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March 10, 2010

To: Greystar Management Services, Inc.

Attn: John Corr
Job Name: Mitchell Village Apartments
402 Gillmore Ave
San Antonio, TX 78226

Mitchell Village Asbestos Abatement:

HB Southern Builders LLC will prepare and submit 10 day notification form to the Texas Department of State Health
Services. Remove all identified friable Asbestos per the Asbestos Survey provided by Greystar in 36 units and 10
common areas. This will include removal of ALL drywall and insulation only. A TDSHS licensed, third party, Asbestos
consultant (Provided by Greystar Management) will provide design, project management, air monitoring and project
clearances during project. Transportation and disposal of Asbestos will be by permitted transporter to a permitted
disposal facility.

Scope of Work:
See Attached Scope of Work

HB Southern Builders will be responsible for all associated notifications, permits and fees.

Special Conditions:
Owner will provide any electricity and /or water required to complete project.
Contractor will not be responsible for site security
This bid assumes that there are no apartment contents
Contractor will not be responsible for providing portable toilet facilities.

1 year for all materials and workmanship

We propose to provide all labor, material and equipment to perform all work listed in the scope of work listed above in a
professional and timely manner with all work meeting city and state building codes for:
Our bid price is guaranteed for 30 days. Work will be billed weekly as job progresses. Net 30

Thanks for the opportunity to bid this project. We look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Approved by: Date:

Please fax a signed copy to (210) 579-1925 so we can schedule a start date.