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Published by: Brendan Schmidt on May 02, 2008
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BLACK. NARRATOR SPEAKS Screen is BLACK as the NARRATOR speaks to the audience. Sounds of LEAVES in the WIND can be heard in the distance. NARRATOR It is the root of all our feeling. Humanity's most basic of emotion - the desire for more. Yet something so simple, binds humanity to one. A consciousness untouched by our trifling rules. Many have sought the meaning to existence; the one tether that ties everything together. Many speak of deities as this means. But I speak of more treacherous ventures; those whom are mortals amongst the gods. Testing the very meaning of what is to be alive. And it is in these Trails of the Mind, we see the limitless power of the human imagination. Brief pause for title fade-in. Over Black - Trials of the Mind NARRATOR (CONT’D) We begin near the end. Over Black - The End FADE-IN


EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY The camera opens on ANDREW ESNER, 18, standing outside in the city streets. The sound of LEAVES and WIND fade as the effects of EXPLOSIONS take precedent. Andrew thinks to himself as war thunders in the background. ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT What am I doing here? I once spoke of happy endings, only to find reality a sad disposition to a chaotic future. I fear this will be the end. It’s just a feeling I can’t shake. But the end to what is the question? Andrew looks around, in an attempt to find something familiar.



EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY Off in the distance a shock-wave hits the streets causing them to buckle down into the sewers. The smell becomes overbearing, causing Andrew to fall to his knees. The feeling is like a brick being forced through his body. ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT I need to collect myself - focus Andrew. In an attempt to do so, he sits back calming his body and mind. He inhales harmoniously - soothing his senses. He begins to count to himself. Each count causes his focus to shift to a sight of a dead super, done in by the mysterious villain. ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT (CONT’D)

One. 4

EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY A flash happens showing the audience the corpse of Naut, 38. Sprawled out dead amongst the rubble. Two. ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT


INT. METRO CITY BUILDING - DAY A second flash happens, this time showing the dead body of Vanessa hooked onto a scrap metal piece hanging from a building. Three. ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT

The third and final flash occurs showing the audience Mausk, 26, dead. His head pulverized by a layer of cured concrete. 6 EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY From across the street the Super, Titan, 34, emerges from the back streets dressed in a Super’s costume. A blue line over the black cloth runs from his waste up to his chest where is splits and runs down each arm-forming a T.




Titan runs across the street. Touches Andrews shoulders to sooth him. Andrew’s eyes open as he looks up at the Super. TITAN (CONT’D) Andrew, we need to get moving, you don’t need to be around this any longer. ANDREW ESNER (emotionless) They’re dead, Titan. Naut, Vanessa, even Mausk. TITAN I know, but we cannot focus on that right now. There will come a time where we can, but now is what we need to concern ourselves with. ANDREW ESNER Death was their end and it should be mine. We cannot leave with so many dead, Titan. TITAN It’s not safe for you Andrew. ANDREW ESNER It’s not safe for any of us. It wants us, it wants me. Why should more have to die in cause of my existence? TITAN Because you’re not ready to face those demons yet. You are young, life has just begun for you, why even tempt fait? Andrew walks away and more into the city. Titan SIGHS at his stubbornness. TITAN (CONT’D) There will be many times to die, Andrew, does it really have to be this one? ANDREW ESNER What better time than the one where it matters? You know that Titan. Titan walks to Andrew and become parallel with Andrew.


TITAN Who taught you that load of shit? You. ANDREW ESNER

Titan reflects sardonically, letting out a brief SIGH. An EXPLOSION occurs in the distance, taking a 40 Story building with it. Beat. The pulverized concrete creates a thick cloud in the distance. Beat. From it emerges a BMW car hurdling through the air. Beat. Um. Titan. I see it. ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D) TITAN

Titan plants his feet while Andrew takes a few steps to the side. Beat. Titan catches the luxurious sedan. He then smoothly tosses the car back towards the cloud from which it emerged. Beat. TITAN (CONT’D) If that’s all, then maybe we don’t have to worry. Andrew notices something else emerge from the cloud, a GAS TANKER TRUCK. Both Andrew and Titan’s eyes widen. ANDREW ESNER Well, now that’s different. Holy shi... TITAN

Titan grabs Andrew by each arm, as he hugs him closely, bends his knees and launches into the air. Beat. The TANKER EXPLODES on impact sending the airborne duo even further into the sky. Beat. 7 EXT. ABOVE METRO CITY - DAY Moments pass as the two are shot further into the heavens, they enter the rain clouds above. Titan begins to speak to Andrew, yelling, as the WIND makes it hard to hear. TITAN We’re to high!


ANDREW ESNER What?! You mean your super strength can’t help us here? Convenient. TITAN We’ll land like bugs on a windshield. Titan and Andrew reach the height of their assent, just breaching the clouds-revealing the dark blue SKY prefect and beautiful. Stars can be seen as faint specks, with the sun just setting below the far horizon. Time slows as Andrew reflects. ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT There are few moments I will always remember, and this will be one. Perfection has its many beauties, constantly reminding us of once was. It could be the reposing breeze, the stars, or certain death. But it reminds me nonethe-less, of a time far less perfect. FADE OUT TEXT OVERLAY - “THE MIDDLE” 8 INT. THEREPY OFFICE - DAY Andrew enters a room filled with warming feeling. Trinkets fill every nook, while a huge fluffy green chair sits next to the south wall. To the north wall a couch, same color and style, lays inviting anyone to rest amongst its down cushions. JANE MITCHAL Please take a seat. ANDREW ESNER Do I get the couch or the chair? JANE MITCHAL Well, people usually feel more comfortable with the couch, but the chair is far more relaxing. ANDREW ESNER The couch, please. Andrew sits on the couch. Its not too soft, nor to film. Jane takes our her trusty notebook to document the day’s events.


JANE MITCHAL Andrew, I must start out by saying its a shear pleasure to have you here. Your mother has talked many time about her wonderful son, and many a time I wished I could get to meet you. Andrew looks palsying around the room, anxious and cautious in his stare. Examining at every little detail for a flaw or mark that separates those perfectionist from the dysfunctional. JANE MITCHAL (CONT’D) Would you care to start out by telling me why you think you’re here? I’m here... ANDREW ESNER

He pauses in anticipation to the next phrase, not knowing really why he was there. ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D) I’m here because my mother referred me to you. Shes been coming here for several month and you’ve worked wonders for heror so she says. And she’s hoping you can do the same for me. JANE MITCHAL You don’t think you need therepy? ANDREW ESNER I never said that. I mean, everyone has their problems, but I don’t necessarily think you’re going to be able to treat mine. Why’s that? JANE MITCHAL

ANDREW ESNER Because I understand what’s going on, it’s just process of getting from point A to point B that I’m struggling with. JANE MITCHAL Andrew, I’ve dealt with many Supers before. Most of whom say those same words, verbatim.


ANDREW ESNER See, that’s the point I try to make. I am not a super. I don’t have super abilities that set me apart from normality of human life. I am me, and that’s it. JANE MITCHAL Tell me about school. ANDREW ESNER No much to say. After semester I stopped attending, and now Im here. JANE MITCHAL Why did you drop out? ANDREW ESNER I didn’t drop out. I.. Andrew pauses in recollection to the reality of the question. JANE MITCHAL Because of what, Andrew? ANDREW ESNER Because I was in a coma for 2 months and couldn’t finish the semester, so why the rest of it? ANDREW INNER THOUGHT She knows... Damnit mother. JANE MITCHAL Why were you in a coma. Andrew went silent at the realization that his mother had talked about his being hospitalized and it worried him. He didnt feel as though he needed to be fixed, nor tinkered with, so why was he? ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT I’m sorry Curtis. Andrew? JANE MITCHAL

ANDREW ESNER Isn’t our time up? JANE MITCHAL Yes, I think it is.


Jane jots several notes down furiously. Then looks to Andrew with one request. JANE MITCHAL (CONT’D) Andrew, I would like for you to do something for me. Take this. She reaches over the chair’s arm and into her leather portfolio, emerging with a green spiral notebook. JANE MITCHAL (CONT’D) And write down anything you feel important enough to write down. ANDREW ESNER Like a journal? JANE MITCHAL More like a diary of the inner thought. Andrew takes the notebook from Jane and looks at her. She leans back and smiles. 9 INT. ESNER HOUSE - DAY Andrew gazes at the television looking for something to inspire him. He stops on a movie of a normal man who dresses up as a bat and saves other people - he laughs and continues to search. He comes across the nightly news and their top story of the night. ANCHOR WOMEN Tonight’s top story: Metro’s own Titan once again acts as the masked savor by rescuing a bus load of children from certain death. The Markwood school bus’s breaks we apparently cut. And launched itself off a seaside cliff, Titan pulled them to the rescue. From all of Metroville, Titan, we thank you. Whom ever you are. This sparks copious amounts of reaction from Andrew. He takes out his notebook given to him by Jane, ad begins to document various Super’s activity, as seen on the nightly news. The voice of Andrew overlays with the top stories for 7 days with the written text blended in with the background.


ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT Entry 1: “Titan saves school bus children form certian death” Why do Supers save us? Better yet, why do they save us and ask for nothing in return. Entry 2: “Mirage rescue lost kitten from drug lord.” It is with their acts kids form virtues, but still no answer as to why. Entry 3: No Super Activity today and mom made soup again. Bleh. 10 INT. THEREPY OFFICE - DAY JANE MITCHAL So, Andrew, did you find anything worth documenting? Andrew hands Jane the spiral journal. She leans forward takes it from and resumes her lax position. Opening the journal she finds that Andrew is filled with questions regarding Supers. She ponders this over and then begins to bounce her questions to Andrew. ANDREW ESNER So? Is this what you were looking for? JANE MITCHAL Well, to be honest, no. Truthfully, this was an attempt on my part to learn more about your past and how you got to be who you are today. But this is good. Although it wasn’t what I was “looking for” this still gives me great insight into who you are today. You have quite the fascination with Supersheroes. So..? ANDREW ESNER

JANE MITCHAL So we can use this to delve more into the your mind and examine why. Andrew hears this, and let out a resounding sigh. Great. ANDREW ESNER



EXT. ABOVE METRO CITY - DAY Titan and Andrew fall to the streets from the their towering position beyond the clouds. Both keeping moderately calm in leu of their current situation. ANDREW ESNER So, what, you’re telling me we’re going to die? TITAN Unless you have any better ideas, yes! They increase speed drastically bolting towards the earth. Gravity takes hold of their flimsy, fleshy bodies and hammers them towards the crust. Hold on! TITAN (CONT’D)

With one long camera shot, they re-enter the clouds, as moisture cleanses their faces. They exit the clouds now able to view the streets. Beat. They continue to increase speed. Beat. They enter between the skyscrapers, people are ants, and cars are the beetles roaming the wide earth. Beat. A faint black speck grows larger from the distance and then swallows to falling couple. 12 INT. ANDREW’S ROOM - NIGHT Andrew wakes screaming from his nightmare. Heart racing and in panic he sits there reflecting. OS: ANDREW ESNER I had a nightmare, last night. OS: JANE MITCHEL A nightmare? What was it about? 13 INT. THEREPY OFFICE - DAY JANE MITCHAL Andrew, what is it? ANDREW ESNER I was falling. JANE MITCHAL Falling... Where you alone?




He pauses in retrospect trying to find the words that explain what it was that separates these from the normality of humanity. ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D) It wasn’t so much as me falling, as it was the world being taken from under my feet. Everyone seemed so pleasant, but they weren’t real - something about them made them inhuman. JANE MITCHAL What about them made them inhuman? ANDREW ESNER They had no feeling. Everyone walked the streets in uniform, solum and desolate. Andrew’s mind jumps to the memory of said dream. 14 EXT. SOME CITY STREETS - DAY In what seems as a circus of dark clowns, hundreds of people line the streets uniformly dressed in business attire. They stand at an intersection, still, and facing towards the center of the crossways; at Andrew. Who is too dressed in a uniform grey scale attire. O/S: ANDREW ESNER Everyone stood there looking at me. And it was almost as if their eyes demanded answers. O/S: JANE MITCHAL Answers to what? 15 INT. THEREPY OFFICE - DAY JANE MITCHAL What question are they trying to get answered? ANDREW ESNER Why they can’t cry. The two are interrupted by a loud KNOCK at the downstairs doorway.


Jane jumps slightly startled by the noise behind the silence of the calm room. The air had become somewhat tense in the room. She then remembers she had asked s specialist to come talk with Andrew for a few moments. JANE MITCHAL Oh, yes. Andrew, I hope you don’t mind, but I asked a close friend of mine to come talk with you this week. What? ANDREW ESNER

JANE MITCHAL I know this is a bit unorthodox but you might find some answers by getting to know him. Jane steadily gets up out of her seat and continues down stairs. Andrew can hear the SOUNDS of DOORS OPENING and CLOSING with mixed mumbles of HELLO’s and other prequzing dialogue. JANE MITCHAL (CONT’D) (faint in the distance) He is up there waiting for you. MICHAEL FISHER Thank you, Jane. Andrew then hears large foot steps making its way up the stairs - And the quick KNOCK. The door opens to reveal Michael Fisher,28, year old man, dressed in a suite and red tie. His footsteps match his built body. Andrew looks at Michael puzzled as to why the man is here. MICHAEL FISHER (CONT’D) And you must be Andrew. And you are? ANDREW ESNER

MICHAEL FISHER Michael Fisher, but my friends call me Titan. 16 EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY Titan kneels on the ground in attempts to wake the unconscious Andrew. When he final comes to e is safely on the ground.


ANDREW ESNER What the hell happened? MICHAEL FISHER As we were plummeting to our death, you passed out and Stax saved us. Andrew looks behind Titan and see’s Stax, 34, dressed in red stretchy suit. Stax has the ability act as elastic and stretch to nearly any size. He then faces Titan and Andrew. STAX So this is him? MICHAEL FISHER Yes, now what do you have for me? STAX Nothing new. Other villains are taking this opportunity to rummage about the city wreaking havoc. I’ve already caught several looters in electronic stores. MICHAEL FISHER Good work. What about... Before titan could finish the Jupiter building to their left explodes send shrapnel in every direction. A steel bar is shot through the air striking Stax dead center puncturing his flesh. Like a dart, Stax is thrown against the opposite building, in lifeless body dangling. Titan protects Andrew from several cement pieces that could easily crush ay human. Andrew still on the ground, protects his eyes from stray rubble. The event calms, leaving it just Andrew and Titan. Pulverized concrete hangs think in the subtle air. A sense of power looms behind the masking cloud. Andrew feels the presence of another, he knows he’s been found. His name is called out elongated and hissed. Esner. ERIS

Andrew spins around looking for the origin of the sound. In his turn he realizes Titan cannot be seen. He calls for him.


Titan! ESNER.



EXT. SUBURBS OF METRO CITY - DAY Trees hang to the sides of the street. The greens and browns are profound. Andre and Michael walk on the sidewalk talking about events and heroes. ANDREW ESNER So you can’t fly? MICHAEL FISHER As much as I would like to, no. Its more of just a jumping really high. ANDREW ESNER Do those reporters know? MICHAEL FISHER No, but I let them have their fun. A brief pause happens as Andrew contemplates to ask him the question he’s been wanting to know since the beginning. ANDREW ESNER Why are you here? Michael thinks about this, pausing a few moments, figuring the right words to address this sensitive issue. MICHAEL FISHER (clearing his throat) I’m here for you. Jane told me about what happened. Or what your mother told her what happened. There has been much speculation regarding the issue. A lot of which even you’ve been kept blind to. Andrew’s eyes look worried. He glances to the ground, then to the green trees.


ANDREW ESNER I know what happened. Six hospitalized, fifteen injured and two dead. Michael sees the flaw in his numbers and regrettably corrects him. MICHAEL FISHER That last number, Esner, has increase since the last time you were told anything. Andrew reluctantly inquires as to how much it varied. ANDREW ESNER How many are... Before Andrew could finish his question Michael tells him. Ten. MICHAEL FISHER

Andrews steps pause, he swallows the guilt and anger, ostracizing it to the chiasms of his consciousness. ANDREW ESNER But they told me.. Again, Michael interrupts Andrew’s question. MICHAEL FISHER At the time your peers were stable in the hospital, but after some time most of them began to fade away. Some stopped eating, and some just stopped breathing. They entered a stage the medical world refers to as a waking-coma. As Michael carries on with his dialogue Andrew’s mind begins to swell with feeling. Michael’s voice slowly fades out, until the last word is spoken - then silence. MICHAEL FISHER (CONT’D) Their minds seemed to separate from their bodies and they just died - cold and alone, they just laid there to pass on. Fade Out





The cloud of pulverized concrete fills the air. Andrew cannot find Esner. He spins searching thinking of his demise and truly being alone. A voice calls out. ERIS Andrew Esner. Amoung the dark clouds a figure takes shape. The dust collects together to form a more dense figure. It takes shape of semi coporeal women. Andrew’s eyes widen as fear grips him. Andrew closes his eyes and tries to calm himself. ANDREW ESNER One. Two. Thr... ERIS Counting won’t help. Your eyes cannot simply shut to make all this go away. Eris laughs. The sound of her voice doesnt seem to be something of this physically reality. It almost as if the sounds are inside Andrew’s head. ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT Titan where are you? ERIS Your friend Titan isn’t hear right now. Can I take a message? TITAN! ANDREW ESNER

Eris laughs, bellowing loudly with a deep bombarding undertone. Andrew turns and runs opposite from where the figure took form. Almost blind Andrew tries to navigate his way through the wreckage. After a moment of running and several times tripping, Andrew emerges from the cloud. He takes a second to reallocate himself but then sees Titan unconscious on the ground. Titan... ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D)


He runs over to the still body, colaspses to his knees and checks his pulse. Steady and firm. ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D) Titan wake up. Titan. He sakes his body slightly. Titans eyes slowly open and he gazes up to Andrew. TITAN Esner. Where is Eris? Eris? Here. ANDREW ESNER ERIS

As Eris speaks her dialogue the Super goes from her semi coporeal form among the concrete cloud, to seemingly dissolve into flesh. Her skin is soft and firm. Her hair melts with the air, spouting about like the concrete clouds from her head. She takes foot, and begins to walk towards them. ERIS (CONT’D) Right amongst you and your kind, Titan. Quiet coincidentally it were the gods that brought the great Titans to their knees, defeating them. Titan finds himself to his feet. Standing proudly. TITAN I never really liked Greek mythology. Titan jumps to action. Lunging at the villain. He enters with his right fist flaring to strike. Before his blow lands, the Super dissolves into the ether. Leaving Titan to stumble in dismay. ERIS Is violence really the only thing you resort to? Tisk Tisk. I would imagine someone like yourself would be gifted with brawn and intelligence. Can you not see I just want to have a little chat with our friend? Eris looks at Andrew and he stares back. Raising the question in his mind.


ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT Friend? Me? Why does she want me? ERIS I want you because of what you can do. Has everyone neglected to tell you? TITAN Andrew don’t think or talk. She can read your mind. Andrew nods in affirmation to Titan comment but continues on regardless. ANDREW ESNER Tell me what? Esner! TITAN

ANDREW ESNER No, Titan. I want to know - I deserve to know. Looking from Titan to the aired witch. ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D) Tell me what? ERIS Haven’t you ever wondered how? Everyday. ANDREW ESNER

ERIS They haven’t told you because they don’t think you ready. But me? (laughing) Well, I don’t really care. It’s time you learned what makes you a Super. 19 20 FADE OUT INT. THEREPY OFFICE - OVER BLACK O/S: ANDREW ESNER I think I’m ready to remember. O/S: JANE MITCHAL Are you sure? I know you’ve had your...


Interrupting Jane, Andrew is stead fast on his decision. I’m ready. O/S: ANDREW ESNER

O/S: JANE MITCHAL Alright. Close your eyes. On the count of three I’m going to snap my fingers. One. Two. Three. SNAP 21 22 INT. METROVILLE SCHOOL FOR THE GIFTED - DAY FADE IN Younger Andrew’s head lays sleeping on the cold dark marble science table. A little drip of droll can be seen. O/S: JANE MITCHAL What do you remember? SALLY Esner, wake up! O/S: ANDREW ESNER I remember Sally Jacobs yelling at me because I fell asleep in class again. She was my lab partner. I really hated her. Sally pushed a piece of paper on it with complex math equations to Andrew. Demaning. Do these. SALLY

O/S: ANDREW ESNER She wanted me to figure out how to balance the chemical equation. But my mind felt very light and seemed to wander easily. Younger Andrew’s eyes shifted towards Marcus, 17. He was young and very attractive. He too was trying to solve to chemical problem, but for some reason had a smile on. O/S: ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D) I looked over at Marcus, who had recently become a love interest. I was fascinated with him and he was with me. Young lust. (pause) And that is when it started.


The room to Andrew became dim and everything seemed very separated. His mind started to disconnect from his body and he lost all control of movement. He fell to his knees and managed to hug his chest. A sharp pain gripped his heart, squeezing it. A high pitched SCREECH covered the room, getting louder with every passing second. Andrew closed his eyes and lost all memory. His peers, one by one began to fall over from their seats - grasping their ears has the fell. O/S: ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D) At first I just lost control of my body. I fell to my knees. Then the lights dimmed and my chest began to hurt. A sound overtook my mind, screaming at me. Screaming like an alarm, like I shouldn't be there. It wanted me to leave and not come back. They started to fall over and I couldn’t save them. Then blackness. I shut my eyes. I woke up I the hospital room 2 months later. 23 INT. THEREPY OFFICE - DAY JANE MITCHAL Alright, Andrew. I’m going to count to three and snap my fingers and when I do, you’re going to come awake. One. Two. Three. SNAP 24 25 FADE OUT EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DUSK The trio stand around unmoved since last seen. ERIS You killed them, Andrew. Everyone that was in that room. You stripped their minds from their bodies and left them lifeless. ANDREW ESNER That’s not what I wanted. ERIS Of course not. But, that doesn’t change the fact, you did. (MORE)

21. ERIS (CONT'D) How do you live with the gilt of murdering those innocent children? ANDREW ESNER I try not to think about it. ERIS How noble. That’s what this bafoon has taught you? To ignore the truth. TITAN That’s enough. ANDREW ESNER Quiet Titan. Please let her speak. ERIS Andrew have you ever heard of the collective unconscious? No! Andrew! TITAN

Titan bolts towards Eris in an attempt to stop her from revealing the truth to Andrew. Titan throws a punch towards the Super as she dissolves away like before. But Titan being quick on his feat and no falling for that same trick twice, catches his balance and redirects his momentum towards her arrival point. Striking her dead in the back. Eris YELPS in pain as she flies forward hitting the ground. For the first time she is fully coporeal. ERIS Why you son-of-a. I am going to rip you apart limb from limb. Eris hops of the ground. Titan rushes towards her ready another strike. He jumps, she catches him. She throws him to her left smashing him against the side building. Again, to the right. She smashes him into the ground on his front, then flips him around to his back. ERIS (CONT’D) Andrew, your mind having felt that emotion connected with the great unknown power that be. And some how managed to enter that realm. By doing so the emotions from all humanity entered your mind and whom every you were connected to. (MORE)

22. ERIS (CONT’D) From there it spread from mind to mind, like a virus - over loading them, frying their brains. And if you do not open a connection to the collective now, I will kill him. Andrew didn’t know how he accomplished such a feat and stumbled on figuring out how. ANDREW ESNER I don’t know how I did it. It just happened. ERIS Do it or HE dies! Titan begins to scream as Eris starts to separate his chest cavity with her powers. DO IT! ERIS (CONT’D)

Andrew closes his eyes and tries to calm his mind. Remembering that day and the feeling he had. He tried to make his mind light and abstract but he just couldn’t do it. Tears began to run down his face in the presence of such pressure. I can’t! In complete quietness. Fine. No! ERIS ANDREW ESNER ANDREW ESNER

Eris spreads her hands. Titan chest bulges and his screams get even louder. The high pitch RINGING from the school quietly takes effect. Beat. Titan chest begins to split and finally bursts throwing his blood everywhere. Beat. Eris holds the still beating heart, letting the blood and other flesh fall street side. Arteries still connected. Beat. Andrew’s eyes widen as he finally gets the will to move, he runs over to Titan. And right before he gets there Eris rips the vessels from the heart like cords from the wall. TITAN! ANDREW ESNER (CONT’D)


Andrew slides over to his friend with just enough time to watch his eyes close and body go still. The RINGING is loud and over bearing now. Eris begins to smile as she sees Andrew connect with the field. The world goes dark and Andrew begins to separate from his body. His eyes close. ERIS Let the power guide you, Andrew. Feel the energy of the collective. Now... Stop. ANDREW ESNER

Eris looks dismayed at Andrew. Questioning him. Andrew’s eyes are still closed. And the ring can still be heard. ERIS I have help you achieve this Andrew. ANDREW ESNER You have done nothing, but cause more pain in my already dismal life. I stand emotionless everyday because of people like you. But no longer. I understand what I must do to rid the world of people just like you. ERIS What do you mean? The ringing suddenly stops. Andrew opens his eyes, revealing the collective to the world. His body begins to rise and floats in the air. The colors of the world brighten, and skyrocket in saturation and contrast. Everything becomes very bright and clear. Instinationiously Eris is incinerated as Andrew emits a huge shock-wave filled with wonderful colors and hues. Then quickly all the colors from the world are sucked in the embodiment of the collective. The world is left with shades of grey and no emotion. Andrew’s body slowly descends back to the ground. His eyes are open and aware of the alteration he just made upon the world.



FADE OUT O/S: ANDREW ESNER It is in their memory I live to be another - a better - person. A person who will lead humanity to a new theater, a person who will alter the course of reality - and in their absence become something more. For I will take upon my shoulders the dreams of all man, and protect them, until they are ready to face their own emotive nightmares.

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