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Math 4065: Theory of Interest, Section 1

Lecture M, W 4:00 5:40, Vincent 113

Breanne Richins,
Office hours M, W 2:30 3:45; 5:45 6:45pm or by appointment, Vincent 262
Required texts: The Theory of Interest, Kellison, 3rd edition; Derivatives Markets, McDonald, 3rd edition
Required calculator: TI BA II Plus
Course website (moodle): Handouts and homework assignments will be posted on the course website.
Syllabus: We will cover most of the material in Kellison Chapters 1-7, and some of Chapters 9, 10 and 11,
as well as McDonald Chapters 1-5 and 8. The syllabus is designed to cover topics included in the SOA
Course FM exam.
Homework: You will be required to submit the assigned homework each week. Homework will be
assigned each Wednesday and will be due at the beginning of class the following Wednesday. Late
homework will not be accepted. Homework problems will be posted on the course website within a few
days after they are assigned. Write your name on all pages and staple homework before submitting. I will
be available during office hours and by email to answer questions about the homework.
Quizzes will be given roughly every week or two. We will have a total of seven quizzes but only your six
highest scores will count toward your final grade. Quizzes will take 15 minutes to complete and will start
at the beginning of class. Quiz dates are estimated to be: 9/23, 9/30, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 12/7, 12/14.
Quiz dates are subject to change.
We will have two midterm exams and a cumulative final exam. Midterm exams will be given on the
following dates: 10/12 and 11/23. Make-up exams not be given except for legitimate absences. The final
exam will be given on Monday, December 21 from 4-6pm, as scheduled by the registrar. A TI BA II Plus
calculator is allowed on all exams and quizzes. No graphing calculators will be allowed.
Your final grade will take into account your performance on homework, projects, quizzes, and exams,
according to the following weights:
Quizzes (lowest dropped)
Excel Projects
Midterm #1
Midterm #2
Final Exam


Code of Conduct: Students are expected to act professionally and ethically, in accordance with the
Universitys Code of Conduct. If it is determined that a student has been involved in scholastic dishonesty
he or she may be given an "F" for the course, and may face additional sanctions from the University.