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1 May 2015
IOTC REF: 5811


SUBJECT: Outstanding compliance issues
During the 12th Session of the IOTC Compliance Committee, held on the 20 to 22 April 2015, Busan, Republic of
Korea, Contracting Parties, and Cooperating non-Contracting Parties (CPCs) were individually assessed for their
respective compliance with IOTC conservation and management measures and their reporting requirements. Based on
the CPC presentations, and the examination of the Country Report on Compliance, the National Reports of
Implementation, and the reports of the Compliance Committee and the Scientific Committee, the Committee noted
substantial variation in the degree of compliance by the CPCs. The Chair of the Commission was requested to write to
the Heads of Delegation informing them of their non-compliance issues.
Specifically, the Compliance Committee noted the following in respect of PAKISTAN:

The CoC EXPRESSED its disappointment that Pakistan was not present at the CoC12 meeting and agreed that its
absence compromised the ability of the CoC to understand the compliance situation in Pakistan.
The following non-compliance issues were identified in the 2015 compliance report::
General lack of compliance with IOTC measures and response from Pakistan.
Has not presented report of implementation and has not presented others reports and information as required by
IOTC Resolutions and the Commission.

If you have any comments on the issues raised in this letter or additional information, we would invite you to provide
these in writing to the Secretary of the Commission as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to this important
Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

D, Mauree (Mr.)
Commission Chair