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Motivation Letter

First time i know about AIESEC ive been interest to join but i just make it now, to
take the opportunities to be a buddy. I think there are many awesome things from AIESEC,
not only about meet new friends, get a lot of information that come from world wide but also
we can learn and be part of that information,
First step that i take to join in AIESEC is become a buddy, so here i go to tell you why
do i interest with this buddies thing. The duty as a buddy is to help the exchange student to
travel palembang and know more about our indonesia culture. But i am not saying that is my
biggest motivation to join cause i do believe that is our truly duty as an indonesia people to
tell the world about our culture so not only for people who join this. In fact, my biggest
motivation is coming from my parents and friends cause they know, i always want to be part
of AIESEC, but my biggest interest to be a buddy is to learn about a lot of new thing that ive
never known before.
Honestly, as people who lived in indonesia around 19 years, i stilll know little about
this huge country, i just visit the historic place often, not remember all the indonesian song,
clothes, culture, art, even food cause of what? Cause there are so many many many culture
that indonesia have, it just fit to much with quote bhinneka tunggal ika although there are
many different habit from indonesian people but they are always try to be a unit.
So together with the exchanger student i want to know and learn more about
indonesian culture and also the other country culture.People says, learn does not have a limit,
start from baby until we left the world and die so joining this is one of million ways that i use
to learn.
I do hope that i get a chance to learn with AIESEC
Your sincerely,

Naya Septri Hana