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directions to a “T” I cannot emphasize this enough Matching: Write the MOST CORRECT ANSWER next to each term. (1 point each, 25 points)

1. Balance 2. Emphasis 3. Eurhythmy 4. Harmony 5. Horror Vacui 6. Limitation 7. Pattern 8. Proportion 9. Rhythm 10. Tension 11. Unity 12. Variety 13. Line 14. Form 15. Shape 16. Space 17. Texture 18. Color 19. Hue 20. Value 21. Intensity 22. Tint 23. Shade 24. Principles of Design and Art 25. Elements of Art

a. In contrast to limitation, emphasis, or dominance— the principle of art and design most often cited as being the least desirable b. Compared to unity, harmony, and variety c. Combination of harmony, proportion and movement d. Dominance—the stressing of one element/area of a work of art to attract the viewers attention e. Derived from reflected light and possessing the THREE properties of Hue, Value, and Intensity f. Often contrasted with Unity, concerned with difference or contrast g. A color + BLACK or a complementary color h. Symmetry, asymmetry, or radial—deals with arranging the visual elements to that a composition has visual weight i. Enclosed space having only two-dimensions (height and width) j. In contrast to Horror Vacui, emphasis on Dominance k. The rules by which an artist organizes the elements of art to create a work of art l. The path of a moving dot m. The language of Art—the MOST BASIC elements of art used when creating a work of art n. The emptiness between, around, above, below, or within any given object(s). The distance around or between o. Brightness or dullness of a color p. Often paired with rhythm—a choice of lines, colors, and/or shapes repeated q. The size relationships of parts to a whole and to each other r. Another name for color s. Synonymous with coherence and homogeneity— relates to the sense of wholeness in an artwork, a coherent relationship among the elements in a work of art t. Refers to how an object (or objects) feel or how they might look on the surface u. Often paired with pattern—the regular repetition of the elements of design with or without periodic alteration v. The lightness or darkness of a color w. Element that has three dimensions (height, width, depth) and encloses space x. A color + WHITE y. Compare to harmony, unity, and tension

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Recall: 26. Name the 3 primary colors.

Short Answer

36. Are “Realistic” works of art actually realistic? (2-4 Sentences)

27. Name the 3 secondary colors.

28. Name the SIX tertiary/intermediate colors.

37. Which is more descriptive, a text that
describes an event or a work of visual art? Why? (5-7 Sentences)

29. Define Analogous Color and give an example.

30. Define Monochromatic Color. 38. Can a work of art change the world? Heal it? Cause a riot? How? (2-3 Sentences)

31. Draw 4 Shapes and their 3-D forms on the
attached sheet of paper.

32. Draw the 10 lines that we used this semester
on the attached sheet of paper.

33. Name at least FIVE different media that we
used to draw with.

39. Is the “ART” primarily in the completed work or in the original idea? (3-4 Sentences.)

34. What three different types of paint did we use
this semester?

35. Identify and DEFINE the 3 printmaking styles
that we studied and produced in class.

40. Which is more important in a work of art, technical quality or emotion? Why? (5-7 Sentences)


Slideshow Identify the following slides by the appropriate period in art. (1 point each, 10 points total)

41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.
Essay: 20 points Take your time!!! Write an essay (5 paragraphs) about 3 of your favorite (or least favorite) projects. The following MUST be included (I am NOT joking—if you leave this out, your essay is automatically half-points): 1. 2. 3. 4. Time Frame of the project. Artist from the CORRECT timeframe. Art period. Project activity. Did we paint, draw, sculpt, or print it?

Use the information from the above slideshow portion to help you (HINT HINT).