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Service marketing The toy train in sayajibaug

-Darrell D’souza T.Y BBA. Specialization: Marketing

Sayaji Baug

Sayaji Baug was dedicated to the citizens

of Vadodara by Maharaja  Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III in 1879. Sayaji Baug is the largest garden in  Western India, stretching over 113 acres. It has a Zoo, a Museum and Picture Gallery, a small museum for Health and Hygiene, a floral clock, a bandstand and a toy train for children and some fun rides. The park also has a planetarium.

The toy train 

It was a gift to the children of Vadodara by the royal Gaekwad Family. The Toy Train is extremely popular amongst children. It runs on a small track width 10 inches covering a distance of 3.5 km giving the entire view of the garden. It doesn't operate on Thursdays.

The toy train For children’s entertainment  Proposals
  

1.Variation in the train 2. More Stations 3. Increase the length of track


A ticket costs Rs.5 Annual expenditure is 10 lakhs per annum Annual income is 3 lakhs per year A social service  Proposals
 

1. Try for sponsorship 2. Selling of advertising space

Covers the entire garden 20 minute journey Covers the aviary of the zoo Passengers come to the station 

Very famous already Tour operators include it in their maps of the

city. Several web sites showcase the train as an attraction Part of the history of our city
  Proposals

1. Hoardings portraying the train. 2. Showcasing the history of the city intertwined with the train

A small work force Working time

2.30 pm and 5.30 pm

 Experienced Two drivers Two train guards

Physical evidence
The children receive the ticket stub    Suggestions

1. They can receive balloons wit a train picture on it 2. A paper cap that shows a toy train

Mr. V.C Chikhalia- Director of park and garden Supervisor- Shobna Patel Labour Secuirty  

I would like to thank Mr. V.C Chikhalia, the

Director of parks and gardens, Sayajibaug for his inputs and feedback The train supervisor Shobna Patel ,who gave me access to the train. The other staff who were instruments to make this project a success.

Thank you!

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