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The future continuous:

will be + the present participle

e.g. I will be working.
1.Fill in the blanks using FUTURE CONTINUOUS TENSE:
1. I (fly) to London tomorrow.
2. Next week I (work) for another company.
3. This time tomorrow I (sit) in the cinema.
4. I (wear) these glasses next week.
5. I (drive) this car tomorrow.
6. At this time tomorrow I .. (take) a test.
7. At this time next year I .. (have) a holiday.
8. Next year I .(live) in Istanbul.

The future perfect:

Will have +past participle
E.g. By 2100, the worlds population will have increased to around 30 000 million.

A) What will life be like in the year 2100? Complete the sentences using the future
1. Life .. (become) more automated by then.
2. Computers (take over) many of the jobs that
people do today.
3. The earths supplies of oil, coal and gas (run
4. Scientists . (find) other sources of energy.
B) 1. Jim always goes to bed at 11 oclock. Tom is going to visit him at 11.30 this
When Tom arrives Jim..(go) to bed.
2. Tom is on holiday. He has very little money and he is spending too much too
Before the end of his holiday he, .. (spend ) all his money.
3. Next Monday Tom (be) here exactly three
4. Jane is from New Zealand. She is traveling around Europe at the moment. By the
end of the trip, she.. (travel) more than 3.000 miles.
5. By next February I (write) my third book.
6. I hope you . (not / forget) my name by
7. By next week we .. (redecorate) the house.
8. Next July she (be) dead for ten years.
9. I hope I (not / make) a lot of mistakes in
this exam when I finish it.
10. By the end of this year I (drive) more than
one hundred thousand kilometers with this car.
11. I hope it . (stop) raining before the match
12. I (have) an operation by the 25th.
13. If nothing is done one million species that are alive today
(become) extinct in twenty years.
14. The tropical rain forests . (disappear) in
thirty years.