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7th GRADE Design and Modeling

Mrs. Keller

Room 612 Phone: 488-5040 (ext. 2156)

Welcome to 7th Grade. Our Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Design and Modeling class is sure
to get you excited about Engineering! Well learn about different types of engineering careers along with some great skills in problem-solving, communication, and model-building.
This class in only 12 weeks long. Buckle up. Its going to be a wild ride.

Daily Routines
Check the projector screen EVERY DAY when you enter the classroom. There will be
important information/directions for you to follow.
Throughout the trimester well be using an Engineering folder to organize our thoughts
and our work. This needs to be with you EVERY DAY. There is a place for it in the
classroom if youd like to keep it there - but you will be required to take it home at times.
Were in this together. Be respectful of others feelings and needs. Youre not expected
to be everyones BFF - but you are expected to show respect. Well design a classroom
contract of expectations and well stick with it all trimester, because this class
R.O.C.K.S (Respect, Ownership, Community, Kindness, Safety).
If at some point you should choose to be disrespectful, and hinder the learning process,
you will be asked to leave the classroom until we discuss your behavior and make a plan
for the future.
Please make every effort to be here! What we do in class is difficult to "make-up" or
recreate. If you are absent, (and it's excused) you will have two days for every day
absent to complete and turn in missing work. If you're gone for a long time, we'll make
special arrangements.
You are responsible for missing work. All handouts will be located in the "What Did I
Miss" folders in our classroom, or in an electronic format on my website.

Student Work
Daily Assignments (Notebook Work/Homework) - 55%
Please be sure to participate in class, using your notebook to organize our work.
Notebook checks will happen once a week! Your participation is VERY important!
Homework will be minimal in this class. Most of what we do can be accomplished during
class time. Many times, homework is anything you didnt finish during class time. Use
your time wisely, young grasshopper. Updates and due dates on homework assignments
can be found on my classroom website. (Gull Lake Middle School page, under
Formative Assessments (Check-ins) - 15%
Ill be checking in with you throughout our learning to see if you understand the
concepts. There wont be any formal quizzes in this class!
Summative Assessments (Tests, Projects, etc.) - 30%
This is a big chance to show what you know. If well-crafted and complete, your
Engineering notebook will be a great tool to use in preparing for these assessments!
A lot of what we do in this class is project-based! Please do your best to follow ALL
directions for each project assigned. Often, there will be many parts to one assingment!
Grading Policy
All assigned work will be evaluated in some way. Completion of all classroom
activities and projects is essential to mastering the material covered. Grades will be
posted on SYNERGY, the parent/student portal and are updated weekly. The GLMS
grading scale will be used in calculating your final grade.

Syllabus Agreement
To verify that you and an important adult have read and agree this syllabus, please
complete the form below and return to Mrs. Keller by ___________________________.
Student Name _________________________________________________________
Student Signature _______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name ___________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________________
If you filled out the CONTACT form on my website (,
you DO NOT need to fill out this portion.
Home Phone ____________________________
Work Phone _____________________________
Cell Phone _______________________________
E-mail Address _________________________________________________________
1. What form of communication do you prefer? (circle one)


2. When is the best time to reach you? ________________________________

3. Do you have a computer at home? ________

Internet Access? __________

4. What information about your child do you think will benefit me as his/her teacher?