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Storyvalues Newsletter - February 2010

Storyvalues Newsletter - February 2010

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The February 2010 edition of the Storyvalues Newsletter features information about how Storyvalues integrated programs support SEL. Also included is a description of the great collection of recorded stories that are central to the Storyvalues program.
The February 2010 edition of the Storyvalues Newsletter features information about how Storyvalues integrated programs support SEL. Also included is a description of the great collection of recorded stories that are central to the Storyvalues program.

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Published by: storyvalues on Mar 09, 2010
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February 2010

The World’s Wisdom for Today’s Education

An Integrated System.
One Resource - A World of Applications.
We receive excellent feedback from educators across the country, who mention that Storyvalues provides materials that are applicable to a wide range of classroom requirements. Culture and Heritage Storyvalues is built around the tradition of multicultural storytelling; all materials reflect cultural and personal diversity while celebrating the positive character values all people share. Here are some of the ways that Every program promotes Storyvalues is making a difference. development of cultural awareness through text-to-self, Social / Emotional Learning text-to-text, and text-to-world Storyvalues provides materials connections. that model positive behaviour, cooperation and how Media & Technology consequences arise from the As an online resource, Storyvalues decisions we make. Recorded is a unique expression of new stories provide sophisticated, technology. It is easy to use for emotionally attuned listening students and educators alike, and experiences; follow up classroom demonstrates how new media can materials encourage individual be used creatively. Ideal for Smart thinking and enable cooperative boards, Storyvalues continues to learning, inclusive discussions and be an inspiration for creative activities. assemblies and amazing multimedia class projects. Music, Art & Drama Each recording is enhanced with culturally accurate original music, exposing students to a wide range of instruments and musical traditions. Stories are ideal for dramatic and artistic interpretation. Literacy / ELL Founded upon the bedrock of ancient classic myths, legends and folktales, Storyvalues gives students a solid grounding in traditional world literature. Recorded stories are a great way to enhance comprehension and inspire interest in reading and retelling. These are just a few of the ways Storyvalues is helping educators fulfill requirements in classrooms across the country!

Celebrating diversity, learning shared positive values, building strong communities and safe learning environments.


STORYVALUES February 2010

Storyvalues Recordings.
Active listening experiences that inspire creative visualization.

How to Use Storyvalues Recordings In it’s entirety, Storyvalues consists of 64 recorded stories. The recordings are excellent for use in libraries, classrooms, assemblies or played to the entire school over the PA system. Each recording may be played online (Flash format). The recordings are also available as MP3 files. These may be downloaded and played on individual MP3 players, for the duration of the license (one or two years).

Storyvalues is unique in that it deliberately presents traditional multicultural stories as vivid audio experiences. Each recording delivers sophisticated and compelling listening that allow students to experience and interpret the story in their own way, free of external or imposed imagery. Students are thus presented with an opportunity for creative visualization, effectively allowing imaginative participation in the story. The mental images and insights that arise from this process can then be further explored with the extensive classroom follow up materials that accompany each story. Every story features authentic, culturally accurate musical instrumentation and creative sound effects that serve to highlight the narrative and create a compelling soundscape that draws students into an active listening experience. Students are inspired, enthralled and imaginatively engaged by the recordings, making the essential content of each story easy to understand and assimilate. Reflecting Cultural Diversity Storyvalues is a modern educational resource that reflects and celebrates diversity while demonstrating how all cultures share the same positive values. Stories are chosen carefully, based on the essential content they provide and for how they can

“For schools or libraries embarking on a character education program or looking to incorporate listening, critical thinking and writing skills into the curriculum, Storyvalues offers an online resource of audio programs that address specific concepts through the use of multicultural literature... Language arts and reading teachers will appreciate the opportunity to extend these folktales into their lesson plans.”
School Library Journal

contribute to a greater awareness and appreciation for diversity. Equal consideration is given to the culturally authentic music that accompanies each story. Many students may not be familiar with the sound of the sitar, the koto, the talking drum or a nickelharpa, but through Storyvalues they can experience new sounds and learn how all people use storytelling and music to express ideas, emotions and cultural identity. Comprehension and Emotional Literacy In summary, the Storyvalues recordings are the cornerstone for each program, providing educators with a unique (and enjoyable) way to enhance literacy, comprehension and language arts. They allow for an easy transition into insightful discussions and activities that can help facilitate a wide range of social and emotional learning requirements.


STORYVALUES January 2010

Storyvalues is committed to providing resources that achieve unity through diversity.

Diversity is something all people share; cultural and personal diversity is an expression of human creativity. Storyvalues celebrates human creativity through the shared traditions of storytelling, music and other creative arts.

FOCUS On: Equity and Inclusive Education
The times in which we live are truly miraculous. Never before Yet, even as societies around the world become more have so many been so able to access the breadth of world multicultural, it remains a sad truth that many individuals (and culture, through the medium of the computer, though YouTube communities) continue to feel excluded or underrepresented. Google and other applications. This can be especially difficult for students, who may feel that The world of today’s student is truly a global village. At the exclusion very keenly, particularly if they have just arrived from click of a button, a grade 5 student in India can see what life is a culture that is different from the one in which they now live. like in Saskatchewan; a classroom in New York City can virtually ‘visit’ Ghana. This has never existed before, and it will Storyvalues provides schools with programs that directly speak have great implications for tomorrow’s adults. to this important issue. All 5 integrated programs are founded upon the bedrock of multicultural storytelling, and contain Storyvalues is designed to help educators bring today’s students reflections of music, art, history and the positive values all into their future as responsible citizens of the world, aware and people share. Extensive classroom follow up materials provide accepting of themselves and others. suggestions for inclusive cooperative activities that can help create strong classroom and school communities. To achieve this goal, Storyvalues provides five integrated programs that use the traditions of storytelling and music to As today’s children come of age in the new ‘global village’ it is emphasize unity and celebrate diversity. essential that they are given every opportunity to understand and appreciate the wonderful world of cultural and personal Every culture in the world has storytelling in common. Stories diversity that is their inheritance. Storyvalues is committed to (like music, art and dance) are a universal language we all providing resources that can help educators meet requirements share, and one of the primary ways in which we communicate for equity and inclusive education, responsible citizenship, our thoughts, emotions, dreams and traditions. character education and safe school strategies.


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