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Serra Club Meeting

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Members present: Beth and Leon Gentrup, Nancy Rice, Ree Riley, Marianne Wright, Kathleen OBrien,
Cathy Berlage, Margaret Korth, Mel Spader, Marilyn Kathol, Pat and Jerry Schmit, Mary Lux, Kristi Steffen
and Father Ross Burkhalter.
At 8pm the meeting was opened by past president Kristi Steffen. The Serran Prayer for Vocations was
The minutes of the previous meeting were not available.
We are still in need of new officers: secretary, vice president of Vocations and vice president of
Membership. Linda will remain as President. A motion was made and approved.
Treasurer Kathleen OBrien shared that she received information on Serra: Spread the Word about the
upcoming canonization of Blessed Junipero Serra, asking for donations for promoting Fr. Serra. Based on
our clubs membership, we have been asked to donate $1000 toward this cause. We will discuss a
donation in August.
In our dues invoice there was material that confirmed that our hard work is paying off in that there has
been an increase in vocations to the priesthood.
Treasurers Report for May: Opening balance
Dues received
$ 200.00
Final balance
(Our dues of more than $2500 are due soon. We currently have 36 members.)
Reports of vice presidents:
Beth Gentrup, vice president of communications: We received an invitation to ordination of Rafael Ricardo
Majano to the order of Deacons which was held on Saturday, May 29 th.
Old Business:
Priest Ordination was attended by Kristi Steffen, Kathleen OBrien and Fr. Ross. It was very nice.
New Business:
Seminarians cookout, July 16th. Vespers at 5pm, Mass at 5:30. This year the meal will be served in the
courtyard to the south of the church. Leon suggested that we do a cream can meal instead of grilling this
year. This was agreed on and members will still be asked to bring desserts or fruit. Nancy Rice, Ree Riley,
Marianne Wright, Kathleen OBrien, Mel Spader and Pat Schmit signed up to bring dessert; Cathy Berlage
signed up to bring fruit and Margaret Korth signed up to bring something, too. Mary L. will bring paper
Linda Kerkman asked Kristi to let us know that there is a 100 fold workshop in Lincoln on October 24 th. We
believe this is training for new officers.
On June 28th there will be Dessert with the Sisters at Immaculata Monastery from 2 to 5pm. There will be a
silent auction, a quilt raffle and door prizes to support their sisters in Angola, Africa. Please attend and
support the sisters.
Mary Lux shared information on the Region 9 Serra convention. It will be in Des Moines, IA, September
18-20, 2015. The theme is The Family as Foundation for Vocations. Mary has information about registration
and lodging, etc.
Chaplains comments: Fr. Ross reminded us about the upcoming I-80 Collar Series which will take place
this Sunday at Werner Park in Lincoln. He is playing for our Archdiocese! He also reminded us that July 1 st is
the feast day of Bl. Junipero Serra. There is concern about criticism of Fr. Serras treatment of Native
Americans and Fr. Ross read us a description of Fr. Serras love for the natives who had great respect for
him and helped him physically. Beware of outcry that may occur over his canonization.
Food schedule: July-Seminarians cookout
August-Marilyn Kathol

Program: We viewed a video called Palm Sunday about how we take Christs sacrifice and love for us for
The meeting was closed with the Prayer for Perseverance for Priests.