Motorola Canopy Reset Default Plug

Author: Benjamin Luck – Synworks Development Group Synworks DG Website Email:

Use the following steps to make up a Motorola Canopy override default plug. This plug is useful for resetting PMP and PTP Motorola Canopy units to their factory defaults. All you have to do, is plug the default plug into the RJ-11 socket and power up the Canopy unit. 1. Install an RJ-11 6-pin connector onto a 6-inch length of CAT5 cable. 2. Pin out all 6-pins. 3. Short out pins 4 and 6 together on the other end. Do not connect any other wires to anything. The resulting RJ-11 pins should be as follows: Pin 1 → white / orange ← Pin 1 Pin 2 → white / green ← Pin 2 Pin 3 → white / blue ← Pin 3 Pin 4 → green ← Pin 6 Pin 5 → blue ← Pin 5 Pin 6 → orange← Pin 4

Just for your information. This information can be found in the Motorola Canopy manual at the Motorola support site. Good idea to download it, as it is a great reference.