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Colette Monod

Professor Pesavento
Observations Caterpillars to Butterflies
Upon walking into the classroom we were asked to notice the jar sitting on the side table.
Inside this jar there were caterpillars crawling around. There were about 5-6 caterpillars.
There was a weird substance at the bottom of the jar that we later came to find out was
the food that the caterpillars had been eating.
Today when we walked into the classroom all of the caterpillars had migrated to the top
of the jar. It seems as though some of the caterpillars are starting to form cocoons.
When we walked in today all of the caterpillars were fully formed into their chrysalis.
Now they were all hanging from the top of the jar. Today was the appropriate time to
transfer the cocoons to the butterfly pavilion. Jess peeled back the lid to the jar that the
caterpillars had been residing in and transferred them into the butterfly pavilion. She had
to make sure go be carful while transferring them so she did not disturb the process.
The caterpillars are now in the butterfly pavilion and are hanging on the side. There has
not been much progress but this stage does take some time. I am eager to see the
butterflies emerge.
Over the long weekend at some point the caterpillars emerged from their cocoons into
beautiful butterflies. Today we went outside of the new building and released the
butterflies. It is said that butterflies always return to where they were born, or in this case
released. I am interested to see if these butterflies will return to the same place next year.