannai Corporation
Chairman of the Board, Midmac Contracting
Chairman of the Board, Investment House
Chairman of the Board, Qatar Finance House
Member of the Board of Supervisors, Siemens

Al Slata Al Jadidah Intersection

C-Ring Road
P.O. Box: 1758
Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974 44529452
Fax: +974 44440864



Qatar Navigation was incorporated on July 1957
as a Qatari Shareholding Company.
The company was Qatars first shipping agent in
1957, and were granted the first ever commercial
The company opened its first overseas branch in
Dubai, in 1977.
The shares of the Company are publically traded
at Qatar Exchange.
The Parent company along with its subsidiaries is
engaged primarily in marine transport, offshore
services, sale of heavy vehicles, ship repair,
fabrication and installation of offshore structures,
land transport, real estate, and so on.
The Company has a branch in Dubai, UAE
The company has over 3,115 employees
The company had assets of over QAR 15.65
billion in 2013, while net profit for the year was
QAR 948 million.


Date established: 1957

Main business sectors:
Navigation, Shipping, Freight
Main business region: Qatar,
Chairman: Sheikh Ali bin Jassim
bin Mohammad Al-Thani
Subsidiaries: More than 30
Alternate Name: QNNS
Type: Publicly Traded
Market: Qatar Exchange
Capitalization: $2.95 Billion
Employees: Over 3,115


Qatar Shipping Company: 100% stake in the subsidiary which provides

chartering of vessels and maritime services
Halul Offshore Services: 100% stake in the subsidiary which provides chartering
of vessels & offshore services
Qatar Quarries and Building Materials Company: 50% stake in the subsidiary
Qatar Shipping Company (India): 100% stake in the subsidiary based in India
Halul United Business Services: 100% stake in the Saudi based subsidiary
Navigation Travel & Tourism: 100% stake in the Travel agency
Navigation Trading Agencies: 100% stake in heavy equipment trading company
Navigation Marine Service Center: 100% stake in the marine services provider
Milaha Capital: 100% stake in the investment company
Gulf LPG Transport Company: 50% stake along with Nakilat in the subsidiary
which provides gas transportation services
Milaha Maritime and Logistics Integrated: 100% stake in the subsidiary which
provides Maritime and logistic services
Milaha Gas: Milaha Gas owns and operates LPG and LNG carriers , and are also
the largest shareholder in Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat)
Milaha Petrochem: Manages a fleet of modern tankers and crude carriers.
Milaha Offshore: Provides support & supply services to offshore oil companies
Milaha Real Estate services: 100% stake
Milaha Trading Company: 100% stake
Ocean Marine Services: 100% stake
Gulf Shipping Investment Company: 100% stake

Qatar Tanker Company: 50% stake

Qatar Engineering and Technology
Company: 51% stake
Qatar Ship Management Company:
51% stake
Cargotec Qatar 51% stake
Iraq-Qatar Transport and Shipping
Services: 51% stake
United Arab Shipping Agency
Company: 40% stake
Qatar Gas Transport Company Limited
(NAKILAT): 30.3% stake
Camartina Shipping Liberia: 29.4%

Peninsula LNG Transport Liberia (I, II, III):

29.4% stake
Qatar LNG Transport Liberia: 20%
QIM Transport Panama: 33.3% stake
Man Diesel & Turbo Qatar Navigation:
51% stake
KS Membrane Denmark (I, II): 40%
Milaha Ras Laffan Gmbh Company
Germany: 40% stake
Milaha Qatar Gmbh & Company
Germany: 40% stake
India LNG Transport Company Malta
(I, II): 15% stake

Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Ali bin Jassim bin Mohammad Al-Thani: Chairman & Managing Director
Sheikh Khaled Al-Thani: Vice Chairman
Mr. Sulaiman Haider Sulaiman: Chairman of the Audit Committee
Mr. Adil Ali Bin Ali: Chairman of Incentives & Remuneration Committee
Mr. Ali Ahmad Al-Kuwari: Chairman of Projects Evaluation Committee
Mr. Khalifa bin Ali Al-Hetmi: Chief Executive Officer


Sheikh Ali bin Jassim Al Thani

Bachelors of Science degree from Portland State

Qatar Navigation Tower

Westbay Area
P.O. Box 153
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44949666
Fax: +974 44833244

Chairman & Managing Director of Milaha

Board member at QIA
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
Board Member at United Arab Shipping Company
Former financial analyst in the Investment Bureau
of the Ministry of Finance in Qatar




Nasir Bin Abdullah & Sons (NAS) Group is one of

the largest and oldest family-run businesses in the
State of Qatar.
Since it was established in 1961 by Sheikh Nasir
Bin Abdullah Al-Thani, a member of the royal
family of Qatar
Today, NAS is the local partner for some of the
most recognized brands in the world and owns and
manages a broad portfolio of businesses across
sectors including automotive, engineering, real
Date Established: 1961
estate, hospitality, food and beverage, travel,
Main Business Sectors: Retail,
sports, and retail.
Real Estate, Contracting,
In Qatar, NAS is the exclusive local agent for
Travels, Automotives
Panasonic and JVC as well as home electronics/
Main Business Regions: Qatar
appliance brands Elba, Terim, Fides, Gala, Sanden,
Chairman: Sheikh Abdullah Bin
Vestfrost, Vulcan, Fisher & Paykel, Derby, Janome
Nasir Bin Abdullah Al-Thani
and Alba.
Type: Privately Owned
NAS is the owner of the Mlaga Football Club in
Subsidiaries: 9
Employees: 800
NAS Group employs over 800 employees of
Assets: US$145 million
backgrounds across its businesses.
Currently, NAS Groups assets, excluding property, total about US$145 million,
with an annual turnover of over US$120 million in 2010.
NAS Group is currently headed by the late Sheikh Nasir Bin Abdullah Al-Thanis
eldest son, His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasir Bin Abdullah Al-Thani.


NAS Retail: Represents leading international electronics and home appliance

brands including Panasonic and JVC. NAS Retail owns and operates 6
showrooms in Doha.
NAS Real Estate: Constructs and manages group assets and has international
real estate ventures in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Marbella, Spain.
National Car Company: Official dealer for Mazda and Hyundai in Qatar, as well
as heavy machinery brands such as British Leyland, Kato, and Kobelco. NCC
currently owns and operates three car showrooms.
NAS Hospitality: Hospitality Management Company developing 4 and 5-star
hotels in Qatar under the Saray brand
Alwatany Travels: Leading travel services provider in Qatar
National Engineering & Contracting Company (NECC): Electromechanical
contractor, providing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services
NAS Food Stuff Company: Leading food and beverage provider, representing
franchises like Sports Caf, Just Burger and so on

Fibrafoil: Providing foil-wrapping systems for vehicles

Malaga Football Club: The 20-year old football club was bought by NAS Group,
in June 2010, for 36 million Euros.

Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasir Bin Abdullah Al-Thani: Chairman

Abdullah Ghubn: General manager
Samah Akl: Public Relations and Marketing Manager
Sathish Nair, Marketing& Sales Manager, National Car Company


Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasir Bin Abdullah Al-Thani
Born 29th September 1969
Distant relative of Qatar's current ruler
Passion for thoroughbred racing horses
Chairman & General Manager of Nasser Bin
Abdulla and Sons Group
Non Executive Board Member of Doha Bank
Board Member of Al Khaleej Insurance & ReInsurance Company
General Manager of Abdulla Bin Nasser Trading
President of the Board of Mlaga Club de
Chairman of National Car Company

National Panasonic Building

Al Musheirib Street
P.O. Box: 329
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44424249
Fax: +974 44440203




Nasser Bin Khaled Holdings (NBK) was

established by Sheikh Nasser Bin Khaled Al
Thani in the late 1950s
NBK initially managed the selling and
distribution of notable international brands in
the Qatari market
Later, the company widened its umbrella of
businesses to include several new companies
Date Established: 1950s
with various operations, and partnered with key
Main Business Sectors:
multi-national organizations
Automobiles, Oil & Gas,
Today, NBK owns major companies in the fields
Contracting, Construction, Real
of Automotive, construction, oil & gas,
Estate, Fashion, IT
agriculture, real estate, fashion, hospitality,
Main Business Region: Qatar
marine and IT
Chairman: Nawaf Nasser Bin
In the automotive industry, Nasser Bin Khaled
Khaled AlThani
represents prestigious
Type: Privately Owned
Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi
Subsidiaries: Over 20
Fuso, Harley-Davidson, as well as other vehicle
and heavy equipment manufacturers
Nasser Bin Khaled has also been involved in many landmark developments
including Mercedes-Benz Showroom, the Central Bank of Qatar building, West
Bay Al Salam Plaza, Sealine Beach Resort, as well as the Al Waab City
The company has additional offices in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain,
Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia.


Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles: Established in 1957, exclusive distributor for

May Bach, Mercedes-Benz and AMG.
Qatar Automobiles Company: Launched in 1970, exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi
Motors and Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Buses in Qatar.
Nasser Bin Khaled and Sons: Provides car accessories, car protection & tires
Nasser Bin Khaled and Sons Heavy Equipment Division: Launched in 1975,
provides construction, power generation and materials handling equipment
Nasser Bin Khaled Powered Sports: Motor bike dealer
National Industrial Contracting Company: Established in 1974, Grade A
construction company
Nasser Bin Khaled Real Estate: Manages over QAR2 billion worth of property
Nasser Bin Khaled Fashion (NBKF): Established in early 2002
Nasser Bin Khaled Projects Promotion: The Medical Division of NBK
Intertech Group: Major contracting company for the oil and gas sector.
Nasser Bin Khaled Travel & Tourism: Established in 2008
Station: Opened in 1950, distributor of petrol, diesel and kerosene products.

Qatar Aerated Concrete Industries Company (Q-ACICO): Established in 2005

and is a Joint Venture with ACICO Industrial Company, Kuwait.
Arabtec Qatar: Joint venture with Arabtec, a UAE based construction company
H-Deco Qatar: Established in 2006, Joint venture with H-Deco from Lebanon
Momenta Qatar: Established in 2006, Joint Venture with IT firm Momenta
Publicis Graphics: Communication and Media company
Select Transportation Solutions: A joint venture with Al Mulla Group of Kuwait.
SNC-Lavalin ProFac Gulf Management: Joint Venture with SNC-Lavalin O & M,
one of the foremost suppliers of Facilities Management services in Canada.
United Car Rentals: Joint-Venture with Wafi Transport of UAE
NBK Readymix: Established in 2007, Joint Venture with Austrian Arabian Ready
Mix of UAE

Management/ Key Personnel

Nawaf Nasser Bin Khaled AlThani: President and Chief Executive Officer
Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani: Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Hussein Al-Siddiqi: Chief Operations Officer
Paul Maryan: Chief Operating Officer of Automotive



Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani

President, Chairman, and Chief Executive
Officer at NBK Group of Companies
Founder and Chairman of Doha Insurance
Founding shareholder of Samena Capital
Consulting Management
Board Member of Deutsche Bank AG
Chairman of Al Waab City
Member of the Board of Directors of Al Salam
International Transport & Trading
Member of the Board of Directors of Arabtec
PJSC, Abraaj Capital, Spinneys Holdings &
Samena Capital Management
Member of the Board of Directors of Qatari
Businessmen Association

NBK Building, Salwa Road

Al Mamoura Area
P.O. Box: 6002
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44624555
Fax: +974 44624692




The National Group is a conglomerate of

companies, involved in diverse business activities.
The company was established in 1964 under the
patronage of Sheikh Ali Bin Khalifa Al-Thani
The companies within the group currently specialize
in civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural
engineering, the manufacture of aluminum and steel
panels, bent steel piping and horticulture.


Date Established: 1964

Main Business Sectors: Trading,
Contracting, Fabrication,
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 7

National Contracting and Trading: Grade A

Qatar National Steel Pipe: Manufacturing bent steel pipe for the oil and gas
National Aluminum and Carpentry Company: Manufactures aluminum and
stainless steel fire retardant composite paneling.
Agricultural Center for Irrigation Systems: Garden project design, construction
and maintenance.
Qatar National Aluminum Panel Company (Q-Nap): A Qatari /Korean joint
venture that manufactures composite aluminum paneling
Tohuko Bending Qatar Company: Production of bent steel pipe and fittings
National Oil & Gas Services: Provides diverse products and services to the oil,
gas and industrial sectors


Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al Thani: Chairman

Mr. Awad Osman: General Manager



Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al Thani

Chairman of National Group
He is also a prominent business figure in the
manufacturing industry in Qatar from 2000
Under his leadership, the group has expanded,
and established new divisions including Qatar
National Aluminum Panel Company, as well as
two other building material manufacturing
factories in Qatar.
Started working as an assistant with his father
in the company
Sheikh Naif has plans to develop National
Group as a conglomerate with presence all over
the GCC.

Al Emadi Building No. 5, Salwa

P.O. Box: 637
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44686300
Fax: +974 44686200



Ooredoo is a leading international communications

company delivering mobile, fixed, broadband
internet, and corporate managed services tailored to
the needs of consumers and businesses across
markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.
The Companys headquarters are in Doha
Date established: 1987
Formerly known as Qtel Group, the company was
Main business sectors:
established under Law No. 13 of 1987 and the new
Telecommunications, Network
brand of Ooredoo was adopted in March 2013
The State of Qatar has direct ownership of 51.6% of
Main business region: Qatar,
voting shares, while other Qatari Government
Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Indonesia,
Related Entities hold 17.5% and Abu Dhabi
Philippines, Maldives, Algeria,
Investment Authority holds 10.0%. The remaining
Palestine, Cambodia, Myanmar
20.9% share is publicly traded.
Chairman: H.E. Sheikh Abdullah
The company has over 320.3 million shares which is
Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al
publicly traded and was listed on the Qatari stock
market in 1998, London stock exchange in 1999,
Subsidiaries: More than 56,
Abu Dhabi stock exchange in 2001 and the Bahrain
directly or indirectly.
stock exchange in 2002.
Alternate Name: ORDS
The company has a customer base of 92.9 million
Type: Publicly Traded
and reported revenues of USD 9.3 billion in 2012.
Market: Qatar Exchange
The company operates in Qatar, Indonesia, Kuwait,
Capitalization: $12.06 Billion
Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Singapore and Oman.
Employees: Over 17,000
In Qatar, Ooredoo is one of the leading
communications companies with over 2.9 million customers and one of the
biggest corporate supporters of sport, charity and community programs


Ooredoo Qatar: Telecommunications Company based in Qatar. Ooredoo group

has a 100% stake in the subsidiary.
Nawras: Ooredoo owns a 55% effective economic stake in Omans Nawras.
Wataniya Kuwait (NMTC): 92.1% stake in Wataniya Telecom (NMTC) in Kuwait.
Asiacell: Ooredoo has a 53.9% stake in Iraqi telecommunication company
Asia Mobile Holdings: Ooredoo owns a 25% stake in the company.
Wi-Tribe Limited: Ooredoo has an 86.1% stake
Indosat: Ooredoo has a 65% stake in Indonesias Indosat
Liberty Telecom: 40% stake in Philippines based Liberty Telecom
Navlink: Ooredoo has a 38.2% stake in US based Navlink
Wataniya Maldives: Ooredoo has a 92.1% effective stake
Nedjma: 80% stake in Algerian telecommunication company, Nedjma
Wataniya Palestine: 44.7% stake in Wataniya Mobile Palestine
Tunisiana: 90% stake in Tunisian telecommunication company, Tunisiana

StarHub: 56.5% stake in Starhub, through Asia Mobile Holdings.

Shenington Investments: 49% stake in Shenington Investments
Wi-tribe Pakistan: 100% ownership in Wi-tribe Pakistan.
Mfone: 100% stake in Cambodias telecom company, Mfone
Bravo: 100% stake in Saudi based Bravo
Ooredoo Myanmar: Ooredoo Myanmar is the newest operation within the Group.
Starlink Qatar: Ooredoo has a 72.5% stake in Starlink Qatar.
Lao Telecom (LTC) Laos: 49% stake in LTC Laos

Management/ Key Personnel

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani: Chairman, Board of
Mr. Ali Shareef Al Emadi: Deputy Chairman, Board of Directors
Dr. Nasser Marafih: Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo Group
Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani: Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo Qatar
Waleed Al-Sayed: Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar
Bjorn Lundstrom: Chief Technology Officer, Ooredoo Qatar
Ajay Bahri: Chief Financial Officer, Ooredoo Group
Cynthia Gordon: Chief Commercial Officer, Ooredoo Group

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al
He is a certified pilot instructor from British Royal
Air Force
Studied at the Senior Army War College, Carlisle
Barracks in the United States of America
Flight school graduate from the British Army Air

Ooredoo Tower, West Bay Area

P.O. Box: 217
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44400400
Fax: +974 44476231

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ooredoo

State Minister Status in the Qatari government
Chairman of Wataniya
President Commissioner of Indosat (Indonesia)
Former Chief of the Emiri Diwan
Former Member of the Qatari Planning Council




Established in 1971 by Mr. Mohamed Tayyeb

Mustafawi and headquartered in Doha, Qatar
Qatar Building Company (QBC) is a privately-owned
civil contracting company based in Qatar.
The company is a certified "Grade A" contractor by
the Qatar Central Tenders Committee (CTC)
The company has three main divisions: civil
Date Established: 1971
engineering, materials production and construction
Main Business Sectors:
Contracting, Trading, Production
The company clients include government agencies,
Main Business Region: Qatar
international contractors, gas majors, and private
Chairman: Mohamed Tayyeb
H.B. Mustafawi
The company has implemented infrastructure
Type: Privately Owned
projects of different sizes and complexity, including
Subsidiaries: 3 Divisions, 45
buildings, pipeline & tanks, drainage networks,
water networks & reservoirs, earthworks,
Employees: Over 5,000
road/highway/airfield pavement, related traffic
safety works, micro-tunneling, horizontal directional
drilling, and special construction.
Some of the projects implemented by the company include Development of
Airport Road, the Doha Expressway/D-Ring Interchange, Msheireb Downtown
Doha, Energy City, Cultural City, Education City, Lusail City, and dozens more.
The company has also been awarded several prestigious international
memberships and certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO
29001:2010, and OHSAS 18001:2007.
The company also has over 45 offices, workshops, plants, factories and
showrooms strategically located across Qatar.
QBC employees over 5,000 personnel, representing over 38 countries, 21
religions and 45 languages, with qualifications covering all commercial and
engineering disciplines.


QBC Contracting: The contracting division of QBC is certified Grade A by the

Central tenders committee, and undertakes all kinds of infrastructure projects
including building, roads & highways, Drainage & water projects, Earthworks,
Power cable projects as well as horizontal drilling & micro tunneling works.
QBC Production: QBC Production is responsible for the production of asphalt,
ready-mix and precast concrete, concrete products, and steel products, as well
as fill, sub-base and aggregate materials, maintaining tough international
QBC Trading: QBC Trading provides the heavy equipment, spare parts, and
after-sales service from the most trusted brands around the world, including


Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daemo Engineering, Stone Construction Equipment,

Techking Manotti and so on.
Management/ Key Personnel

Mohamed Tayyeb H.B. Mustafawi: Chairman

Abdul Hameed Mustafawi: Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Ali M. T. Mustafawi: Managing Director
Riad Abu Qaoud: General Manager
Bader Mustafawi: Commercial Manager
Romy M. Haddad: Public Relations Manager



Ali Mustafawi
Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston
University School of Management, USA

Airport Road
P.O. Box 1985
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4462 5555
Fax: +974 4462 5522

Well know philanthropist

Established a scholarship program at Hamad
Bin Khalifa University, the QBC Scholarship,
which has sponsored more than 15 students
Managing Director: Qatar Building Company,
from May 2009
Former Business Manager at Qatar Building
Company, from December 2001 till July 2009




Qatar Insurance was established by Emiri Decree,

in March 1964, with the participation of the State
of Qatar together with few strategic corporate and
individual investors
The Company is a public shareholding entity and
its shares are listed on the Doha Stock Exchange
since 1997
QIC was the first domestic insurance company in
Qatar, and is now the dominant player in the
insurance industry in the country.
Currently, the Company and its subsidiaries are
engaged in providing insurance, reinsurance, real
estate and financial advisory services.
The group has operations in the State of Qatar,
United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, State of
Kuwait, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Malta.
The company had a net income of over QAR1.19
billion in 2013, with profits of over QAR778 billion,
while total assets of the company was QAR 11.6
billion and the equity of the company was over
QAR 5.38 billion.
The company has over 600 employees based
around the world.


Date established: 1964

Main business sectors:
Insurance, Investments
Main business region: Qatar,
UAE, Oman, Kuwait, UK,
Switzerland, Malta
Chairman: Sheikh Khalid bin
Mohammed bin Ali Al-Thani
Subsidiaries: More than 23
Alternate Name: QATI
Type: Publicly Traded
Market: Qatar Exchange
Capitalization: $3.33 Billion
Employees: Over 600


Qatar Insurance Company: The flagship company of the group established in

1964 and mainly involved in insurance activities.
QIC International: QIC has an 84.6% stake in the subsidiary based in UAE and
Malta, and involved in insurance and reinsurance
Oman Qatar Insurance Company: QIC has a 70% stake in the subsidiary based
in Oman, and engaged in insurance and reinsurance
Kuwait Qatar Insurance Company: 82.04% stake in the Kuwaiti subsidiary
Q-Re: QIC has a 55.64% stake in Q-Re, which is involved in re-insurance.
QANIT: QIC has a 100% stake in the real estate company based in the UAE
Qatar Insurance Company Real Estate: 100% stake in the real estate company
Qatar Economic Advisors: 100% stake in the advisory services company
CATCO Investment Management: 100% stake in the investment management
services company based in Bermuda
CATCO-Re: 100% stake in the reinsurance company based in Bermuda
Q-Life and Medical Insurance Company: 85% stake in the Qatari company
Epicure Managers Qatar: Subsidiary based in British Virgin Islands
QIC International: 84.6% stake in the subsidiary based in Qatar
LCP Holdings: QIC has a 51% stake in the Cayman Island based subsidiary

QIC Capital: Holding company for assets, based in Qatar

Taleem Advisory: QIC has a 51% stake in the Cayman Island based subsidiary
Al Daman Insurance Company: 25% stake in the insurance company in Qatar
Asteco Qatar: 20% stake in the real estate brokerage company
Massoun Insurance Services: 50% stake in the insurance marketing company
Al Manhal Properties: 25.5% stake in the real estate property fund
Gulf Real Estate Managers: 50% stake in the Cayman Island based fund
Gulf Real Estate Holdings: 50% stake in the Cayman Island based fund

Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Thani: Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Attiya: Deputy Chairman
Mr. Khalifa A. Al Subaey: Group President & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ali Al Fadala: Senior Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ali Al Mannai: Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Sunil Talwar: Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ahmed Yousef: Senior Adviser
Mr. Varghese P David: Executive Vice President, Group Finance

Mr. Khalifa Abdullah Turki Al-Subaey
BA in Economics and Political Science from the
University of Michigan, USA
Member of the Board of Directors of the United
Development Company
Member of the board of directors of Qatar
Commercial Bank
Member of the board of directors of the Institute
of Management Development
Vice President of the Asian Union for Handball
President of the Qatari Union for Handball
Vice President of Qatar Sports Company for
Business investment
Former Head of Insurance, Qatar Petroleum
Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of
Qatar National Cement Company

Qatar Insurance Company SAQ,

Tamin Street, West Bay,
PO Box: 666,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44962 222
Fax:+974 44831 569




Qatar Investment & Projects Development Holding

Company is a holding company, which through its
subsidiaries focuses on real estate, construction, oil
and gas, trading and services, and financial sectors.
QIPCO was founded in 1999 and is based in Doha,
The company has a paid up capital of almost QR
300 million


Date Established: 1999

Main Business Sectors: Real
Tornado Company: Developer in the real estate
Estate, Contracting,
sector. Owns the Tornado Tower.
Construction, Finance
QIPCO Residential Compound
Main Business Region: Qatar
Villaggio Mall
Chairman: Sheikh Hamad Bin
MIDMAC Contracting Company: Focuses on building
Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani
construction and infrastructure
Type: Privately Holding Company
Mannai Corporation: One of the largest trading and
Subsidiaries: About 14
industrial company in Qatar
Capitalization: Over QR 300
Black Cat Construction: One of the largest EPIC
Contractor in the oil and gas industry
Special Projects Services Company: Provides
business development and consulting services to
companies in the oil and gas sector, as well as the infrastructure sector
Nutrition Diet Centre: Diet and Weight Loss Health Centre
Investment House: Investment and financial services provider
International Bank of Qatar: QIPCO holds a stake in IBQ, one of the well
established banks in Qatar
Mazaya Qatar: Real Estate Company. QIPCO holds a stake in Mazaya
Qatar Finance House: Provides financial services, as per the Sharia law. QIPCO
holds a stake.
Qatar National Bank: Largest bank in Qatar, QIPCO holds a stake.
Partnerships: Siemens, General Motors, Cisco and Transfield


Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani: Chairman

Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani: CEO
Mohammad Ali Mohammad Khamis Al Kubaisi
Suhaim Bin Abdulla Al Thani
Fahad Bin Abdulla Al Thani


Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al Thani
Graduated in Political Science & International
Relations with honors from University of
Coventry, United Kingdom, 2002
Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Investment &
Projects Development Holding Company
(QIPCO Holding).
Chairman of the Board, Mannai Corporation
Chairman of the Board, Midmac Contracting
Chairman of the Board, Investment House
Chairman of the Board, Qatar Finance House
Member of the Board of Supervisors, Siemens

Tornado Tower, 49th Floor

Corniche Street, West Bay Area
P.O. Box 8612
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4405 8800
Fax: +974 4405 8880




Qatar National Bank was incorporated in the State

of Qatar on 6 June 1964 as a Joint Stock Company
under Emiri Decree No. 7 issued in 1964
It is the countrys first Qatari-owned commercial
bank and has an ownership structure split between
the Qatar Investment Authority (50%) and the
private sector (50%).
QNB Group has grown to be the largest bank in the
Date established: 1964
Middle East and North Africa and is the leading
Main business sectors: Banking,
financial institution in the country with a market
share exceeding 45% of banking sector assets.
Main business region: Qatar,
For the first three months of 2014, the Group
Syria, Indonesia, Tunisia,
recorded net profit of US$ 668 million, while total
France, UAE, Switzerland,
assets reached US$ 125.9 billion.
Jordan, Egypt
QNB Group also has stakes in QNB ALAHLI in
Chairman: H.E. Ali Shareef AlEgypt, Jordan-based Housing Bank for Trade and
Finance, Commercial Bank International based in
Subsidiaries: More than 30, in 26
the United Arab Emirates, QNB Tunisia, QNB-Syria,
QNB Kesawan in Indonesia, Iraqi-based Mansour
Alternate Name: QNBK
Bank, Libya based Bank of Commerce &
Type: Publicly Traded
Development and Al Jazeera Finance Company
Market: Qatar Exchange
QNB Group also has a representative office in
Capitalization: $33.1 Billion
China and a fully owned subsidiary in India under
Employees: Over 13,700
the name of QNB India Private Limited.
The Group has a presence in 26 countries with over
13,700 staff operating from 590 locations, with over 1,250 ATM machines.
The Group provides investment banking services through its subsidiary, QNB
Capital, to corporate and government clients within Qatar and globally.
The Group also offers brokerage services through its subsidiary, QNB Financial
Services (QNB FS), the first independently regulated, licensed brokerage
company launched by a bank in Qatar.


QNB International Holdings Limited: 100% stake in the Luxemburg subsidiary

CSI QNB Property: QNB has a 100% stake in the subsidiary based in France
QNB Capital: QNB has a 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Doha, which
provides investment banking services.
QNB Banque Prive: QNB has a 100% stake in the Switzerland subsidiary
QNB-Syria: QNB has a 50.8% stake
QNB Finance: QNB has a 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Cayman Islands
QNB Financial Services: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in Qatar, which
provides brokerage services
QNB Kesawan: QNB has a 69.6% stake in the subsidiary based in Indonesia

Al-Mansour Investment Bank: QNB has a 50.8% stake in the Iraq subsidiary
QNB Tunisia: QNB has a 99.96% stake in the subsidiary based in Tunisia
QNB ALAHLI: QNB has a 97.1% stake in the subsidiary based in Egypt
Bank of Commerce & Development: 49% stake in the Libyan subsidiary
QNB India Private Limited: 100% stake in the subsidiary based in India
Housing Bank of Trade & Finance: 34.5% stake in the Jordan based bank.
Commercial Bank International: 40% stake in the UAE bank.
Al Jazeera Finance Company
Additionally, QNB Group has representative offices in: South Sudan, Sudan,
Singapore, China, Algeria, Mauritania, Palestine, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait,
Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, UK and France

Management/ Key Personnel

H.E. Ali Shareef Al-Emadi: Chairman of the Board of Directors

H.E. Sheikh Jassem Bin Abdulaziz Bin Jassem Al-Thani: Deputy Chairman
Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari: Acting Group Chief Executive Officer
Abdulla Mubarak Al-Khalifa: Executive GM & Chief Business Officer
Ali RashidAl- Mohannadi: Executive GM and Chief Operating Officer
Ramzi Mari: General Manager & Chief Financial Officer


Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari

Associate Art & Science Diploma, Shoreline Comm
College, Seattle, Washington, USA
Bachelor Degree in Math and Computer Science,
Eastern Washington University, USA
Master of Science in Information System
Management, Seattle Pacific University, USA

Qatar National Bank Building

Al Corniche Street
P.O. Box 1000
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4440-7407
Fax: +974 4441-3753

Acting Group Chief Executive Officer of QNB

Vice Chairman & Member of Board of Commercial
Bank International, UAE
Member of Board of Directors of Qatar Exchange
Commissioner of QNB Kesawan, Indonesia
Member, Union of Arab Banks
Former General Manager of Technology & Operations
Former Executive General Manager & Chief Business
Officer of QNB




Qatari Investors Group is a Qatari Shareholding
Company (Q.S.C.) incorporated in the State of
The Company was incorporated on 4 May 2006,
with a paid-up capital of 1.2 billion QAR.
The Company is formed to primarily engage in
investments with subsidiary companys shares,
bonds and securities.
Qatari Investors Group (QIG) plays a major role in
the various fields of industrial and investments in
the region including manufacture and sale of
cement; Security Systems Integration; Trading
and Retail Industries; and Investment in shares
and Real Estate.
Currently, the Company holds nineteen (19)
subsidiary companies, in addition to 18 partners
and affiliates (local and international)
Qatari Investors Group is one of the leading Qatari
shareholding companies and is listed in the Qatar


Date established: 2006

Main business sectors: Real
Estate, Logistics, Finance,
Trading, Contracting,
Automotives, Manufacturing
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Abdullah Bin Nasser
Al Misnad
Subsidiaries: 37
Alternate Name: QIGD
Type: Publicly Traded
Market: Qatar Exchange
Capitalization: $1.77 Billion

Al Khalij Cement Company: Cement Manufacture

The Investor Company: Trading of Cement
QIG Properties: Real Estate
QIG Projects Development: Industry Equipment Works
International Technical and Trading Company: General Equipment Trading
Qatar Security Systems Company: IT and Security Systems
QIG General Services: Trading and Contracting of Constructional Materials
Global Enterprises Company: Sports materials trading
QIG Global Company: International companies representation
QIG Industry Company: Industrial Enterprises (Mechanical - Engineering)
QIG Marine Services Company: Trading in Yachts
QIG Technology Company: Information Technology Services
QIG Trading Company: International Companies Representation
Qatari Investment Group: Investments and Other Trading
QIG Light Industries Company: Agency Business
Cape Qatar: Insurance Agency
Smith Heimann Qatar Company: IT and Security Systems
QIG Financial Services: Financial Services
Qatar Investment Group: Agency & Real Estate Investments
Eversendai Engineering 51% Steel Structure
United Gulf Cement: Joint venture with a 51% stake

Peri Qatar: Joint venture with a 51% stake and involved in Contracting
Kettaneh: Joint venture with a 51% stake and involved in Contracting
Sharaf Logistics: Joint venture with a 51% stake and involved in Logistics
Smart Logistics: Joint venture with a 51% stake
Europcar: Joint venture with a 51% stake and involved in Car Hire and Leasing
ASCO Qatar: Joint venture with a 51% stake in the Engineering Consultancy
The LOOK: Joint venture with a 51% stake and involved in Advertising
Strabag: Joint venture with a 51% stake and involved in Construction
National Shipping & Marine Services: Joint venture with a 51% stake
Diamond Aviation Services: Joint venture with a 51% stake
Sharaf Marine Agency: Joint venture Marine Agency with a 51% stake
Mediterranean Shipping Company: Joint venture with a 51% stake
Firewall Information Systems: IT Systems Joint venture with a 51% stake
HOK: Joint venture with a 51% stake. Architectural, Design and Consulting Firm
Al Jazeera Exchange: Minority shareholder with an 11.54% stake
Qatar Rotomould: 13.70% stake in the polyethylene products manufacturer

Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Misnad: Chairman & Managing Director

Sheikh Hamad Bin Faisal Al Thani: Vice Chairman
Mr. Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Misnad: Board Member
H.E. Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Attiya: Board Member
Mr. Omar Al Hassan, QIG Business Development Manager


Mr. Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Misnad

Started his business career with Al Misnad
Holdings in the 1950s
Chairman & Managing Director of Al Misnad
Holding Company
Chairman & Managing Director of Qatari
Investors Group
Vice Chairman of Al Khaliji Bank
Vice Chairman of Vodafone Board of Directors
Chairman & Managing Director of Gulf Cement
Board Member of Qatar Businessmen

Wadi Al Sail, Alesteklal Street

P.O. Box 22504
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44876910
Fax: +974 44860976



Ramco group was established in 1984 as Ramco

Trading and Contracting Company
The company is a Grade A Certified contractor
by the Central Tenders Committee,
Ramco has successfully completed a lot of
Projects, Commercial & Residential Towers,
Hotels, Schools, Government Buildings, Industrial
and Commercial Buildings, Private Compounds
Villas, Maintenance Works and Landscaping
In 2005, the company established a subsidiary in
Currently, the company has a total contract value
of over US$800 million
Currently, the group has 9 subsidiaries and over
12 sister companies, with over a 1000 employees


Date Established: 1984

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Fabrication,
Main Business Region: Qatar,
Chairman: Sheikh Khalid Bin
Jassim Al-Thani
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: More than 21
Employees: 1,000


Ramco Libya: Ramco Libya for General Contracting IS A GRADE (A)

Ramco Engineering: Established in Doha, Qatar in 2006 with an extensive
experience in Civil & Architecture Building Construction.
Ramco MEP: A grade (A) contractor that specializes in MEP works, established
in 1995
Ramco Trading: Supplier of power tools and chemical products
Ramco Aluminum and Steel: A manufacturer of steel structures and steel and
aluminum fabrication services
Ramco Carpentry & Decoration: Interior Fit-out division of Ramco Group
Ramco Tunneling: Specializes in horizontal directional drilling micro-tunneling
and pipe-jacking
Ramco Transportation: Specialized in rental, sales and providing excavation and
transportation services
Ramco Infrastructure: Specialized in earth, infrastructure, water treatment and
waste treatment works
Samco: Established in August 2004 in Doha as an Engineering and Contracting
Company for executing Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) works of the
various construction projects going on in Qatar
Acrow Qatar: Project Engineering services
Ramix: Ramix Concrete Company is a brand new ready-mix concrete company
formed in 2007
Allcrane: Maintains and supplies state of the art crane equipment
Ramco Zecon: Setup in 2008 with the collaboration between RAMCO Trading
and Zecon International Limited & provides bore piling and drilling services

Al Sahoo: Trading group with presence in most of Middle East

Raimondi: Ramco is the representative in Qatar for Raimondi Cranes
Projex: Established in 2005, Projex Company is a provider of high quality
furniture systems
QACS: Qatar Australian Construction System is a leading Post Tension
Structural Engineering Company in Qatar
Skywall Aluminum and Glass: Aluminum & glass fabricator/contractor operating
in Qatar since 2006
Al Zahraa: Construction Materials Trading Company
ASPEC International: ASPEC was established in 2001 to serve the Electromechanical building service requirements of the construction industry

Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Khalid Bin Jassim Al-Thani: Chairman

Eng. Anwar Mohamed Al-Qawasmi: President
Fawaz Qawasmi: Operations Manager



Anwar Mohamed Al-Qawasmi

Started his journey in Qatar and has been
executing state of the art projects.
A well known contracting and business man in
Qatar and the Middle East, he is proudly
known as a Contracting and Trading leader.

Ramco Group Building, C-Ring

P.O. Box 15104
Doha, Qatar
Tel: (+974) 44554400
Fax: (+974) 44554999

Founder and President of Ramco Group and

its subsidiaries since 1984



Redco International is a local Qatari company

owned by H.E. Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Bin
Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani
It has been active in Doha since 1982, growing
from a cement distribution company into a leading
industrial and construction group of Qatar
It has six main business divisions focusing
on Buildings
Construction, Precast
Concrete & Hollowcare, Readymix Concrete, MEP
& HVAC, Steel Cut and Bend, Earthwork, Blasting
and Infrastructure.
The company is renowned for its impressive
portfolio of completed and ongoing projects,
Works, Barwa City Abu Hamour enabling works, 40
storeys Burj Marina tower in Lusail, IBQ 40 storey
tower project and so on.
The group has operations in Qatar, UAE and
Pakistan, with over 4000 employees.


Date Established: 1982

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Contracting,
Manufacturing, Fabrication
Main Business Regions: Qatar,
UAE, Pakistan
Chairman: Sheikh Jassim Bin
Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: About 6
Employees: Over 4000


Building and Civil Construction: Redco undertakes selected building and civil
works projects
Precast Concrete & Hollow Core: Redco is the largest precast concrete
manufacturer in Qatar having two Precast factories at Lusail & Industrial Area
Readymix Concrete: Redcos Ready Mix concrete division was started in 2006
and has a daily capacity of 4000 cubic meters, as well as 50 mixer trucks and 6
concrete pumps.
Redco Power Engineering: Redco established this unit for providing Mechanical,
Electrical & Plumbing services in December 2007.
Redco CICON: Provides steel cutting and bending services and was a joint
venture with Redco CICON, UAE
Pearl NLC: Joint venture with Pakistans National Logistics Corporation and was
established in 2007. Undertakes earthworks and blasting operations.


Management/ Key Personnel

Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Bin Jassim Al Thani: Chairman

Mr. Saif ur Rehman Khan: Managing Director
Mr. Ahsan ur Rehman Khan: Director
Mr. Khalid Rehman Khan: Director
Mr. Wael Gibali: Commercial Manager


H.E. Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Bin Jassim Bin
Jaber Al Thani
Completed his studies in Qatar
Graduated as officer cadet from the Royal
Military Academy Sandhurst, UK
Member of the ruling family of the State of

3rd Floor, Regency Business

Tower, Doha Corniche
Doha, Qatar
P.O. Box: 16750,
Tel: +974 4441 5426
Fax: +974 4441 3786

Chairman of Redco International Group

Chairman on the Board of Directors of Qatar
Islamic Bank
Chairman on the Board of Directors of QInvest
Chairman of the Board of Directors of QIB-UK
Chairman of Al Damaan Islamic Insurance
Company (BEEMA)
Member of the Board of Directors of Credit
Suisse Group AG and Credit Suisse AG
Member of the Board of Directors of Arcapita
Bank Bahrain




Regency Group Holding was founded in 1987 and

is based in Doha, Qatar.
Regency Group Holding engages in hospitality
services, real estate development, and travel and
tours businesses.
Its largest subsidiary is Regency Travels and
Tours, which reported revenues of QR 250 million
in 2004 and has partnerships with major
international firms
Regency Group currently employs more than 2,600
people from 34 different nations



Date Established: 1987

Main Business Sectors:
Hospitality, Travel, Real Estate
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Ibrahim Hassan Al
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 20
Employees: 2600

Regency Hospitality: Manages the hotels under the

group, which includes Moevenpick Tower &
Suites, Wyndham Grand Regency Doha, Ramada
Encore Hotel and Regency Hall
Al Asmakh Real Estate: Al Asmakh owns prime
properties including compounds, shopping malls, commercial complexes,
independent villas and residential complexes.
Beverly Hills Tower
Regency Residence
Ain Khalid Gate
Oman Insurance Company: Insurance solutions provider in the Middle East
Regency Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT): This Company invests in income
generating real estate in the GCC countries and is a joint venture between ARA
Asset Management in Singapore and Regency Group Holding
Regency Travel & Tours: One of the leading travel services provider in Qatar
Regency Holidays
Regency Fleets: Provides short-term and long-term automobile leasing services
Angsana Spa
B/Attitude Spa Doha
Al Asmakh Facilities Management: A leading Integrated Facilities Management
Company in Qatar
Regency Pools & Landscaping: Qatars leading designer and contractor of
swimming pools and landscaping
D.T.Z: Joint Venture with Regency Group. Provides real estate advisory services
Emirates Kitchen: Established in 2006, this subsidiary provides kitchen
Skywall Aluminum: Skywall offers a wide range of aluminum and glass works.


Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Al Asmakh: President

Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Al Asmakh: Vice President
Tareq Abdullatif Taha: CEO (Regency Travels)



Ibrahim Hassan Al Asmakh

Born and raised in Doha
Graduated from the University of Arizona, USA,
in 1987 majoring in Finance

Suhaim Bin Hamad Street

P.O. Box 9012
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4442 2888
Fax: +974 4442 2880

Founder, Chairman and President of Regency

Group Holding
Chairman of Al Asmakh Charity Foundation
Chairman and Managing Director of Regency
Formerly served as first vice-chairman of Qatar
Tourism Authority



The company was founded by H.E. Sheikh Hamad

Bin Ali Bin Abdullah Al Thani, a leading member of
the Qatar Ruling Family in 1978.
Throughout the 1980s, the company focused on its
core business of general contracting and trading of
storage systems
From 1996, the company started diversifying by
starting Rumaillah Services, Rumaillah Motors and
Construction as well as Rumaillah Logistics
Our Group currently has seven companies, made
up of a workforce, which are more than 1,200
They also have eight joint-venture agreements with
international companies operating within Qatar.
In 1996, Rumaillah Group established HS Marketing
as a U.K based sister company, which enables
the Rumaillah Group to have immediate access to
products from U.K, Europe and the United States.


Date Established: 1978

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Contracting,
Communication, Automotive,
Logistics, Trading
Main Business Regions: Qatar,
Chairman: Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali
Bin Abdullah Al Thani
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 15
Employees: 1200


Rumaillah Services: Specialist in office design, project management, fit-out,

refurbishment and furniture supply
Rumaillah Warehouse Equipment: Leading provider of equipment such as
Doors, Joinery and Building Materials as well as storage solutions
Rumaillah Motors: Distributors of Industrial Equipment such as power
generators, material handling and construction equipment from companies such
as AKSA, Crown, Doosan and so on.
Rumaillah Construction: Design and construction of residential and industrial
buildings, Steel erection & assembly works as well as excavations & foundation
Rumaillah Facilities Management Company: Facilities management services
such as building and equipment maintenance, security, cleaning and
Rumaillah Logistics: Freight forwarding and customs clearance services
Rumaillah Vehicle Maintenance: Vehicle maintenance services for small and
medium sized vehicles as well as buses
HS Marketing: U.K. based sister company, which acts as a sourcing agent and
Apton Partitioning Limited: Specializes in designing, manufacturing and
distributing office partitions
Liquid Communication: Video production and media training company

Interior Management Qatar: Production, supply and installation of gypsum

board, cabinets, windows, doors, hotel and residential furniture
Walker & Davies: Communications and web design consultancy
Qanas Productions: Music & arts production
Borekci Group Qatar
Jarir Bookstore: Office & school supplies, I.T. products and books
Jewers: Design, manufacture and installation of sliding folding industrial doors
Ldige Industries: Automated Materials Handling Systems

Management/ Key Personnel

H.E. Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Bin Abdullah Al Thani: Chairman

Emad Turkman, MBE: Chief Executive Officer
Paul Brown: General Manager
Nicholas Bailey: Chief Operating Officer
Allvin Arthur Monteiro: Chief Commercial Officer
Rauf Malik: General Manager, Rumaillah Motors
Marina Jaconi: General Manager, Rumaillah Facilities Management


Emad Turkman, MBE
Emad Turkman is British National
Born in Kirkuk, Iraq in 1958
Started his working career in the United
Awarded with an MBE (Member of the Order of
the British Empire) for his service to British
business interests and the British community in

NBK Commercial Complex

Near Wholesale Market Roundabout
Salwa Road
P.O. Box: 2
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4450 8888
Fax: +974 4450 8889

CEO of the Rumaillah Group in Qatar since

Chairman of Qatar British Businessmen Forum
Former member of the Riyadh British
Businessmen Group
Chairman of the Board of Governors for Doha
English Speaking School



Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa, an aspiring

businessman from Palestine, founded Salam Group
Abdul Salam Abu Issa opened the first studio and
film-processing laboratory in Doha in 1952 with the
name Salam Studio.
An Emiri Decree converted Salam International
Investment Limited from being a family managed
business to a listed public Qatari Shareholding
SIIL owns and manages over thirty-three business
units spread across Qatar, the United Arab
Emirates, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain,
Jordan and Lebanon.
SIIL specializes in four lines of business:
Contracting, Industry and Energy, Technology
andLuxury Retail and Hospitality
The company has a paid capital of QR 1.143 billion
divided into 114.3 million shares, which are traded
on the Qatar Exchange.
Three members of the founding family Essa Abu
Essa, Hussam Abu Essa and Bassam Abu Essa
hold stakes worth 20.26 %, 9.93 % and 4.86 %


Date established: 1952

Main business sectors:
Hospitality, Trading, Fit-outs,
Fabrication, IT, Advertising,
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Issa Abu Issa
Subsidiaries: 33
Alternate Name: SIIS
Type: Publicly Traded
Market: Qatar Exchange
Capitalization: $382 Million


Alu Nasa: Design, fabrication and installation of aluminum and glazing works.
Established in 1992, the company has a presence in UAE and Qatar.
New Image Building Services: Established in 1988 and provides Cleaning
Atelier 21: Established in 1981, Atelier 21 is an interior fit-out company.
Gulf Industries: Established in 1988, Engaged in the fabrication and installation
of industrial type kitchen, laundry, bakery and supermarket equipment.
Gulf Steel and Engineering: Fabrication & installation of steel works
International Trading & Contracting Company: Provides project management &
construction services.
Modern Decoration Company: Carpentry & joinery manufacturing company.
Q Gardens: Established in 1992, a landscaping and irrigation contractor
Salam Enterprises: Established in 1996& focuses on fit-outs
Salam Industries: Interior decorator and furniture manufacturer.
Salam Petroleum Services: Established in 1985, petroleum products supplier
Stream Industrial & Engineering: Established in 1989, EPC contractor for
electro-mechanical works in the industrial & commercial sectors.
Qatari German Switchgear Company: Switchgear manufacturing and Assembly

RBG Middle East: Maintenance, construction support and related services.

Holmesglen Qatar: Technical training & consultancy services.
Salam Technology: Digital systems integrator and IT solutions provider in Qatar.
Salam Studio & Stores: Established in 1952 and currently has a presence in
Qatar, UAE & Oman. Up-market retailer offering over 600 brands
Adabisc: Established in 2003, it is one of Qatars leading advertising agencies
Salam Hospitality: Founded in 2008.
Salam Bounian: Specialized Real Estate Development & Investment Company.
Salam Investments & Real Estate

Management/ key personnel

Issa Abu Issa: Chairman & CEO

Mr. Hussam Abdul Salam Abu Issa, Vice Chairman
Mr. Bassam Abu Issa: Executive Director
Dr. Adnan Steitieh: Executive Director, Legal, Investment & Real Estate
Mr. Hekmat Al Younis: Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Suleiman Al Khateeb: Executive Director Corporate Development
Mr. Nazih Ghanem: Executive Director
Mr. Pierre Khoury: Managing Director, Salam Luxury Retail and Hospitality



Mr. Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa

Degree in Business Administration from San
Diego University USA
More than 30 years of professional experience.

Salam Tower 16th floor, Corniche

Road, West Bay Area
P.O. Box: 15224, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44831415
Fax: +974 44831422

Chairman, Board of Directors: Salam

Vice-Chairman: Serene Real Estate Lebanon
Secretary General of Qatari Businessmen
Member of the World Economic Forum Davos
Member of Arab Business Council
Board of Trustees for Al-Shaqab Equestrian


SASCO group was established in 1983, in Doha as

an enterprise for Aluminium and Steel works.
The basic business field of SASCO was the
fabrication and installation of aluminium windows &
doors for specific construction projects in Qatar.
The groups second enterprise, Al Sada Engineering
was established in 1998
SASCO Group, through ITCC (Imperial Trading &
Contracting Company), also works as a main
contractor for construction projects in Qatar.
Currently, the group has about 29 subsidiaries
The group is involved in all activities ranging from
real estate and construction to culture and
education, from aluminium curtain walls and
glazings to hotel and catering operations, as well as
pharmaceutical and medical solutions.
SASCO Group has grown to a multi-billion dollar
conglomerate with a multicultural staff of more than
10,000 people.


Date Established: 1983

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Fabrication,
Medical, Trading, Real Estate
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Abdulla Khalaf
Mansoor Al-Kaabi
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: More than 29
Employees: 10,000


Specialized Aluminium & Steel Company: Established in 1983, company

provides steel and aluminum fabrication services.
Specialized trading & Contracting Company: Established in 2002, the company
is specialized in contracting, as well as maintenance and carpentry works.
Alubond: Established in 2004, and manufactures aluminum panels
ITCC: Established in 2004, the company is a Grade A civil contractor
Al Duha Pharmacy: Established in 2004
Le Cadre: Professional prints framing company established in 2004
Specialized Cladding & Neon: Established in 2006 & provides faade solutions
Qatar Indo Fabs: Established in 2006 and provides steel fabrication services
Dallas Glass: Established in 2007& supplies processed glass products
Arabian Auto Spares: Established in 2007 & supplies spare parts for trucks,
HCVs, LCVs, Cars, 4WDs, oil, tires and batteries.
Cyber Micro Solution Technologies: IT Services company established in 2007
New Ceramic: Established in 2007, trading of ceramic tiles & sanitary ware
Kalabhavan: School of Music and Arts which was established in 2007
Express Printing Press: Established in 2008, printing and advertising solutions
Nafal Qatar: Contracting company established in 2008
Continental Trading & Contracting Company: HR consultancy
Imperial Flavors: Established in 2009 & provides catering services
Global Rent-A-Car: Established in 2009
Big J Events: Event management company established in 2009

Specialized Marble & Granite: Supplies granite, marble, slates and sandstone
Hotel Crystal Palace: 3-Star business hotel established in 2010
Al Jedar Al Fuddy: Trading company established in 2010
Dorspec: Established in 2010 & involved in the trading of doors
Eco Faade: Established in 2010 & provides green faade solutions
Specialized Medical Solutions: Healthcare equipment supply and distribution
Specialized Tyre Sevices: A tyre retreading company established in 2010
Imperial Air: Established in 2011, and provides HVAC ducts
Orchid Facility Management: Maintenance & Service management company
uPVC: Established in 2012, uPVC fabricates and supplies windows and doors
SASCO Abu Dhabi: Aluminum and Steel subsidiary based in Abu Dhabi
Specialized Marbles and Granite Sharjah: Supply of natural stones
Specialized Marbles & Granites India
KBC Homes India

Management/ Key Personnel


Abdulla Khalaf Mansoor Al-Kaabi: Chairman

James K. Chacko: Managing Director
Lukose K Chacko: Chief Executive Officer
K. Sasikumar: Executive Director
Thomas K. Chacko: Executive Director



Abdulla Khalaf Mansoor Al-Kaabi

Served as a brigadier in the Qatari Army
Helped establish SASCO group in 1983

Al Jazira Al Arabia Sreet

Madinat Khalifa South
Doha - Qatar
Tel: +974 44694747
Fax: +974 44696975

Chairman of SASCO Group of Companies

Chairman of Dallas Glass
Chairman of the Board of Specialized Medical




Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani, began his

business in 1964 with a small company that trades
in automobile spare parts.
The company has expanded to a multi-million
dollar organization comprising over 30 companies
employing 3000 staff located in various parts of
the world.
Today, Sheikh Faisals companies, Sheikh Faisal
Holdings as well as Aamal group, are among the
largest business organizations in Qatar.



Date established: 1964

Main business sectors:Real
Estate, Hospitality, construction,
trading, medical services,
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Sheikh Faisal bin
Qassim Al-Thani
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: More than 30
Employees: More than 3000

Aamal Group: Public Share Holding company,

listed on the Qatar Exchange Stock Market.
Operations across 22 business units
Hospitality & Leisure: Rydges Hotel, Merweb
Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel, Shangri-la Executive
Apartments, Marriott Renaissance Hotel, Courtyard
Marriott Hotel, Marriott Executive Apartments,
Rotana Hotel & Towers, Rotana Executive
City Center Doha: Spread over 300,000 sq. meters, it is one of the largest
shopping malls in the Middle East
Property Division: Faisal Holdings also manages exclusive residential
compounds with over 500 villas, as well as residential apartments
buildings&commercial complexes. The company also has over five residential
and office towers under development
Construction Division: Gettco Contracting (Grade A construction company),
Qatar Modern Maintenance Company (Grade A)
Electromechanical Division: Gettco Road Constructions, Gettco Ready-mix,
Gulf Rocks (Aggregate distributor), Lynx Qatar (GRC) andGettco Contracting
Education Services: Stenden University Doha, Gulf English School (one of the
largest private schools in Qatar), Educate Qatar
Medical Services: Agents for Roche, Novartis, Janssen-Cilag, AstraZeneca,
Aventis, Solvay, Julphar, Drager, Aesculape, General Electric, Heine, Fisher,
Albyn, Alaris, Braun and Johnson & Johnson
TradingDivision: Bridgestone Tires, Total Oil, Painting Materials Aupply, Napco
Consumer Products
Refrigeration and Air ConditioningDivision: Mitsubishi Electrics, General Electric
GE and Costane Refrigeration Equipment
Food Material: Agents for Loacker, Foster Clark, Edible Oils such as Savola,
Afia, Karan, Shams, Al Alali Food Products

Transportation Services: The largest land Transportation Company in Qatar, fleet

comprising of 160 Mercedes, Hino, Man &Scania Trucks, 180 Trailer Units (30
to 150 tons), Cranes & Heavy Moving equipment.
Other Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures: Qatar Trans Shipping Company,
GermanischerLioyd, Maersk Oil, Securitas, DHL, Tanker Pacific, Jotun Paints
and Baytur Construction
International Investments: Al Rayan Algerian Bank, Al Rayan Insurance,
International Real Estates, World Trade Center Algeria, Office Towers Algeria,
Tourist Village Algeria, Office Building, Retail Complexes & Lands in other

Management/ Key Personnel

Faisal Bin Qassim Al- Thani: Chairman of Board and Chief Executive Officer
Tarek Mahmoud El Sayed: Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director of Aamal
Kamel El Egla: Chief Real Estate Project Officer and Director
Mohamed Ahmed Shafik: Chief Audit Executive and Director
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Faisal Al Thani: Vice Chairman of the Board of Aamal


Sheikh Faisal Bin QasemAl Thani

Born in Doha in the year 1948
He is married with 5 sons and daughters
Chairman of Qatari Business Association
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Al
Faisal Holding
Founder and Chairman of Aamal Company
Trustee of Qatar University
Founder and Chairman of Al Faisal without
Borders Foundation
Founder of Al Faisal Educational Fund at Qatar
Sheikh Faisal has established Al Rayan Tourism
and Investment Company with a portfolio of
over 10 hotels in Qatar and other countries
Founded "Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani
Museums" in 1998

Renaissance Hotel Tower, West
P.O. Box 22477
Tel: +974 44223870
Fax: +974 44223850



Tadmur has about 27 years of contracting

experience in Qatar, since its establishment in
Tadmur has substantially increased its scope of
operations in the construction sector in Qatar,
targeting complex and technically challenging
Tadmur group has about ten subsidiaries and
over 4,000 employees.
Tadmur Holding is in the process of building its
headquarters in Energy City Qatar which will hold
offices of Tadmur Holding, subsidiaries and



Date established: 1988

Main business sectors:
Engineering, Contracting,
Logistics, Food Materials,
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Nasser Mohammad
Nasser Hattab Al Kaabi
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 10
Employees: Over 4000

Tadmur Trading: Tadmur trading business

activities includes Architectural Products &
Building Materials, HVAC, Piping Systems,
Scientific & Medical Supplies, Sports & Floor
Covering as well as Water Systems
Takyeef Electromechanical: Focuses on Electromechanical (MEP) contracting
works in Qatar
Roots Energy & Engineering Services: Roots Energy & Engineering Services
provides a wide range of engineering, procurement and construction services
for the Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Power Industries
Tadmur Roofs & Pools: Tadmur Roofs & Pools provides complete design supply
and installation solutions to roofs & substructure waterproofing, swimming
pools, fountains & spas for various projects in Qatar.
Arabian Supplies: The company supplies 16 world class brands such as Henkel,
Al-Rabie, Indomie, Goody, Tabasco, Capri-Sun Juice, Al Ain Mineral Water,
Toya Noodles and so on.
Tadmur Logistics
Tadmur Contracting: Tadmur Contracting, founded in 1987, is a Grade A
Norwood Qatar
OCS Qatar: OCS Qatar LLC is a joint venture between OCS Group Limited and
the highly respected Tadmur Holding group.


Management/ Key Personnel

Mr. Nasser Mohammad Nasser Hattab Al Kaabi: Chairman

Mr. Dafer Mustafa Halawa: Chief Executive Officer
Raed Hallawa: Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Business)
Basim Haikal: Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Operations) & Chief Financial
Abdel Karim Mansour: Chief Information Officer



Mr. Nasser Mohammad Hattab Al-Kaabi

Civil Engineer by profession
Has served the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and
Agriculture (MMAA) prior to venturing into
He is a visionary and a very dynamic, wellknown businessman, in Qatar.

Tadmur Contracting Building

Al Jazira Al Arabiya Street, Al
Madina Khalifa Area
P.O. Box: 11642
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4486 9911
Fax: +974 4486 3385

Chairman of Tadmur Holding Company

Managing Director of Tadmur Contracting



Taleb group was incorporated in 1955

The group is owned and managed by the Khauri
The first business established by the company
was Al Adekhar Real Estate Company, which has
a portfolio well recognized real estate projects.
The group is currently involved in various fields
such as real estate, construction and
manufacture of construction products, trading,
educational institutions, hospitality management
and medical institutions.
The group has more than 3,500 employees, as
well as a QAR 750 million turnover
The group also has over 20 subsidiaries


Date Established: 1955

Main Business Sectors:
Construction, Real Estate,
Main Business Region: Qatar
Chairman: Mohamed Taleb Al
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 13 Business
Employees: 3,500
Revenue: QAR 750 million

Al Adekhar Real Estate Company: The group's

first venture and flagship company focusing on
residential apartments, office complexes, industrial establishments, hospitals
and schools.
Qatar Tractor & Equipment Company: Established in 1974, Qatar Tractor &
Equipment Co. is Taleb Groups second venture and the largest & deals with a
wide range of heavy duty equipment
Qatar Infrastructure Company: Joint venture company of Taleb Group of Qatar
and Giza company of Egypt & involved in construction sector
Taleb Trading Company: The company deals in automobiles, and are the
distributors for the brands of Daihatsu (Japan) & Force Motors (India)
Doha Modern Carpentary Company: General carpentary services
Al Adekhar Agriculture Company: Agriculture & livstock production, as well as
general landscaping
Networth Security Systems: Trading of security systems
Spartan Trading & Contracting Company: Subsidiary company engaged in
construction & supervision work
Trendz Design: Interior Designs
Al Wattan Trading & Contracting Company: Started in 2002, Al Wattan Trading &
Contracting is involved in General Contracting, the Oil & Gas contracting and
the IT services
Spartan Ready Mix & Tiles: Established in 1975, Spartan Readymix & Tiles is
one of the leading suppliers of ready-mix concrete in Qatar.
Al Khoori Building Materials & Trading Company: Established in 1976 and deals
with building materials supply
Qatar Industrial Gases: Established in the year 2009, the company supplies
industrial gases


Top Marble and Granite

Atlas Crushers
Al Jazeera Technical Laboratories: Testing of construction materials for
Government and Non - Government Projects, and for the commercial sector.
Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence: Hotel located in Muntazah
Al Khaleejia Hotel Management
Cambridge International School for Girls: International school for girls following
the UK curriculum
The Cambridge School Doha: International school following the UK curriculum
Doha Modern Indian School: International school following the Indian curriculum

Management/ Key Personnel

Taleb Al Khauri: Founder of the Group

Mohamed Taleb Al Khauri: Chairman & Managing Director
Ahmed Taleb: Assistant MD
Ali Taleb: Assistant MD
Jayashankar Pillai: Chief Executive Officer
Susanna Toi: Business Development Director
Eihab Abu Shakra: Chief Operating Officer, Credit & HR Manager



Mohamed Taleb Al Khauri

Well known industrialist & Business Tycoon in
Engaged in Philanthrophic activities

Salatha Jadeed
P.O Box: 8055
Doha Qatar
Tel: +974 44660041
Fax: +974 44660043

Managing Director of Taleb Group

Management Board Chairman of Cambridge
Management Board Chairman of Doha Modern
Indian School



Teyseer Group was established in 1968, originally

trading in automotive parts and accessories.
Today, the group has diversified their activities to
provide trading, construction, manufacturing and
industrial services.
There are about sixteen companies within the
TEYSEER Group, which operate independently
from each other
Teyseer Group employs over 3000 people
throughout its various divisions
Teyseer is a private, family run business.



Date established: 1968

Main business sectors:
Engineering, Contracting,
Industrial Services, IT,
Transportation, Automotive,
Trading, Security
Main business region: Qatar
Chairman: Abdul Rahman Al
Type: Privately Owned
Subsidiaries: 16
Employees: About 3000

Teyseer Trading and Contracting Company:

Responsible for the trading activities with three
independent divisions, namely: Support Services
Division, CEP Division & Laboratory Division.
(TISSCO): TISSCO was set up in 1999 as an
industrial products supplies and services company.
Teyseer Motors: Teyseer Motors was setup in 1968 and is the exclusive
distributor in Qatar for Suzuki Automobiles, Oxtar, Arai, Akrapovic, Axo, Puig,
Lubricants from ExxonMobil, as well as other car products.
Teyseer Building Materials and Transport: Suppliers of Cement, Construction
Steel, Timber, Shuttering Props, Scaffolding & Paint
Teyseer Service Centre: Fuel Filling Stations as well as car service stations
Computer Arabia: Provides Computer hardware and software, as well as
Network & IT Solutions
Dutest Qatar: Established in 1998, Dutest provides solutions for Cranes, lifting,
material handling, and General Mechanical Works.
Gulf Incon: Established in 1980, Gulf Incon is a vendor to the oil & gas and
process industries, representing brands such as ESAB, METABO, James Walker,
Voltas, among others.
Peninsular Petrotech Engineering: Established in 1982 as a leading ME&I & Civil
Contractor in Qatar
Qatar Plant Hire: Qatar Plant Hire was established for the supply and installation
of scaffolding for international contractors
Gulf Glass Fibre: Gulf Glass Fibre was the first fibreglass products factory in
Teyseer Air conditioning and Refrigeration: Suppliers of Air Conditioners,
Freezers, Refrigerators, Water Coolers & Cooking Equipment, from suppliers
such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and so on.

Construction Commissioning Maintenance (CCM) Services: Established in 1972,

CCM Services provides construction services in the field of electro-mechanical,
civil, instrumentation and energy industries
Teyseer Services: Teyseer Services Company is primarily engaged in providing
catering, housekeeping, camp operation and maintenance through a Technical
Service Agreement with Universal Sodexho
Teyseer Contracting: Teyseer Contracting is a Grade A classified Civil
Contractor in Qatar.
Teyseer Security: Founded in 1994, Teyseer Security Services provides Security
services and solutions to all sectors in Qatar

Management/ Key Personnel

Abdul Rahman Al Mannai: Chairman

Mohammed Al Mannai: Group Deputy Chairman
Adel Abdulrahman Issa Al Mannai: Director, Teyseer Group and President,
Teyseer Motors
Adnan Abdulrahman Al Mannai: Managing Director, Teyseer Industrial Supplies
and Services


Adel Abdulrahman Al Mannai

Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the
Master's Degree in Business Administration
from the US, 1983
He loves aviation, reading and traveling
General Manager of Teyseer Group
Worked in QAFCO till 1995
Managing Director of Computer Arabia
Managing Director of Teyseer Motors
Member of the Board of Salam Bounian
Development Company
Member of the Board of Directors of Salam
Member of the Board of the Qatar Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

Teyseer Building
Al Matar Street, Old Airport
P.O. Box 1556
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4462 2226
Fax: +974 4462 2633




Zad Holding Company is a shareholding

company listed in the Qatar Stock
The company was formerly known as Qatar
Flour Mills Company and changed its name
to Zad Holding Company in April 2008.
Qatar Flour Mill was established in 1969 by
the Emiri Decree No. (12) of 1969, with a
Date established: 1969
capital of QAR 5 million on a lease for
Main business sectors:Food products
twenty five years.
Main business region: Qatar
The group consists of various subsidiaries
Chairman: Nasser Bin Mohammed Bin
having diversified businesses interest and is
Jabor Al Thani
always seeking new business opportunities
Previous Name: Qatar Flour Mills
in the region.
Alternate Name: ZHCD
Zad Holding Company imports wheat and
Type: Publicly Traded
produces wheat, biscuit, and diet flours in
Market: Qatar Exchange
Qatar and other GCC countries.
Capitalization: $880.4 Million
It also manufactures and markets pasta,
biscuits, and sweet products, as well as
Subsidiaries: 5
bakery products, such as buns, cookies, and other soft bakery products; trades
in grains, food stuff, and animal feed; invests in financial instruments; and
provides transport services.
The paid up capital of the company is QAR 66 million and the company has
assets of over QAR 1.6 billion.
In addition, the company holds reserves of flour and grain to cover the
consumption of the country for at least 12 months.
The company possesses its own port with special technical facilities to
accommodate larger ships of about 40,000 metric tons of cargo capacity.


Qatar Flour Mills Company: A modern and fully automated flour manufacturing
facility producing superior quality flour and flour related products.
Qatar Food Industries Company: Manufactures and distributes various types of
Pasta and Biscuits in Qatar and other GCC countries.
Umm Said Bakery: Makes a wide range of dry bakery food products and sweet
products under the brand name of Qbake
National Food Company: Involved in the import and sale of food products,
including popular brands from the region.
Arzak Marketing Company: Involved in the trading of grains and other foodstuff
in Qatar
ALCAT Logistics Company: Logistics service provider with a huge fleet of heavy
transportation vehicles


Gulf United Real Estate Investment Company: Real Estate Management

Company in Doha.
Building Development Real Estate Company: Operating real estate including
commercial properties
ALCAT Contracting Company: Civil Construction, manufacture and supply of
raw materials for the construction sector
ALCAT Real Estate Development Company: Renting of real estate properties
Zain Trading Company: Import and sale of food stuffs and dairy products
Meeda Projects Company: Contracting for buildings and industrial projects, real
estate, manufacture of concrete and asphalt

Management/ Key Personnel:

Sheikh Nasser Bin Mohammed Bin Jabor Al Thani: Chairman

Sheikh Talal Bin Mohammed Bin Jabor Al Thani: Vice Chairman
Mr. Ahmad Ali Bokshisha: Representative of the Ministry of Economy & Finance
Sheikh Nawaf Bin Mohammed Bin Jabor Al Thani: Managing Director
Tareq Mohammed: Chief Executive Officer


Contact Information

Sheikh Nawaf Bin Mohammed Bin Jabor Al Thani

Bachelors in Business Administration from
American University, London, UK in 1996
Married with three sons
Well known philanthropist

Qatar Flour Mills Building

Al Meena Street
Doha Port Area 19
P.O. Box 1444, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4441 5000
Fax: +974 4443 8137

Managing Director of Zad Holding Company

Board Member of Qatar Chamber
Managing Director of Qatar Detergent
Member of Board of Al Jabor Group
Member of Board of Al Jabor Real Estate
Investment Company






Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage

Minister: H.E. Dr. Hamad Bin Abdul Aziz
Al Kuwari
Address: C-Ring Road, P.O. Box
23700, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44668777
Fax: +974 44022028

Ministry of Environment
Minister: H.E. Mr. Ahmed Amer
Mohamed Al Humaidi
Address: Across City Center Mall, P.O.
Box 7636, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44207777
Fax: +974 44207000

Ministry of Defense
Minister: H.E. Maj. Gen. Hamad Bin Ali
Al Attiyah
Address: Wadi Al Sail, P.O. Box 37,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44614111

Ministry of Finance
Minister: H.E. Mr. Ali Sherif Al-Emadi
Address: West Bay, P.O. Box 83, Doha,
Tel: +974 44461444
Fax: +974 44431177

Ministry of Economy and Commerce

Minister: H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Jassim
Bin Mohamed Al Thani
Address: P.O. Box 1968, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44945555
Fax: +974 44930992
Ministry of Endowment and Islamic
Minister: H.E. Dr. Ghaith bin Mubarak
Address: West Bay, P.O. Box 422,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44470777
Fax: +974 44470700
Ministry of Energy and Industry
Minister: H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh
Address: West Bay, P.O. Box 2599,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44846444
Fax: +974 44832024

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister: H.E. Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed
Al Attiyah
Address: Al Mirqab Tower, West Bay,
Tel: +974 40111111
Fax: +974 44327444
Communications Technology
Minister: H.E. Dr. Hessa Sultan Al Jaber
Address: Al Nassr Tower, Post Office
Roundabout, P.O. Box 23264, Doha,
Tel: +974 44995333
Fax: +974 44935913
Ministry of Interior
Minister: H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin
Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani
Address: Doha Corniche, P.O. Box
8895, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44330000
Fax: +974 44322927

Ministry of Justice
Minister: H.E. Dr. Hassan Lahdan Saqr
Al Mohannadi
Address: West Bay, P.O. Box 917,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44842222
Fax: +974 44832875
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Minister: H.E. Mr. Abdullah Saleh
Mubarak Al Khulaifi
Address: Barzan Tower, Al Corniche,
P.O. Box 36, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44841111
Fax: +974 44841000
Ministry of Municipality and Urban
Minister: H.E. Sheikh Abdulrahman bin
Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani
Address: Corniche Road, P.O. Box
22332, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44348070
Fax: +974 44430239

Tel: +974 44070000

Fax: +974 44077778
Ministry of Administrative Development
Minister: H.E. Dr. Issa Saad Al-Jafali Al
Address: P.O. Box 24005, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44628111
Fax: +974 44628170
Ministry of Development Planning and
Minister: H.E. Dr. Saleh Mohamed
Salem Al Nabit
Address: West Bay, P.O. Box 1855,
Doha Qatar
Tel: +974 44958888
Fax: +974 44838429
Ministry of Education and Higher
Minister: H.E. Mr. Mohammed Abdul
Wahed Ali Al Hammadi
Address: P.O. Box 35111, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44044444
Fax: +974 44659444

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Minister: H.E. Mr. Salah bin Ghanem bin
Nasser Al Ali
Address: P.O. Box 2511, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44943888
Fax: +974 44943773

Ministry of Transport
Minister: H.E. Mr. Jassim Seif Ahmed Al
Address: P.O. Box 1186, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44588588
Fax: +974 44588844

Ministry of Public Health

Minister: H.E. Mr. Abdullah bin Khalid Al
Address: Medical City, P.O. Box 42,
Doha, Qatar.

General Directorate of Customs

Chairman: Ahmed Ali Al-Mohannadi
Address: P.O. Box 81, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44457457
Fax: + 974 44457015

National Human Rights Committee
Chairman: Dr. Ali Bin Samikh Al Marri
Address: Souq Al-Rawda, Salwa Road,
P.O. Box 24104, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44444013
Fax: +974 44444013
Public Prosecution
Attorney General: H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Fetais
Al Marri
Address: P.O. Box 705, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44843333
Fax: +974 44843393
Qatar Central Bank
Governor: H.E. Sheikh Abdulla Bin
Saoud Al-Thani
Address: P.O. Box 1234, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44456456
Fax: + 974 44430382
Qatar Chamber
Chairman: H.E. Sheikh Khalifa Bin
Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani
Address: Al Montazah Signal, P.O. Box
402, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44559111
Fax: +974 44661693
Qatar Financial Center
CEO: Shashank Srivastava
Address: P.O. Box: 23245, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44967777
Fax: +974 44967676

Qatar Financial Markets Authority

CEO: Nasser Ahmed Al-Shaibi
Address: Tower 2, Qatar Financial
Center, West Bay, P.O. Box 25552,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44289999
Fax: +974 44441221
President: H.E. Eng. Nasser Bin Ali Al
Address: P.O. Box 22188, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44950000
Fax: +974 44950999
Qatar Businessmen Association
Chairman: Sheikh Faisal Bin Qasem Al
Address: P. O. Box: 24475, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44353120
Fax: +974 44353834
Qatar Businesswomen Association
Chairman: Aisha Hussain Alfardan
Address: P.O. Box: 24475, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44209109
Fax: +974 44477455
Korea Trade and Investment Promotion
Agency (KOTRA)
Director: Mr. Park Taewha
Address: #2006 Palm Towers B, West
Bay, P.O. Box 24860, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 40162603
Fax: +974 40162602




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1. Determine the Type of Company & the Objectives of the Company

Incorporating a Local Company as per the Commercial Companies Law: A
local shareholder is generally required to hold at least 51% of shares. The
foreign shareholders profits are in general taxable. Parties may enter
into an agreement in which the foreign party is allowed to manage the
Establish a branch of a foreign company: Must have a contract with a
government or quasi-government entity. No local shareholder is required,
and profits are generally taxable.
Incorporate a company within the Qatar Financial Centre: Can be 100%
foreign-owned and is subject to 10% corporate taxation. The companys
primary activity must relate to financial services and support activities
Incorporate a company within the Qatar Science & Technology Park:
Currently the only free zone in Qatar, and companies investing inside QSTP
benefit from zero taxes, 100% foreign ownership as well as trading directly
in Qatar without a local agent. In order to obtain a license, the companys
activities must contribute to the advancement of science, technolgy,
research & development of Qatar.
Appointing a Commercial Agent: A foreign company which wishes to sell
goods may enter into a commercial agency relationship with a Qatari person
or a company already established in Qatar.
Appointing a Distributor: A Qatari or a local company may be appointed as a
distributor by a foreign investor to represent him in distributing and selling
certain goods in Qatar
Appointing a Commercial Representative: Commercial representative may be
appointed through an employment contract with the person or company
2. Shareholding Structure of the Company
Limited Liability Company
General Partnership
Simple Limited Partnership
Limited partnership With Shares
Unincorporated Joint Venture
Joint Stock Company (Public Or Private)
Single-Person Company
3. Reserve a unique company name at the Ministry of Economy & Commerce
Name availability check, reservation and payment can be completed online
Cost: QAR 1,000-1,500
4. Find a suitable location to establish an office
Obtain a lease contract for setting up the office


5. Write the Memorandum and Articles of Association for the company

The articles of association must include the Company name, location/head
office address, objectives of the company, startup capital, restrictions,
names of all shareholders, distribution of profits or losses between the
shareholders, company's management and the capital structure
6. Obtain the approval on the Memorandum and Articles of Association (Arabic) from
the Commercial Companies Inspection Department at the Ministry of Economy &
Partners/ Shareholders need to be present in person
The department issues the Bank Certificate for deposit of the startup capital
Cost: QAR 1,500
7. Approval for activity from concerned department or ministry
Supreme Council of Health: Activities relating to the health sector
Supreme Council of Education: Activities in support of the education
Ministry of Interior: Activities related to Security Systems, Private Security,
Control Systems
Qatar Tourism Authority: Activities related to Tourism, Hotels, Hotel
Civil Aviation Authority: Activities related to Travel Agencies, Air Cargo
Ministry of Culture: Activities related to printing, advertisements, media and

8. Open

Ministry of Energy & Industry: Establishing factories & manufacturing
Ministry of Environment: Activities related to chemicals, air conditioning and
Qatar Central Bank: Activities related to the banking sector and exchanges
Ministry of Labor: Activities related to Manpower and recruitment, nurseries
and play schools
Ministry of Awqaf: Activities related to Hajj and Umra
Ministry of Finance: Activities related to customs clearance
Ministry of Justice: Trading on real estate
Qatar financial markets authority: Financial brokerage activities
Ministry of Transport: Car rental activities
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICTQatar): Activities
related to the technology sector
bank account
Deposit the minimum capital of QAR 200,000 (US$54,950)
Bank account should be in the name of the company
Obtain letter from bank, which is valid for 30 days, stating the required
capital is deposited
This amount cannot be withdrawn till the company is incorporated

9. Authenticate the Articles of Association at the Ministry of Justice

Articles of Association typed on the Ministry of Justice letterhead need to be
authenticated again from Ministry of Economy and Commerce
Partners/ Shareholders as well as all authorized signatories need to be
present in person

Cost: QAR 24 for the first 2 shareholders, QAR 9 each for every other
10. Register with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Complete the application form signed by the partners or the company
Complete the Chamber of Commerce authorized signatories form
Submit these documents along with the original authenticated articles of
association, along with the approved draft and copies of authorized
signatories ID cards
Obtain signature card, with authorized signatories and membership
Cost: QAR 50050,000
11. Register at the Registration & Licensing Department of the Ministry of Economy &
Commerce to obtain CR Certificate
Complete the application form
Submit the form along with a copy of the approved memorandum and
articles of association, Copy of the payment receipt for the review of the
memorandum and articles of association, Copy of the bank deposit
certificate and copies of the partners' ID cards.
Obtain a Commercial Registration (CR) Certificate
Cost: QAR 5005000, depending on the trade sector
12. Obtain Municipal/ Trade License and the Signage License from the Ministry of
Municipality and Urban Planning
Submit application form at Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning with
Copy of Company CR Certificate, Building Completion certificate, Lease
agreement, Picture of building, Owner ID copy, Model and measure of the
signage, Authorization letter for the signboard by one of the authorized
Cost: Around QAR 2,20010,000 for trade license; QAR 100-200 for
Signage license
13. Make a company Seal
14. Obtain an Immigration Card from the Ministry of Interior

Submit application form, Copy of ID Card of Authorized signatories, Copy of

CR, Copy of Trade License, Copy of Qatar Chamber Membership, Letter
from company signed by the authorized signatory at the Ministry of Interior
Obtain Immigration Card (Computer Card)
Cost: QAR 200

15. Register for taxes at Ministry of Finance and obtain a Tax Identification number (TIN)
Obtain a company audit report from an auditor who is authorized to operate
in Qatar
Submit application form along with the audit report, original and a copy of
the Articles of Association, ID copies of authorized signatories, Original of
CR along with a copy, Copy of trade permit and immigration card, Copy of
electricity bill from the leased property and a letter appointing the companys




Commercial Companies Law (No.2 of 2002)

Trading Regulation Law (No. 27 of 2006)

Ministry of Economy & Commerce, Qatar Business & Trade Guide 2012


Business Setup Procedures for Non-Qataris, Ministry of Economy & Commerce

Doing Business in Qatar, HSBC


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