This TV commercial is made by DiGi as a telecommunications company. DiGi is one of the mobile service providers in Malaysia that spans out to other Asia Pacific countries. DiGi telecommunication commercial is very famous in current television advertisement in Malaysia which is using yellow man as a mascot and a theme song from Ricky Nelson called „I Will Follow You‟. To describe the creativity are using in DiGi telecommunication commercial I choose one of the advertisement which is DiGi‟s widest coverage, always with you. The commercial runs for 41 seconds in total.


First impression is best impression

In this DiGi telecommunication commercial advertisement, first they show town area with high buildings. Then they show yellow man who are following the every people in that town area. So, from the beginning of the advertisement, the people who are watching this advertisement will ask himself about who are the yellow man with yellow suit was following every people like as a crazy man. After that the director of this advertisement shoots the video on the people who are using hand phone. So, indirectly the people understand that the yellow man is represents of DiGi line with the theme song „I will follow you‟. As a result, the DiGi telecommunication commercial advertisement attracts the people by fist impression with the expression of the yellow man.


Using yellow man as a mascot of DiGi telecommunication

The DiGi yellow man as a mascot not only shows the brand itself, but also its part of the brand that people actually remembers well. DiGi telecommunication came up with this brilliant idea of having a man in yellow suit following every users of DiGi. In other words, the yellow man actually represents of DiGi‟s line. The yellow man also attractive with the yellow suit and attract the people with his comedy action especially children group.

Using suitable theme song as background music. The DiGi theme song „I Will Follow You‟ is most suitable as background song for the yellow man action. With the idea of a Yellow Man mascot of DiGi telecommunication following every DiGi users, the next thing most people would think wo uld be a song about “following” someone. These theme songs always make all the people remember to DiGi telecommunication and attract the people by this theme song.

Using perfect slogan

DiGi telecommunication used perfect slogan in this commercial advertisement such as “Always the smarter choice” and “time to change”. A slogan if uses the right wordings can actually be make people remembers. After all, a successful brand needs people to remember the brand. In this part, DiGi‟s slogan is “Always the smarter choice”. The “time to change” slogan make the people always think about to changing their hand phone line when they always sing „I will follow you‟ song because this song attract the people by wording are using in this song besides a wonderful background music.


multiple locations

In this DiGi telecommunication commercial advertisement, the director of this advertisement was using multiple locations to show that DiGi line coverage is really widest coverage. The director used multiple locations such as town area, mountain area, on the ship, in the lift and also at forest area. Indirectly the director shows this DiGi line is suitable for every people in this world even to the man who are living in forest as a living place for him. The director also used yellow man who are represent for DiGi line, seconds to seconds of advertisement the quantity of yellow man was increase and finally the director finish his advertisement idea at beginning of the story which is at the town area with many yellow man following the people. Its show us DiGi line is perfect line and the coverage is always available to user.

Multi national unity

In this DiGi commercial advertisement, the director was showed that the Malaysia country is one of the multi racial countries in the world and the people in Malaysia are living with very peaceful. Another factor is the director also showed that the Malaysian people like to live together each other although different races. In another word, director showed that the Malaysian living in multi national unity under the concept of one Malaysia.

Right needs to right person in right time

A right need to right person in right time is on of the important policy of business or technique of business. In this advertisement, the director was showed with clearly that the Malaysia country is one of the Asian countries who were developed with faster and the Malaysian people must have DiGi line for their hand phone for contact each other. From here we can conclude that the director find out the right person (Malaysian people) in right time which is now the Malaysia country were grow with faster in many fields and right needs which is people need communicate each other to make


them easy to do any work. So, the concept of business which is right needs to right person in right time was used very well by director.

CONCLUSION In conclusion I‟m saying by, The DiGi telecommunication commercial video is very funny with the action and faces expression by yellow man as mascot of DiGi telecommunication besides with a suitable theme song from Ricky Nelson which is „I will follow you‟ also make people always remember the DiGi line. The DiGi‟s slogans such as “Always the smarter choice” and “time to change” is keywords fro m DiGi telecommunication because as a human being the people always want to try which is best and smart for them. So, here have most advantage to DiGi telecommunication to attract the people by slogans.



The beginning of the story, the director was showed town environme nt

The yellow man represent of DiGi line that was following every people.

The yellow man, who are following everyone in our country s how that Malaysia is a multi racial country. These situations also showed that Malaysia is a unity county with multi racial people.

The director also used that quantity of yellow man is represent of DiGi’s widest coverage. In ending of the story, the quantity of yellow man was increased.



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