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Redline Communications RF Monitor Tool Review

Redline Communications RF Monitor Tool Review

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Redline Communications RF Monitor Tool Review by Benjamin Luck.
Redline Communications RF Monitor Tool Review by Benjamin Luck.

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Published by: Synworks Development Group on Mar 10, 2010
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Redline Communications RF Monitor Tool Review

Author: Benjamin Luck – Synworks Development Group Synworks DG Website http://www.synworks.info/ Email: contact@synworks.info

Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 The Software 2.1 Using The Software 3.0 Product Support 4.0 The Conclusion 5.0 Product Review Rating

1.0 Introduction
Since I have been reviewing the Redline Communication backhaul and point to point equipment. A handy RF monitoring tool that I have found is the Redline RF Monitor Tool. The Redline Communications RF Link Monitoring Tool is a standalone software application, used for site survey and basic statistical data logging. The software works with the RedCONNEX™ and RedMAX™ series of radios (AN-30e, AN-50e, AN-80i and the AN-100).

2.0 The Software The data logging and graphing software continuously polls the two selected units, displaying an easy to read graph. This data is can also being catalogued into a file that can be saved for later review.

RF Tool AN-50e RSSI and SINADR Graphing

The interface is clean and easy to use. There is no install file for the tool, and is a small standalone executable, that generates a configuration file in it's directory when it is first run. 2.1 Using The Software Setting up the tool was easy. Just clicking on the to left button for adding host, an small pop up appears. Filling in the IP address, username and password of the AN30/50/80/100 unit and click the connect button for each unit.

For point to multi point mode, I only had to enter the Primary Host into the system and then click done.There is also a nice ping feature to make sure the host is reachable.A few settings can be accessed through the Options button located at the top of the RF Tool screen. Default settings, data logging, and other visual options are available for adjusting to suit for network and visual feel. Data logging in the options section allows for an automatic data dump with the ability to set intervals for the task.

There is no inbuilt help, but a PDF manual is available from Redline Communications. You can also get a spectrum scan from the radio by clicking on the add a graph icon in the top menu. A pop up will appear and by selecting the Scan option and pressing ok, you will get a graphic showing the RSSI values of the radio available channels. Just a warning, do not start a scan on an active link, as this cause your radios to turn off their operation mode. 3.0 Product Support Redline Communications support and sales for the software is done by their various regional

headquarters and product distribution partners. Through their RedCare™ Support program, Redline offers various base services. • RedCare Warranty • RedCare Protection Services • RedCare Deployment Services Their technical and sales staff are helpful and quick to resolve any issues and handle any requirement requests. There is a lack of public forums and blogs on the product, but that is not to say that makes good product support. System Requirements: • Operating Systems 1. Windows 2000 2. Windows 2003 3. Windows XP • Pentium 4 or better 4.0 The Conclusion A simple, yet useful too from Redline Communications. Has some good data logging and visual graphing features. Can also be used on several different Redline Communications products. Great for radio testing, implementation and diagnosis, but don't expect too much from this tool. It is only a tool and not a management software solution like Redline Management Suite (RMS). Pros: • Handy Tool for deployments. • Works with AN-30e, AN-50e, AN-80i and AN-100u products. Cons: • Not self installing. 5.0 Product Review Rating This is a rating from my in-house and field testing. With a rating out of 5 stars. Application Rating:

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