The Muscular System

Muscle Action

 Voluntary Muscle  Involuntary Muscle

Voluntary Muscle
 Under our control  Examples: smiling, jumping, lifting  Skeletal Muscle

Involuntary Muscle
 Not under our conscious control  Examples: heart beating, breathing, digesting food  Smooth Muscle and Cardiac Muscle

Types of Muscle

Skeletal Muscle
 Voluntary  Striated or “banded”  Muscle are attached to bones by tendons  React very quickly  Tire quickly

Skeletal Muscle Striations

Muscles at Work
Skeletal Muscle Facts:  Muscle cells can only contract  They must work in pairs  While one muscle contracts, the other returns to its original length

Skeletal Muscle Structure

Muscle Fibers

Skeletal Muscle Cells/Tissue
 Cells are multi-nucleated (several cells that have fused together)  Muscle cells contain mitochondria (produce ATP for energy)  Contain protein filaments responsible for contraction: Actin and Myosin

Inside a Muscle Fiber

Smooth Muscle
 Involuntary  Work automatically to control movements inside your body  Not striated  React slowly  Tire more slowly

Smooth Muscle Characteristics
 Spindle-shaped  Have a single, centrally located nucleus  Contain contractile proteins

Smooth Muscle Cells

Where do you find Smooth Muscle?
 Lining blood vessels  Digestive tract  Bladder  Airways

Cardiac Muscle
 Involuntary  Muscle cells are striated  Does not get tired  Located only in the heart

Cardiac Muscle Tissue Images

Cardiac Muscle
 Not as long as skeletal muscles  Branched appearance  Mono-nucleated or Bi-nucleated (central)  Intercalated discs

Cardiac Muscle Fibers

Cardiac structure

The Muscular System
 Skeletal  Smooth  Cardiac

The Muscular System muscbo~1.gif Types of Muscle http://www. lectures/class06-1.html Skeletal Muscle histoimages/mus_skl_16.jpg Triceps Muscle Smooth Muscle Images histoimages/mus_sm_10.jpg Cardiac Muscle histoimages/mus_car_20.jpg http://www. muscle/muscle12.jpg http://www. Cardiac%20Muscle.jpg content/image/62/Image1.gif Striated Muscle Blood Vessels Smooth Muscle

The End

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