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Indians at Mission San Juan Bautista General Topic________________________________________

Topic Sentence: Once they moved to Mission San Juan Bautista, the lives of the Native Americans were changed forever.
Transition: Reason 1:

For example had to live at the mission

•were baptized •neophytes •Unmarried women/girls - lived in nunnery •Could visit but slept at nunnery (mayordomo locked them in at night) •Married couples lived in small adobe huts outside mission (2 rooms) Transition: Reason 2:

just as life changing
had to practice the catholic religion

•went to church every day •learned religious songs (loved to sing in choir/were famous) •celebrated Catholic holidays •Old religion - no idea of a soul - went to a sacred place in west when you die. •Shaman - spiritual leader - chants/magic/advice
Transition: Reason 3: •European diseases - measles, small pox •Bodies had no immunity/couldn’t fight the diseases off •Lots of deaths 2,854 by 1832/ 70% •Also dysentery - eat too much European type of food •Padre’s medicines didn’t help, Shaman chants didn’t help

possibly the hardest part Struggled with health

Concluding Sentence:

In summary, once the Native Americans at Mission San Juan Bautista were baptized, their lives were never the same again.