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Zachary M.


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I would like to work in a company where my skills in organization, creativity, and problem solving, can be
stretched to my best potential. Through experience working within a team, providing constructive feedback
to my peers, and successfully reaching deadlines and completing projects, I have learned the skills necessary
to excel in what I do. I have gone to college for business and marketing, (and continue to pursue it further),
and believe in my ability to finish a task properly and eciently. I take all forms of critique well and do not let
my personal life aect my professional growth. I enjoy meeting new people, leading others, and I know that
my demeanor will be enlightening, beneficial, and fun to all those around me.

9/2014 to Current
University of Washington (UW Bothell) - BA in Business, with a focus on Marketing.

Currently enrolling in the University of Washington business program in order to major in business
marketing. Major focuses have also been documentary production, and current media analysis.

9/2012 to 7/2014
Bellevue College (BC) - Associates in Business

Highlights in Marketing, Business Management, Accounting, Media & Communications, and Public

9/2008 to 7/2012
Cedarcrest High School - High School Diploma, graduated in 2012

Reflecting on my past experience, I have obtained many skills and qualifications that have prepared me for
many dierent tasks. I am experienced in Photo editing, and illustration software, and also fully fluent on all
of Apple Inc.s products; Garageband, Final Cut Pro, Motion and the entire iLife and iWork Suite. Microsofts
Oce is another software that comes completely naturally to me. I have worked with many web design
programs and can successfully setup and manage websites. I have used Mac OS and Windows extensively
and am extremely familiar with the advanced features of both.

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1/2015 to Current
Clearview Foursquare Non-profit

Music: Weekly time spent rehearsing, and performing live music as a guitarist.

5/2012 to Current
Clearview Youth Culture

Team Member: Throughout this role, I interact with high school students, and help create a fun and
engaging environment.

6/2010 to 1/2015
Redemption Non-profit

Lighting Board Operator: Learned and applied skill in lighting, and DMX operations.
Media: Experience in crafting presentations, and running them in a live venue.
Music: Weekly time spent rehearsing, and performing live music as a lead guitarist.

8/2011 to 5/2012

Evergreen Hospital and Medical Center: Volunteer member, directing patients and visitors.

TSA Technology Student Association: TV Network Producer for Cedarcrest High School.

FIRST Robotics Team #4089: Marketing materials and building

9/2009 to 5/2012
Cedarcrest High school - 5/2012

Videography for Our Town CHS Play Production

Videography for CHS Graduation

Cedarcrest TV Broadcasting Producer and Editor

Cedarcrest TV Live Broadcasting Technical Director

FIRST Robotics Team #4089 marketing and brand building

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7/2014 to Current
Apple Inc. (Apple Store, R100)

Service Technician (Family Room Specialist): Working with Apple consumers and business owners,
to provide state of the art technical support. Founded on a teamwork-based philosophy, as a
technician, I have learned valuable skills in problem solving, giving constructive feedback, and
leadership within this roll.

Apple Mobile Certified: Certified to troubleshoot and provide support for all iOS devices.

Apple Mac Certified: Certified to troubleshoot and provide support for all Mac devices.

12/2010 to 7/2014
The Mac Store

Sales Associate: Interacting on a daily basis with customers in a retail environment providing
hardware and software solutions for consumers and business owners.

Technical Support: Providing support to customers; including software and hardware repairs.

Apple Certified - Apple Product Professional (APP)

Apple Certified - Sales Professional Recognition (SPR)

2/2009 to Current
Rogue Studios (owner)

Experience running a business as a sole proprietor, balancing a budget, and customer interaction.
Videography: Experience filming, and editing many weddings, producing a complete solution to fit a
specific customerss needs.


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