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Wikis vs.

Derek Schafer

Wiki (definition)
A website that lets you work with a large group by editing its content
and structure.

What is it?
1.A wiki Web Page that can be viewed and modified by anybody with
a Web-Browser and access to the internet.

Whos doing it?

2. Scientists and engineers used them to create dynamic knowledge

How does it work?

3. A wiki is a combination of a CGI script and a collection of plain text
files that allows people using to make websites.

Where is it going?

Allows groups to form specific topics.

Why is it significant?

Allows people to collaboratively edit

What are the implications for teaching and

6. Wikis might be the easiest and most effective Web-based
collaboration tool in any instructional portfolio.

What are the downsides?

7. Allowing all users to make edits to articles, makes access to truthful
information risky.

Blogs (definition)
A website containing a writers or group of writers own experiences,
often times biased and objectives views.

What is it?
Blog- A term meaning Web log

Whos doing it?

Thousands of people use services to simplify, automate, and accelerate
the online publishing process.

How does it work?

Can be thought of as an online journal.

Why is it significant?
It engages people in knowledge sharing, reflection, and debate.

What are the downsides?

The blogs can include biased or inaccurate information

Where is it going?
Estimates suggest that as many 50 million people are blogging.

What are the implications for teaching and

Can be used for reflection about classes, and access to current events.

Three Ways Blogs and Wikis are similar

1.Simple to setup using free software
2.Accessible to anyone in the world
3.Easy to edit in your own browser

Three Ways Blogs and Wikis are different

1.Wikis are suited for a collaborated working space.
2.Wikis are more likely to be anonymous entries.
3.Blogs are written in reverse chronological order.

Steps Wikipedia takes to ensure quality

1.Core-Community level controls
2.Editorial Panels
3.Software-facilitated controls
4.Controls under development

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