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Rahm Emanuel Department of Palle - Cty of Garey F. McCarthy Mayor 3510 8 Michigan Avenue Chicago, ini 6653 Superintendent of Pie ‘September 18, 2015, Sent via Email freddymartinez9@ Fredy Martinez Re: NOTICE OF RESPONSE TO FOIA REQUEST REQUEST DATE: August 20,2015 FOIAFILENO.; 15-4801 (Mr, Freddy Martinez: “The Chicago Police Department isin receipt of your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the ‘olowing: Documents sufficient to show any First Amendment Worksheets related to Black Lives Matter, We (Charge Genocide or BYP100 groups in Chicago; Documents suficent to show any First Amendment Worksheets related to Black Friday, November 28,2014; Documents sufiient to show any First Amendment Workshoots completed with “Level I" investigations of Black Lives Matter, We Charge Genocide or BYP100 groups. Documents suficient to show any First Amendment Worksheots completed with “Level I" invesigatiors; ‘Documents sfcient to show any First Amendment Worksheets completed for Black Friday, November 28, 2014; ‘Any other documents sufficient to show planning for Black Lives Matter demonstration that was planned (on Black Friday, November 28, 2014 Your request was reviewed by the undersigned. It was determined that your request is granted in part and ‘denied in part. However please be advised that certain information has been redacted from the First ‘Amendment Worksheet (Atlachmerts) on the Pending Ferguson Grand Jury list, Detalls ofthe redactions are ‘set forth below: “The redacted information would unnecessarily reveal a speciic strategic investigative technique that is ‘currently utiized by Bureaus throughout the Chicago Police Department in order to develop specttic law tenforeement response methods and is exempt from disclosure under the following exemptions found in the linois Freedom of Information Act: 5 ILCS 140/7(1(6(¥) (West 2010), as amended by Public Acts 97-338, effective August 12, 2011; 97-385, fective August 15, 2011; 97-452, effective August 19, 20), provides that @ pubic body may withhold Information it releasing lt would dlsclose unique of specialized Investigative techniques, other than those {oneraly used and known 0° disclosed inlomal documents of correctional agencies related to detection, ‘Observation, oF Investgaln of Inedants of crime or misconduct, and disclosure would result in ‘demonstra harm to tie agency oF public body that Is the recplent of the request. These items are therefore, exempt from aisclosure, erage TIVE 9 117 Ren Eergency ad FTV wn cy Ta 11 Now Brgy al PTV se cy i TH) TT a paeseayohcgnon,-Webnte: wes ciotecagnepatie In your roquost for "Documents sufficient to show any Fist Amendment Worksheets complotad with “Level I investigations of Black Lives Matter, We Charge Genocide or BYP100 groups, and Hocuments sufficient to show any First Amendment Worksheets. completed with “Level II" investigations, our search yielded no. responsive documents. canbe of any further assistance please contact me at 312-745-5908 ra the folowing adtess: Chicago Pole Department Stentor: Peedom of formation Oc oT epatAas, Unt4 So10'S Meligan Avenue hice Sincerely, Po. z A. Bunch #8023 Freedom of information Oifeer Department of Police Oficer of Legal Afters You have a right ol review by the Ilinois Atlomey Genera's Public Access Counselor (PAC). You can fi request for review ky writing to: Puble Access Counselor Obticer ofthe Altorney General +500 South 2” Street Springfield, linois 62708 Phore: 312-814-5526 or 1-877-290-FOIA (1-877-290-3642) Fax: 217-782-1396. E-mail publcascess lg site lus When fing a Request for Review, you must include a copy of the original FOIA request and this denial letter. ‘You may also seek judicial review ofa denial under 5 ILCS 140/11 by fling a lawsutt in the State Circuit Cour FIRST AMENDMENT WORKSHEET eee 5 tn 15100000 Gettin otros “5 INIIS 11 Botan a rasa Attention: General Cour oo1-116.201 coer sprice er een rniah From: District Commander! Unit Commanding Officer of Exempt Rank: Commande Stren Clie #520 Cintas Autnortzason to Conduct authorization to Continue } 2 Fist Amendment investigation) Inteligerce Gathering in Pu in |Order to TerminateDisapproval ot J "lating to: Public Gathering Investigation Initiated: a) 112 Crm) ssonnows Date Authorization Expires: uss FACTUAL BASIS FOR INVESTIGATION -For autrzaton tons or contin an Invesligstin, nate how he {vestigation wi serv continue to sar a proper law anorcement purposa and soutes of wfematon rele upon toatl the Investigation for teinaton ofan investignton or Guapproval fan iniaonraquos inca raonel ar tht determination Ly See Acted Conttusion Sheet Request authorization to use Level I Investigative Techniques (electronic surveillance, undercover ‘methods) based on the following justification: TL See Ache Contraton Shot PERSONS OR GROUPS TO BE INVESTIGATED Nene ness son tn We Spine of Dd Caan Cota ORG Sars Gane Saar Tae a Ca ao eee ‘Concur a Bae Re Seman |Penet concur \ovian cmt @ Pending Ferguson Grand Jury decision: 5 IMIS 11 016 monitoring: OPP AF ESL Atta oe a ‘ en ee Condletoht vg fr Rekia ‘Anonymous Oprermson ‘RevCom (ROP or Revohitonary Communist Party) Black Youth Group Justice for Roshad Dont shoot Coation Rb Black rebels Black s Back Calton New Black Panther Paty Block Riders Liberation Paty of General A.C, Revolution Cb Cheago Corey Harts (He sa subject who was shot by CPD) Hs name was onthe posterboaed found at ‘Wear North stice for Rashad @ Black Youth Group 5 AMIS 11 52. 15 Now2014.48 GFrIGE GF LEAL AIO bose Buny6Sy umop of Ajpe|6 “aw ye ewoD uosn6ie44 oBeoyoe sdoo Bul yes 389 “sun6 Ano dn yo1d puy ‘uMop suBis JNOA ynd Aes | ‘reer uoiaegeuis ofny ER j OW ye ewod yroAmeuy uosnBlej4 OBeoIyoH# RY mesa doo V 11M S131 J a 7 dN SNND NMOC SNOIS ‘sun6 Jay qei6 pue awoy 06 0} pseu suo;sejoid esay SOEPIA FUE Soyo £ — L st 1s tye eis saavoTes oweone: sia uoaeyeus oBnH @ e @ Hae SMBH SAVOOL CJOVINI) SPry jooyas TLS YON 0] SiaK}y ory Uosnsia4y , Suiqunysig,, INP passed S}sIuNWUION OdeaIY9 payseyy :wepuayuLadns e e o DY nev dV OPEN S®URCE es RESERee ces ine: Sciatic aeaneanaen Hoag Hg Black ina cenomemmmssrame NY cope put #EricGamer i “Unuru, Stand we US! which caused his death. T in response to the Evie Gamer grand jury decision In New York Gily on December 3, 2074, he sal described "urban militia” group RbG Black Rebels tweeted the following remark on their Twitter account RDG Black Rebels. Hots or every one of us they tase out, We gotta take one of them out Thats the ‘only way this will stop ngntnow RBG ‘The ROG Black Rebels organization is a pollical action group and urban miliia who ighis for Uhuru, which 's Swahil for freedom. The group's leader is Zulu Gaddafi, and they are known to operate out of St.Louis, MO. Furthermore, the group offered a cash bounty on Twitter forthe location of Ferguson, MO Olficer Darren Witson on November 9,2014, Sources, | Saar ee pet Fo or Senge DT Sas eR TE ae we Oiticer Corbett #4134, Chicago Police Department or ‘Tis dcsmen is for Law Enforcement Only. Any acon based onthisinformaton bet ocotimatin, ‘time Prevstion and Information Ceer- 3127455669 -CPIC@cespopice og Uni a o Oda Mou Gu doys jm sing Fem Alu SU) S}EYL [INO WUSyy Jo eUd eye} BNOB epJ ‘INO eye} AOU SN Jo SUD AlsAe 10.4 ‘steqeu neg ogy OD Monday /24 Nov 14 ~ FERGUSON GRAND JURY DECISION ANNOUNCED Tistrict State and Jackson 1700 hours approximate start @ftaer inte Conta! Business Distt (CBD detined ws locations in the 1" and 18" Discs} 2 iatict iy of Chicago Pubic Safely Headquarters 3510'S. Michigan 4830 hours start March to and around Contra Business District which ended at approximately midnight ‘Tuesday /25 Nov 14 I Distrct ‘Stata and Jackson 0718 hours approximate stat ‘March ended of Water Tower Park at approsimatoly 1400 nous. + Diatict, iy Ha T2IN LaSalle (0800 hours start Stn at Ciy Hal unt approximately 1800 hours. A march tough the CBD then commenced and it dsipated ot ‘approximatoly 2200 nous Wednesday, 26 Nov 14 1" Diatiet iy Hal YIN. LaSalle 1000 hours start Protest isipated at approximately 1045 hours, 1 Ditrct Jackson and LaSale +1200 hours approximate star. [March trough CBD with i issipating at approximately 1445 hours Friday /28 Nov 14— DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING 4, 2,19" and 25° Districts Protests at four WalMart locations In th noled Diarts ‘Approximate ctr at 0730 hours with ll dissipating by approximately 1590 hours ‘TANOVE issued atthe locaton inthe 1* Dstt at 870 W. Monon. 188 Dietit £806 N. Michigan (Water Towor Park) (0800 hours approximate start, ‘March went trough the 18°12" and 14" Districts before ending atthe Walmart Inthe 25° Disc at 4650 W. North ‘Avenue a approxinataly 1530 hours + District p50. Washington (Daley Plaza) )1280 hours approximate stat “But Free” March tough the CBD and into the 18 Disc along Michigan Avenue, It dissipated at approximately 1530. hours Saturday /29Nov 44 @ zie. ‘S0" and Drexel (Rainbow Push Ha) 1120 Nous afproximate start and ending at approximately 1215 hours Monday/1 Dec 14 1* Date State and Jackson 2 Distt 1100 E38" sect 12" Distict 800 5. Hated 14 Diack ‘440 N. Sacramento 17 Dialer Northeastem linis University Campus. 24° Diatict Loyola University Campus 2 ©) wednesday 3 Dec 14 ERIC GARNER GRAND JURY DECISION ANNOUNCED soit ‘Students killed in Mexico '50\W. Adams (Federal Plaza) 4520 hous approximate slat ‘March tncugh CBD thal dissipated at approximately 1900 hours. 1 iatiet, ‘State and Jackson 41730 hous approximata stat March through CBD that cissipated at approximately 2028 hours, ‘Thursday 14 Dec 14 1" Disrct Misimum Wage (0700 hours approximate start ‘March tough CBD with it dissipating at approximately 1145 hours 15° Distt Dhision and Pine 1690 hous approximate stat 1 Distict State and Jackson 1700 hours approximate stan ‘Morch treugh CBD that shut down the noth and south bound anes of Lake Shore Drive for atime. Then ended at FRooseveltand Michigan and cssiated from there at approximately midnight. Baars game ths night 4 Aarests, 3 ofcers injured (Give 1500014 1 Distiet ‘Congress and Dearborn 1830 hours approximate sant March trough CBD with essipating st approximately 2145 hours atthe 1 Dishict Station due o arrestee reportedly being at that locaton 1S Areste ‘Saturday /6 Dee 14 11° Distt Madison and Putas +230 hours appronimate start witht dissipating at approximately 1500 hours. 3" Diack 66200 5. King 1200 hours approximate stat “Merch inthe area that shut down Lake Shara Piva fora tie. it deelpatod ot approximately 1690 hous 10" Distt, 2621 W. 18 Place 1200 hours approximate start 1490 hours approximate ond District (Cis e Pearson ‘Sunday 17 Dec 14 — FAITH BASED INSTITUION INVOLVEMENT (50 institutions were reportedly going to partilpate) 11 Distt Madison and Putas 1300 hours approximate start 1800 hours approximate time that participants boarded a bus tomeet at Slate and Jackson, 1 Distiet State and Jackson 1600 hours approximate start March trough CBD and some went to Belmant and Wester. At approximately 2245 hours al dissipated. itArests 1 iatict ‘st Distiet 77W. Washington 1000 hours approximate etart 2nd Diatiet T35E. 44th Street 1300 hours Drove [210 W. 7ath Place 1100 hours approximate start @sondoy 7 oe 4— Fam BASED NETTUION IVOLVEMENT (0 etitone ware reported gona cater 10" Distt 22425. Damen 4100 hours approximate stat, 10 dietict 28° and Kartov 1040 hours approximate stat ‘8th District Water Tower Park 806 N. Michigan 1230 hours approximate start 1840 hours approximate end 49th District {A500 N. Hermitage (church) 1200 hours approximate start Omron. 1925 W. Diversey 1115 hours approximate wth it isipaing at approximately 1315 hours 22nd Distt 400 W. 85th Steet (church) 1300 hours approximate start [March tothe CTA Red Line Station at 96" and the Ryan the: dissipated at approximately 1445 hours: 22 District, {0500'S Haletod 1015 hours approximate stat 2ath Distt {5808 N. Ashland (0890 hours approximate start ‘2hth Distt Loyoia University (chape) ‘Armarch traversing tees inte area ofthe campus. 121 hours approximate start +1315 hours approximate end Monday 8 Dec 14 S Diatit ~. 6" and Stony ond ) 1048 hours aporoxmate stat ‘115 nous approximate end ‘onday /8 Dec 14 (continued) " Distt 501 S. King 400 hours approximate start Petit 00. Halsted 700 houre approximate tart £245 hours approximate end