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News from The

Bryans in Rwanda
Serving at Kigali International Community School

Financial Update

Sorry for the delay! Thanks for

being patient with us. J
At the beginning of September I worked really hard to create a
newsletter in Mail Chimp. This would theoretically be an
easier way to send out our newsletters and could be read in the
body of your email or on your smartphone. However, when I
went to send it out, our newsletter was flagged and theyve
refused to let me send it out. Ive been patiently waiting for it
to be reviewed, but that still hasnt happened. Maybe next
month youll see our newsletter in this new, user friendly (but
not Kerry friendly) format.

Fun facts about our soon-to-be baby!

October 10 is his
due date, which is
the birthday of
Kerrys brother,
Andrew. Our baby
will choose his own

We plan to deliver
here in Rwanda at
our home! Please
pray with us for a
safe and peaceful

Our baby boy has a

name but itll be a
secret until he
enters the world.
So far no one has
guessed the name!

We are grateful to have reached

our goal for financial support
over the summer. However,
upon our return we've learned
about several costs that are more
than we expected. Our car
maintenance is more than we
originally planned, and both
water and electricity prices are
increasing significantly. Would
you consider partnering with us
financially to help cover some of
these costs? If so go to
com/support.html to make a
tax deductible donation online
or by mailing a check.
We are really thankful to those
already contributing this year!
-----------------------------------------------One of the
paintings by
our friend
Micki. Soon
these African
animals will be
hanging in our
baby room!



August News
Thank you for praying for our transition back to
Rwanda! We are grateful to be back home. Our
flights were smooth and all of our luggage made it
with us. We returned and Douglas began
professional development a day later, and I got to
work helping him set up his classroom. After that
it was a week of meetings and then the kids
came. KICS is now in its sixth week of school and
off to a solid start. Douglas has a great group of
third graders that will surely stretch him and help
him grow as a teacher.
This was my first year since I was three years old
to NOT have a first day of school. It
was hard since I love school and I really miss my
students, but I made it through. Now I'm finding
some more ways to get involved at KICS
including helping out in third grade and during
kindergarten library time.
After 5 days here, we went with the KICS staff to
Kibuye on Lake Kivu for our annual staff
retreat. This was a great time to talk about being
missionary educators and living cross
culturally. In the afternoons we were able to relax
and we hiked on Bat Island. Here are the three of
us! :)
Douglas continues to work hard in his classroom
and would love to get ahead so that he can spend
more time with the baby when he comes. I help
him with grading, copying, and prep work
whenever possible. Im also pretty busy
growing a human. Turns out its really tiring!




So far in September
*Douglas has resumed hosting a community
group in our home. He takes turns facilitating
the Bible study and also leading worship. Its
been great to see people from our church
come to our home to hear Gods Word.

*We look forward to visitors in the coming

months! Kerrys mom arrives October 23 and
Douglas parents will come on November 19.
Other family members plan to visit as well
and well keep you posted at those become
official with booked flights! We cannot wait
to have our families come, meet our baby,
and see our lives here.

*Kerry continues to attend a womans Bible

study in our neighborhood. If youre a
woman interested in an individual study,
check out Theyre just
starting a study on women in the Bible.

*A late rainy season has caused water

shortages around the city, so weve been
doing our best to conserve water. Its also
been very hot and even hotter if youre really

*Our dear friends had a beautiful baby shower

for me this month. The women prayed over
our family and baby and it was a sweet
reminder at the community that we have here.

Please pray with us!

-Praise God we're back in Kigali for another year! We're
thankful to be serving in a place we love and call home.
-Pray for the delivery of our baby boy, due October 10.
-Pray for Douglas's new school year and all of the
challenges that come with that.
-Pray for financial support for the unforeseen costs that
we'll have this year.
-Join KICS as our school started 40 days of prayer on
September 1. (The 40th day is Baby Bryan's due date-doesn't that seem so soon?) The main prayer points are:
1. for God's work in all the students, staff, families,
communities, and the countries represented in our school.
2. for God's physical and spiritual protection of all
students, staff, families and community.
3. for God's wisdom for this school year.
4. for God's plans for KICS's future.
Thanks so much for partnering with us in prayer!

Thanks for reading our newsletter and understanding about our delay in getting
it out. We appreciate you! Love, Douglas & Kerry Bryan // BP 6558, Kigali, Rwanda

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